29 Nov 2018

Bangalore – On a Rhythm to Fitness

24th of November marked the day when the supercharged Bangaloreans gathered at the VR Bengaluru to not only have fun but also start a journey towards a healthy life, and WoodenStreet was there to enhance the experience.

The prospect of a Zumba Masterclass had been looming over the Bengaluru metropolis for some time, and as the daylight faded, the evening was charged with an excited crowd, ready to welcome two of the most recognizable faces in the Zumba Fitness Scene; Loretta Bates, an international fitness presenter and Zumba Education Specialist, and Sucheta Pal, India’s first Zumba Education Specialist. Sponsoring this great event were four recognizable brands sweeping the Indian market, including WoodenStreet.

The event was brought to the Indian soil to bring awareness towards a healthy life, and what better way to do that when you get to embrace furniture customized to your lifestyle? WoodenStreet, focused towards premium quality and customized furniture, provides people with an easy way to define how they want their furniture to be. On this night, WoodenStreet even provided everyone a chance to win gift hampers, provided they answered some fun-filled furniture quiz.

We did not limit the interaction to just this. Our stall provided everyone with a glimpse to the quality of solid wood furniture marvels with sumptuous fabric upholstery. We wanted people to feel the comfort and durability of our furniture. It was but a small trailer for what awaits them at our two Experience Stores in HSR Layout and Singasandra.

Team WoodenStreet also had the great opportunity to interact with Loretta, an ACE and AFAA certified instructor who has been featured on multiple Zumba Fitness DVDs and video games. She applauded WoodenStreet’s involvement with this health drive, and thanked them for spreading awareness through an event that touches many lives and inspires people to adopt a better way of living.

“After a long day and good exercise”, said Loretta, “who doesn’t need a good piece of furniture made exclusively for them? Thanks, WoodenStreet, for you are surely answering requests of millions of people who need tailor-made furniture.”

Sucheta Pal, who is Zumba’s Global Ambassador and Business Advisor for India, was also pleased with WoodenStreet’s involvement with this event. She said, “I am thankful to you folks for sponsoring an event which is growing day-by-day, and for being a part of the International Zumba Awareness Program.”

Namrata Sinha, owner of the Echo Academy and a certified ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) trainer, feels that events like these are a great platform for a brand to showcase their products as the attendees are lifestyle conscious. “Typically,”, she says, “all the attendees are owners of small or medium-scale businesses. Their ability to spend is quite above the average. More importantly, these attendees are Zumba Instructors, who influence the buying behaviour of thousands of their students.”

An evening full of enthusiasm, a drive towards a better living and happiness spread through joyous moments, Team WoodenStreet was over the moon to be a part of this Zumba Fitness Drive with Loretta Bates and Sucheta Pal.

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