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Modular Kitchen Designs by WoodenStreet

There is something absolutely special about the kitchen that makes it far more than merely a serviceable space. Understandably, you want your kitchen to look its best and to solve this purpose, WoodenStreet forays into the modular kitchen segment.

People say Kitchen is the Heart of Home, and yes, it is undeniably true. This is the most happening place in entire house, for it is in the kitchen that you enjoy cooking and if it has a dining table then this place also gets credit for family meetings over dinner every night. Sometimes, it is also the place where homework is done over some munchies. It is the hub of our homes that connects friends and family together.

There is something absolutely special about the kitchen that makes it far more then merely a serviceable space. Understandably, you want your kitchen to look its best and to solve this purpose, WoodenStreet, India’s Finest Custom Furniture Store, forays into the modular kitchen segment.

Modular kitchen is a trend hard to ignore for a fully functional and clutter-free kitchen. It includes high quality and functional storage. If you are up to re-do your kitchen for new trendy updates, then Modular kitchen segment by Wooden Street can help you in getting your dream kitchen with its customised approach and effective durability.

Through WoodenStreet, you can customise your kitchen design with waterproof ply, and furnish it with MR+ Merino Laminates, opting from various colour combinations, and enhance the storage with multi-tire drawers, bottle pull-outs, magic corners, tandem boxes and tall units to fit according to the different shape and available spaces. We provide you the flexibility to choose the accessories and hardware from various brands, such as KAFF, Hettich, Hafele or Blum, and select the countertop material from Quartz, Corian or Granite.

Modular kitchen designs are available in different sets of arrangements, the most common ones are below:

L-shaped Kitchen Layout

This is the most common kitchen design. As the name specifies, this kitchen consists of a counter top shaped like the letter “L”. This layout makes kitchen look airy and gives a proper interaction with the dining table. L-shaped kitchen is perfect for today’s modern apartments with an open style kitchen.


U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Another popular layout for the modern kitchen is in the shape of the letter “U”, offering one open end for access and cabinetry on three adjoining walls. This layout is perfect for kitchens where you get ample space to spread out while enjoying cooking. 


G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Ideal for opening up more space for work and for breakfast, the G-Shaped kitchen is a preferred choice when the kitchen easily opens up into the dining, and a lot of space is available. If you happen to have a small apartment, and less space is available for the kitchen, then G-shape might not work for you. Other than that, the extra counter serves as the perfect spot for chopping and as a breakfast counter.

Straight Kitchen Layout

As the name says, there’s no fancy letter layout. A simple, basic and straightforward kitchen, ideal for every kind of setting. A single counter lines the workspace, with cabinets dotting the space above and below for functionality.


Parallel Kitchen Layout

Two straight kitchens, facing each other, bring you a parallel kitchen design. Although sober just like the straight kitchen, it gives more workspace and enhances the efficiency with more storage options dotting the layout. Parallel kitchen designs are somewhat similar to U-shaped kitchens, but lake the base node, keeping the adjacent wall to the parallel side devoid of a countertop or cabinetry.


Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is a new trend for Indian-style kitchens. It is perfect for any type of kitchen layout. If you have a big L-shaped modular kitchen or a U-shaped modular kitchen, adding a kitchen island will not only bring luxury but also provide extra storage and a platform to your kitchen. There are many kitchen islands designs available to select from based on your needs. Choose a multi-functional kitchen island so that your kitchen looks organised and clutter-free. You can also add some bar stools with the kitchen island. With this combination you will get a beautiful look, a secondary dining table and also some company while cooking.

Kitchen is known as the most valuable room in our homes. In fact, a well-maintained kitchen shows that it is loved and put to good use every single day. With WoodenStreet, you can get the kitchen of your dreams, shaped with functionality and aesthetics just the way you want, and that too in a few clicks.

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