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Chairs are an important object in our lives. Have you ever seen a chair as a functional furniture unit rather than a mere seating option? Chairs are not just meant for sitting anymore. This important piece of furniture is high in demand as it serves different purposes. Chairs provide you with great ease and support your back while you are working. Improves body posture, reduces stress and allows you to work with great concentration. This increases the overall work efficiency of any home or office environment. This essential piece of furniture should not be neglected as the first impression of any work environment is characterised by a good quality chair. At Wooden street you can find a huge collection of chairs having different styles and designs. Each of them is unique in their way and provides you with utmost comfort and relaxation.

Customer Reviews

  • Dining Chairs Online
    "Online Dining Chairs Store!"

    We are party buffs and need lots of chairs. I ordered 20 Sofie dining chairs. They handled my order quite efficiently and I am completely impressed with their punctuality in delivery. What more to say, they have developed all the dining chairs with accurate uniformity in design.

    Sweety Mathur, Delhi
  • wooden chair for kids online
    " Sophisticated design and bold colors!"

    The sophisticated design and bold colors of kids chair provides a beautiful look to my 3-year-old daughter's room. She loved the color and design of the chair. Now, she reads, eats, plays on the same furniture unit. I also recommended my sister to buy chair for kids online from Wooden Street for her 2-year-old son.

    Manasvi Rustagi, Hyderabad
  • wooden chair furniture online

    I gifted this chair to my nephew. He is the happiest when he sits on this rocking pony. The best part of this chair is that my sister also feels relieved because he never wants to get off that pony! And she can do her important stuff freely! They thank me so much and I always pass it on to you! Thank you Woodenstreet.

    Rajat Sharma, Delhi
  • Chair Furniture Online

    I loved the chair ordered from Wooden Street. We had no idea that the experience from Wooden Street is going to be worth it. I am so happy with the finish and texture that has added to my home. Looking forward to buy more furniture. I will be glad to get more dazzling ones.

    Rajat Gupta
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