Experience Stores17 Mar 2020

Drumroll Please! Here we’re with the Udaipur Experience Store

WoodenStreet has come up with its brand new experience store in the city of Lakes - Udaipur. In this blog, you’ll get to experience what we have in our store.

One more investment. One more big story!

Hello, Udaipurites. We are here with our first ever experience store in Udaipur and this time we’ve got it big. This time we’re coming with a range of furniture that echoes a mix of character and style, and is carved in a way that it creates its mark in turning the house into a home. We have one of the trending collection of furniture with a refreshing range of decor that would surely help you in creating an exclusive interior.

And now you can experience the furniture all by yourself.

Touch. Feel. Review. Take.

Here’s what we have got for you!

1. Dining - The better it looks, the better it tastes!

We’ve got the best dining sets for you that gives you the taste of form with functionality to the fullest. No matter what style of home decor you own, there is something for each one of you. Have your scrumptious meals over these timeless designs.

Udaipur Experience Store

Shop the Dining Room Furniture

2. Bedroom - For the luxury lifestyle lovers!

Upscale your bedroom with the best collection of beds that can make your bedroom decor uber chic and distinct. Whether a traditional enthusiast or an urbane lifestyle lover, we have all the different varieties living up to your expectations. Bring in some calming vibes and get cozy!

Udaipur Experience Store WoodenStreet

Shop the Bedroom Furniture

3. Living - Renew. Rejuvenate & Redecorate!

No need to splurge for creating a big impact in your home -- just renew your living room and your home gets a whole new zest of upliftment! Modern, Moroccan, Boho-chic, Contemporary, take anything you want. 

Udaipur Experience Store

Shop the Living Room Furniture

4. Side Please! Here comes the great wall of cushions!

While creating a space that exudes style, beauty and comfort all together, cushions are must to have in home. With giving you that mushy feel, it spices up your whole living in slightly no time. 

See our top picks, that never go wrong!

Udaipur Experience Store WoodenStreet

Shop the Cushion Covers

5. Decor Range for the entire home - Decor enthusiasts, take note! 

Dress every corner of your home with pretty lighting fixtures and let there be a scintillating aura of lights all around. We have everything from shining hanging lights to dazzling table lamps to whimsical wall fixtures. Say, what you do desire?

WoodenStreet Udaipur Experience Store

Shop the Home Decor Items

6. Conversation corner - Your own room within a room!

There are people who enjoy spending time in deluxe restaurants and hotels, while others find joy in a cozy corner of their home. If you are the one for whom the definition of fun means to spend time with your dearest, then this is for you! 

This set of two chairs paired with a side and end table is topping the trend-list right now. You heard that, right?

WoodenStreet udaipur Experience store

Shop Side and End Tables

Although, we aren’t crystal ball readers, we can still help you get some beautiful home furniture and furnishing that you’ll cherish for years. 

Time to begin your hunt!

WoodenStreet - Making homes special since 2015.” 


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