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Top 15 Exterior Color Combinations for Your Home

From timeless classics to bold contemporary choices, discover the best color palettes, tips, and trends to elevate your home's exterior.

Our generation widely believes in “First Impression is the Last Impression”. So why don't we think the same about our home? Exterior house color combinations play a significant role in enhancing the look of any property. While people focus on their homes' interiors, exterior paints usually have a single neutral color that looks extremely basic.  With so many color options available these days, painting your home's exterior can be a daunting task—but it doesn't have to be!

Let us dive into the best exterior home colors paints in 2024. Trust us, by the end of this blog, we will leave you with your favorite color combination.

All White Exteriors


All White Exterior Color Combinations

When it comes to exterior color combinations, White is the most common and safest choice one can take. The main reason behind people selecting White for their house color scheme is its aesthetic appeal. Further, it also provides a foundation for more features such as window frames, shutters, doors, etc. White color is known to be more long-lasting and at the same time, helps in maintaining a fresher appearance to your simple Indian house exteriors.

White+Sunny Yellow


White+Sunny Yellow Color Combinations of indian house

It has been widely known that colors that have a longer wavelength have been proven to be more stimulating to the mind. The color Yellow is considered a popular choice in outdoor house paint colors due to the warmth it adds to the wall textures. It captures the essence of the sun and often resonates with happiness, making it suitable for Indian simple house color combinations.

Grey+White+Cobalt Blue


Grey+White+Cobalt Blue Color Combinations of indian house

It's important that your home's outside color combination exudes flair because it sets the tone for everything within. To keep up with that, a perfect house color scheme is pairing Blue with Grey. The Blue color on your exterior walls adds a unique and bright feel which gets perfectly blended with a subtle and simple Grey. Not only that, these colors are believed to enhance the flow of energy and enthusiasm according to Vastu.

Misty Rose+Grey+White


Misty Rose+Grey+White Color Combinations

In a world that is filled with negativity and hatred, you can have a home that acts as an epitome of love. Every time we look at the color Pink, it immediately provides a sense of calm that brings out a feeling of relaxation and contentment to our eyes. Misty Rose (shade of Pink, light) when paired with Grey or White, combine to be a very soothing exterior colour combination of Indian house.

Sage Green+Cream


Sage Green+Cream Color Combinations

Green is one of the most popular choices worldwide that can be used for interior and exterior house color schemes. The lighter shade of the color known as Sage Green is considered a very relaxing shade that also brings the coolness of nature. It also is a symbol of a fresh start. Similar to the growth of new leaves, Sage Green with Cream as your outdoor house paint colors indicates a youthful feeling that is a treat to our eyes.

Black+Pacer White


Black+Pacer White Color Combinations

This color combination with a high color contrast has been a long-time favorite with its over-spilling glamour. When it comes to this duo as an exterior house paint combination, a great tip is to keep a 70-30% ratio. According to your home interiors and aesthetics, you can decide on which color, either White or Black can be kept dominant and enjoy your simple Indian house exteriors to flaunt on their own.



White+Turquoise Exterior Color Combinations of indian house

As we all know, White color is more neutral and a subtle shade that brings calmness and a more peaceful charm to the eyes. On the contrary, the pop of Turquoise not only has an eye-catching appeal but also adds a welcoming touch to your simple Indian house outdoors.



Chocolate+Sand Exterior Color Combinations ideas

When it comes to exterior house color schemes, Brown shades bring an earthy and friendly hue to the texture of your walls. Keeping aside its style, the color Brown elevates a home’s curb appeal which also results in the rise of the property value. It instantly makes an impression, especially when paired rightly. Chocolate and Sand together as exterior home color ideas are a stunning combination that has gained immense popularity lately. Whether it is a Brown roof, Brown trim, or a Brown exterior wall, trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Red + White


Red + White Exterior Color Combinations

White-colored walls with bright Red detailing over trims, window panels, doors, etc. Need we say more? White and Red have proven to be one of the best exterior home color combinations as the neutral tones of White help break the pop of red to create balance and blend with this strong color. Whether it is Burgundy or Cherry, a mix of white and red as the outside color combination is like cherry on a vanilla cake.

Warm Grey+ Black


Warm Grey+ Black Exterior Color Combinations of indian house

It is a common belief that dark colors cause more heat and higher temperatures. Indeed, dark colors absorb more heat compared to light colors. However, with good insulation and siding, the dark colors won't bring too much extra heat into your home. The combination of warm Grey and Black doesn’t need to be discussed as it is considered to be one of the best exterior house color combinations.

White+Black+ Grey


White+Black+ Grey outdoor Color Combinations ideas

When talking about White and Grey as exterior house color schemes, both are neutral colors. However, when paired together, it creates a color palette that is sophisticated, cool, and far from outdated. To this combo, add a Black or Charcoal color to add more depth and enhance the textures of the other neutral colors. Coming from similar monotones, this outside color combination has more aesthetic appeal than any other.

Forest Green+ White


Forest Green+ White Exterior Color Combinations of indian house

Be it sage, lime, mint, or any shade of Green, when paired with White, brings out a winning combination. Shades of Green are versatile and work with many color palettes. The White hues allow green to pop out, enhance depth, and bring out a fresher vibe to your home. So if you are someone who prefers an eye-catching exterior house color scheme, then this combination is perfect for you.

Cream+Rustic Red


Cream+Rustic Red Exterior Color Combinations

Every color has a psychological impact on our brain, similar to the color red. The Red and Cream color combination creates a warm and moody texture and adds a fun element to your old and pale outdoor walls. However, it is advised that the colors are used proportionately. Furthermore, this combination aligns with Vastu Shastra as it reflects energy and power.



White+Orange outdoor Color Combinations

When taking into account a color as vibrant as Orange, the perfect way to tone it down is by pairing it with neutral colors such as White or light Grey. The color Orange has a more spiritual, meditative vibe which enhances the overall look and appearance of your home exteriors. The fiery shade is like a blazing sunset and creates a serene backdrop with warm undertones.



Brown+White outdoor Color Combinations ideas

Brown color walls are timeless and classic when paired up with White. When the two colors are stapled together, they instantly add warmth with some earthy textures. Gone is the time to Black and White monotones, Brown and White are more welcomed back in trend as simple Indian house color combinations.

Summing Up!

In conclusion, selecting the right exterior color combination is essential for enhancing your home's appeal and creating a lasting impression. The top color combinations for 2024, ranging from classic ones to vibrant hues, offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and styles. Each combination is chosen for its unique ability to add aesthetic value and evoke specific moods. By carefully selecting and pairing colors, you can transform the exterior of your home into a visually appealing and welcoming space.

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

Image source: Wooden Street, Google, and Pinterest

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