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7+ Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen

Wondering how to establish luxury modern kitchen designs while being on a budget? Scroll down to read 7+ tips to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

The trend of small modular kitchen designs has captured the heart of people in a wave. Like any other room, small kitchen ideas have also evolved to level up the functionality and convenience of working in a kitchen. Low-cost small kitchen designs bring an immense scope for creativity and customisation. There are ample simple ways to transform a small simple kitchen design into a space that screams functionality in style. But deciding on a budget is one concern that stops many from transforming their ordinary small kitchen design into modular ones. So today, let's unravel some exciting tips that will not only help you create a small modular kitchen design without compromising on style, quality and functionality. So without ado let's point it all out:

Understand The Key Elements

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Before deciding on anything, you have to first understand the key elements of a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is nothing but a smart curation of kitchen essentials that offers the utmost convenience and functionality. Here are some key elements that you need to spruce to establish a small modular kitchen design:

  • Floor Cabinets on which the work surface is
  • Wall Cabinets for aloft storage
  • CounterTop of striking material
  • Functional Hardware for smooth functioning
  • Kitchen Appliances like over, dishwasher, oven and more

Know The Needs of Your Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Like how everyone's cooking style is diverse, everyone's requirements in their kitchen are different and diverse. One needs to consider all the key elements and tailor-make a design that fulfils your kitchen needs, blends with your theme and fits your budget. Check out the simple yet striking designs of kitchen layouts from WoodenStreet to know about all the varieties of designs that we offer. L-shape, U-shape, parallel and more such kitchen layouts can give your simple small kitchen design a touch of modernity on a budget.

Consider your cooking styles and storage patterns to help you understand which kitchen layout will fit best for your space while offering you the right amount of style and functionality in your budget.

Select A Theme

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Selecting a theme for your kitchen is a crucial part, modular kitchens always aim for colour combinations that are visually pleasing. You do not want to go crazy on the colours because while cooking you do not want to get distracted by bold and shiny tones. Always keep the right balance of calming and bright colours to select a pleasant theme that helps you concentrate on cooking. Try going for neutrals tones on the wall and bright tones for the cabinets and drawers. 

Furniture Finish and Material

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinets and storage furniture take up the most of your small kitchen design. Go for materials that are sturdy and economical materials that do not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Go for lamination on MDF and plywood furniture, to get that chic finish look. One can discover ample colour options for PVC sheets that give your cabinets a vibrant look on a budget. Steel and aluminium are other durable options for kitchen cabinets that can bring a sense of trendy style and look. 

Pay Attention to the Flooring

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Not paying attention to your kitchen flooring can be the ultimate blunder that you should avoid. From head to toe, every corner of the part of your kitchen should complement each other. Blending them or matching everything in the same tone is not the idea, creating an engaging look for your kitchen is. Any pattern or colour that complements your small simple kitchen design will help you curate a look that hits all the right spots of modernity. Pattern tiles or planks that blend with your small kitchen design would be the safest option to go for, or one can discover easy to clean rugs that can bring a great amount of attention to your kitchen floors.

Statement Furniture for Storage

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Go for storage furniture that serves its purpose while being decor for your kitchen walls. At WoodenStreet, one can discover artistically innovated kitchen racks and cabinets that offer storage space while grabbing attention with their unique design and intricate patterns. Why settle for something simple and ordinary when you can go for designer creations that scream luxury and functionality while being on a budget.

Accessorize Smartly

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

As said above, look for accessories that serve the purpose while being decor for your kitchen space. There are ample kitchen essentials and tableware that can be the attention grabbers in your small kitchen design. Such modular kitchen ideas are highly pocket-friendly and a smart way to minimally give your kitchen a unique look that mirrors your style. Cutlery holders, salt and pepper shakers or any tableware essentials that look visually suited in your kitchen would be a great accessory to glam your small kitchen design and give it a modular trendy look.

Decorate Your Countertop

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

From planters to fancy kitchen appliances, one can be as creative as they wish to be when decorating countertops. Try to go for decoratives that look minimal. Kitchens are already crowded with appliances so try to buy decoratives that are small in size but impactful enough to grab some attention in your kitchen. A decorated countertop will not only enhance your visual aesthetics but also showcase your love for the most precious part of the house. 

These simple yet modular small kitchen design ideas are the most cost-effective ones that can transform your kitchen into a trendy look. So, without wasting a minute, shop according to the above-mentioned tips and give your kitchen a stunning modular design makeover.
Also, don’t forget to mention which small kitchen design ideas you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

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