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Classic Range of Outdoor Furniture for Makar Sankranti

With welcoming the new year, it’s time to welcome the new season of harvest with all hearts. Get ready to witness the intoxicatingly enthusiastic vibe of Makar Sankranti! Magh Bihu in Assam, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Lohri in Pu

With welcoming the new year, it’s time to welcome the new season of harvest with all hearts. Get ready to witness the intoxicatingly enthusiastic vibe of Makar Sankranti!

Magh Bihu in Assam, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Lohri in Punjab. All we can say is,

Different names. Different ways. One feeling: Honoring the Harvest!

It’s a grand festival which is celebrated all across the country by people in their own cultural ways. With the festival falling on equinox, it also marks an end to the winter solstice with the onset of spring season. 

‘Makar’ means Capricorn (the zodiac) and Sankranti means transition. According to astrology, the Sun shifts into Capricorn during this time.

This period signifies leaving behind the grudges and quarrels, the unethical and unhealthy behaviours and resentment to allow one to let in the happiness and love the world has to offer.

On this festival, varied customs and ritual festivals are followed by different parts of the country.

With people celebrating various rituals, infused with enthusiasm and riots of colors, there is one ritual which comes with an insanely infectious energy to all the Indians, the kite flying ritual!

And if my memory serves me right, it’s not a festival or a game but a religion.

It’s the time when everyone gathers over the terrace and the beautiful sky turns into a battleground. While everyone is hooting and shouting their hearts out, there is one thing that is often blurred out of minds, the outdoor furniture! There is a rush and chaos seen at the day of the festival when everyone is running from pillar to post to grab a chair or looking for an empty railing to keep the plate of snacks!

And amongst all this, they miss out the absolutely mesmerizing and one of those experience that is hard to get over!

So, to give you a perfect seating and leave you with a bag full of memories for the upcoming year, we have a hard-to-resist range of outdoor furniture that will give you a sprightly setup for your celebration.

A pavilion for the elderlies

While hundreds of kites are dancing in the sky, and people on their terrace, gazing at them is one of the best sights to behold.

So, all the elder ones in the family who want to sit back and comment on the technique to win the fight and side by side enjoy the charm of the festival, you can fix your spots as our Hanton Folding Chair And Round Table will be the perfect seating arrangement for you.

Get your shades on, tell them the methods you used in your days and enjoy the sweetness of some gajak and til ke laddoo by your side!

Swing and Sing!

When on one side the sky becomes the battleground and the men become warriors, the women on the other side cook delicious food and gather on the terrace prettily dressed. Everyone’s duty is sorted here!

For them, we have Alanis Wooden Swing Chair from where they can see the kites romancing with the winds all over the terrace and have a super fun time!

Attention bubble-heads!

You will see the little ones chirping around the rooftop, carrying the responsibilities of holding firkis and  rolling the manjha back and again. Amongst all this, they hardly get a chance to sit for a while. And to make their feista a convenient one, we have Aero Metal Arm Chair With Fabric which will give them a moment to sit back and relax.

That extra charm!

On this auspicious occasion, with praying to the deity of wisdom and knowledge, let there be an aura of peace and positivity. And planters are one of the best ways to imbibe zeal and a sense of wellness.

With our Artificial Cyperus Bonsai Plant, you can bring in a positive feel with a scintillating view to the eyes.

Plethora of mouth-watering dishes!

With people shouting woh kaata every once in a while and the verbal yet fun war reaching the pinnacle, there’s much more to this festival. It comes with the music filling the air and the aroma of food filling the heart with joy.

While there is a riot of colorful kites going on in the sky, there comes an arena of scrumptious food like peanut chikkis, gajak, laddoo and what not!

And there’s no chance to stand while holding all of these, so to make it all organized, we have Mccoy Nest Of Tables that will help you serve everything to the best.

This Sankranti, smell the scent of winter fog crossing the mild sunshine, and bring home a classic furniture that will give you memories to cherish for years!

Visit our website and make the bucket list of your favorite furniture!

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Transform your outdoor spaces with timeless elegance this Makar Sankranti Explore the classic range of outdoor furniture featured in this blog a perfect blend of style and comfort Create cherished moments while basking in the festive spirit
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