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7 Stylish Rooftop Decorations: How To Create a Beautiful Cafe-Like Terrace at Home?

Get your home terrace ready for get-togethers this festive season with our list of exciting and pocket-friendly rooftop decorations.

Ever wondered when having a cup of coffee in one of your favourite cafes, "I wish we could create such a vibe while having coffee at home." Rooftop cafes are a popular thing nowadays, and why not? The scenic view and the little elements of nature being the fancy element of today's era, a rooftop/terrace and cafe theme go hand in hand. Now imagine enjoying an easy cafe vibe at your home; Maybe the view won't be that scenic, but the cafe elements can surely give your home terrace a fabulous makeover. With the festive season being in charge, the struggle to corner out a space for your after-party shenanigans calls for a solution. 

If you have a balcony, terrace/rooftop, you would be happy to read this blog to explore amazing rooftop terrace decorating ideas. Here's our list of exciting and easy ways to give your Rooftop terrace home design a cafe-like ambience.

Add Convenience to The Seating

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Cafes have incredible ease to the ambiance with their convenient and flowy set-up. And when it comes to comfy and convenient seating, folding wooden chairs are the best low-cost, simple rooftop design idea to execute. They are versatile and found in various styles, being an easy element to reflect a cafe vibe. Apart from a table and chair, you require seating to organize enjoyable get-togethers at your terrace. WoodenStreet has a fabulous range of iconic and foldable wooden chairs that can be the extra seating for your home terrace to be stored away when not needed.

Welcome Double Duty Details

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Bring in more convenience and ease to the view with utility features. A wall organiser could be a beautiful element to bring a peppy cafe vibe to your Modern Rooftop Terrace Design while also using it to store essentials. If buying cutlery holders or anything high on storage for your terrace, make sure you purchase something that grabs an eye for art. Adding artistic detail to such rooftop decorations will surely give your balcony or terrace a lively cafe vibe. 

Set up a Backdrop

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Most of us would have a single accent wall to the terrace or balcony, so make use of it. With quirky and textured wallpapers, you can work wonders for your space to match it with the cafe theme. A brick wall is the most authentic style of wallpaper as most cafes that look raw feel the most aesthetic and authentic, so incorporate the same vibe with a brick print wallpaper. This rooftop decoration is another low cost simple rooftop design to enhance the cafe vibe of your terrace. 

Cafe Vibe through Cafe Light

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Lighting is a game changer and is the most crucial element to build an ambience of your liking. Whether lively bohemian mosaic or classy sleek lines, there is a range of pendant lighting available at woodenstreet for you to choose from. This segment of rooftop decorations is solely your choice, tungsten lights would be the most popular cafe theme lights to have, but if your favourite cafe feels like an antique haveli or a nature-friendly wonder, you can also check out lanterns style pendant lights or cane material lights. 

Bring Greenery to The View

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Artificial plants and unique planters are a great way to detail up your terrace to give a cosy cafe-like vibe. But if you are more inclined towards industrial style, you can opt for textured and eye-catching planters to match the sophisticated vibe of your cafe style while bringing greenery to your terrace. Plants and planters are also pocket-friendly Rooftop Terrace Decorating Ideas for you to try without hesitation. 

Pop Some Colour

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Add some more cosy elements to the picture, as this is not your favourite cafe but your personal improvisation of it, so there's so "you can't do that". Bring in vibrant plush pillows and table cloth to the view for more ease and comfort on your cafe-like terrace. The space would look fuller and more welcoming the cosier it gets. At the wooden street, you can find these rooftop decorations in a wide design variety so make sure to browse thoroughly. 

Keep The Floor Warm

Rooftop Terrace Decoration Ideas at Home

Wishing for warm feet when trying to enjoy the changing weather or festive after-parties in your outdoors is a real struggle to deal with. A suitable rooftop decoration option to help you in such a situation would be a plush area rug. They are perfect for warming up your feet while offering your terrace the beauty and aesthetic of a cafe. 

We hope the above-listed interesting list of rooftop decorations would help you curate a dream-like cafe vibe for your terrace. Be the highlight of your social circle by being the ultimate party organizer this festive season with a perfect cafe ambience at your very modern rooftop terrace design. 

So whom are you waiting for? Check out our website to browse the rooftop mentioned above decorations to give your terrace the aesthetic cafe ambience.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Pictures: WoodenStreet and Google

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