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Did You Say Coffee? Here's a List of Our Latest Coffee Tables of 2023

Our top coffee table collection will transform your space into an elegant and contemporary one. So, check out the bestselling center tables for your home if you're ready to brighten up your space.

With the adaptable and elegant collection of designer coffee tables, we're here to offer you a broad selection of choices in this blog. Not only functional but also decorative, coffee tables create a one-of-a-kind collection enhanced by exquisite materials and exclusive details. Everyone is raving about our collection of center tables and coffee table sets. These lovely pieces, which come with additional storage, gorgeous detailing, and wooden engraving, are being created to go with your living area. Every piece is handcrafted, has a glass or wood finish, and can be delivered right to your living room. View our best-selling collection of designer coffee tables by scrolling down:

Maeve Coffee Table

Coffee Table

When it comes to interior design, this coffee table is a winner to be its highlight. Adding a lot of textures is the secret to giving a living room visual depth and appeal. The smooth surface of this Maeve coffee table complements the entire fabric sofa and the textured rug in this room, giving the design another level. This stunning piece of center table will never leave you disappointed as it offers a luxurious look to your finest homes. This design is from WoodenStreet's top collection of coffee tables online.

Shop the Look: Maeve Coffee Table

Price: Rs 9,999

Lynet Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Organising objects in a grid pattern is one of the favourite designs that interior designers cling to. Why does that matter? Decorate or keep items into each of the four parts on a table-top if you have one. This square coffee table decoration design can be used with all styles of furnishings. Lynet coffee table is a functional yet traditional piece with a beautiful design to fit every living room.

Shop the Look: Lynet Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 14,349

Escobar Coffee Table

Coffee Table

When picking and embellishing your escobar coffee table with storage, both form and function are essential to consider. If your apartment lacks storage space, buying a center table for living room with storage options is the best pick for every individual. You can keep books, periodicals, or vases and magazines on the lower shelf.

Shop the Look: Escobar Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 5,499

Discus Coffee Table

Coffee Table

If you have kids or pets at home or if your living room is a high-traffic area where people frequently bump into the furnishings, choose a round coffee table. Also, the table's round shape is the ideal method to soften the sharp edges and straight lines that come from placing a classic sofa, or windows. Easily accessible for everyone to pick or keep the items they hold in their hands, our discus marble coffee table serves the best function of safety and sets the trend in your home.

Shop the Look: Discus Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 19,499

Vrita Teak Wood Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Sometimes a contemporary coffee table can seem stylish with few accessories. Because it blends in well with the rest of the room, the smooth table-top design, as well the 4 cushioned pouffes with it, is serene while enjoying your tea-breaks or gossip sessions. The brass work on this Vrita teak wood coffee table make it look lavish and rich which will make you adore your space with its look.

Shop the Look: Vrita Teak Wood Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 42,999

Petlin Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Whether you buy a minimalist or fancy coffee table, it will never question the style of your home. Getting a unique center table for the living room is one simple method to inject some artistic vibes. It will not only give the area a lot of personalities and be a fantastic topic of conversation, but it will also give off a classy, gallery-like vibe. So, check out WoodenStreet's exquisite Petlin coffee table and make your living room a warm place to have memories with your family or loved ones.

Shop the Look: Petlin Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 24,499

Boho Coffee Table

Coffee Table

A dramatic center table styles are a little more unusual but looks beautiful when paired perfectly. Consider this antique boho coffee table which will add the charm of vintage in your living room. It gives the room flair and a touch of old and traditional design. This boho table can never get out of fashion as its style will always make a friendly appearance to your visitors, and they would never stop appreciating its appealing look.

Shop the Look: Boho Coffee Table

Price:  Rs 12,898


With the help of our elegant center tables collection, you can give your living room a purpose and your home a bright charm.

You can buy the best furniture for your home using our top list of center table for living room collections. And, we passionately hope you liked our highly curated selection of coffee tables made with love specifically to spruce up your living room.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Image Source: WoodenStreet

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