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How can your living room furniture attract positivity and good luck?

Living room defines the sense of style of your home, and it is vital to arrange your living room furniture in the best way. WS Interior Designers brings Feng-Shui tips and make your living room a pavilion to all the happiness inside your home.

All the happy moments spent with the family lie inside the living room of your home. It is the gathering place of your house where all the meeting-greeting like interaction processes occur. Since a living room plays a crucial role in defining your sense of style inside your home, therefore, it is vital to arrange your living room furniture in the best way. There are two ways to set up your living room, one is to place everything in the most visually attractive way, and the other is to place it in such a way that it makes pathways for positive energies to let in, along with looking sufficiently attractive. The latter one is the method that takes the help of Feng Shui Principles. So, read the following Feng-Shui tips and make your living room a pavilion to all the happiness inside your home:

1. Location

(A). While deciding on where to set up the living room for your house, you must make sure that the living room has at least two outside walls. This is because the outside walls allow all the Chi energy from outside to the inside of the living area.

(B). The living room must never be seated deep inside the house, such that the Chi energy enters from rooms and keeps penetrating, reaching the living room. That positive energy becomes wearisome and diminished.

2. Placement

Another important thing to know is that a living room must be big and capacious because one, this allows the correct influx of Chi energy and two, it can accommodate all your guests and family comfortably. Also, make sure you do not place the furniture in the natural pathways because this blocks positive energy from getting in. The most important furniture item inside our living room is our sofa set. Therefore, we must never place it in the centre of the living room. This is called floating arrangement, and this is very inaccurate. Instead, place the sofa stuck to one of the walls, to increase the stability in wealth and relations.

If you wish to place a TV or computer somewhere inside the living room, then it can be superb to bring out some activity inside your home. Place them towards the North of your room, then it can be good for your career and if your place it in the South, then it can bring you fame and recognition.

3. Decoration

No matter how correctly you place your precious furniture items, if you fail to decorate the environment well, you can never invite positivity inside your room. According to Feng Shui, you can place following things in the respective directions:

(A). East: East is the most suitable to place the wooden elements like wooden picture frames or wood lamps. It is suggested to make more of green and brown colour things placement in this direction. Bookshelves are best placed in this direction.

(B). West: All the bronze colours and metallic things are welcome in this direction. You can keep all the stylish metallic figurines or candle holders here.

(C). North: Water-related things like an aquarium or all the blue-black things can suitably be placed here. Ship and water flow are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so if you fancy those seascape paintings, this is the direction you must choose.

(D). South: This is the best direction to place your lounge chairs or chaise lounges, near the fireplace, if any. All the fire element or pink and orange colours can be used here.

4. Lightning

There must be an accurate amount of natural light entering the room, if not then make the ceiling light arrangement because a dull living room can attract misfortune and inactivity. Make sure there are two doors or two windows for proper ventilation. If there are too many doors or windows, then also Chi energy flow is disturbed.

5. Your Touch

Of course, this is a part of your dream home, so add the things that you fancy and give an alluring boost to your living room furniture.

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