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A Tour of Tables

Table is meant for every room. Wooden Street brings a variety of tables to beautify your space and give it a personal touch while fulfilling your needs. Take a tour of the tables exclusively by Wooden Street to furnish different parts of your home.

A Table is the piece of furniture that is meant for every room. From modern coffee tables to classy side and end tables, elegant dining tables to contemporary console tables and stylish counter tables to classic bedside tables, they add style and functionality to any space.

Wooden Street brings a variety of tables, so no matter what your style is, you’ll find a table that will beautify your space and give it a personal touch while fulfilling your needs. Scroll down and take a tour of the tables exclusively by Wooden Street to furnish different parts of your home.

Coffee Table

A coffee table completes the decor of your living room and makes it look spectacular. An appropriate coffee table, along with sofas, creates the focal point in the room. This piece of furniture is hard to ignore.


Bhanu Prakash Reddy from Bengaluru chooses Lynet Coffee Table to accompany his L-shaped fabric sofa. This square coffee table suites his décor completely, providing space to keep newspapers and magazines organised. He says,” I liked the slatted design of this table a lot and the walnut finish is exactly was I was expecting.”


Coffee table is an integral part of living room, family room or any other seating area of the house, but there is much more you can expect from them. A coffee table set, that includes ottomans underneath, is perfect to bring storage and extra seating when needed. Bringing Reid Coffee Table to his home was as an intelligent decision for Arumugam Rajesh from Chennai. He mentions,” I ordered many products from Wooden Street, but this coffee table is my favourite. It looks good and best for weekend get-togethers when we need more seating space. “

Console Table

There is not a specific place to place a console table. Because of its long length and narrow width, it is perfect to place at the entryway as a foyer table. Also, they can work as a small vanity or a small desk behind the sofa to give a stylish look to your décor. Console table doesn’t eat up much space and provides ample storage in a sleek manner, bringing a cool appearance to the room.


“Placing a console table in the foyer is a brilliant idea to store mails, keys, gloves and anything you need just before leaving the house.”, Pragya Mohan from Delhi bought Sirin Console Table for her foyer that is making it functional and beautifulThe minimalist look of this table bringing little storage to her foyer elegantly. 

End Tables or Side Tables

These tables accentuate the room beautifully while providing space to place the everyday odds of the relevant room. Place them in the bedroom or either side of a bed as bedside tables, either side of a sofa as end tables and in a spare corner of the room as a corner table.


Dr. Anuj Chawla picked Dome Round End Table just to compliment his sofa. The entire setup is lifting up the décor of his living room perfectly.


You can place them in any room. Like Mrs. Chauhan wisely used Carden Bedside Tables here as end tables to create a symmetry with convenience.

Nest of Tables


This is a piece of furniture with brilliant ideas. You can use them when needed and tuck them away once you are done using them. Stack these tables onto one another when not needed and use them as an end table. Kuldeep Kaul bought Mccoy Nest of Tables and found them very useable.

Tables around the house help you in creating space that is your own. With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want.

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