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15 Kitchen Color and Combination Ideas that are a Must Try!

15+ Kitchen color combinations that can surely remodel your old kitchens and revamp them in style. What are you waiting for? Start Scrolling!

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life." - Louis Parrish.

That’s undoubtedly a well said thing, as without a kitchen, home doesn't feel like HOME! Ever wonder how people are giving their Bedrooms and living rooms a makeover, but kitchens are never on the priority list? Well, time has changed, and so did priorities! So what now? That’s what you must be wondering, right?  If you too have felt that your kitchen doesn’t feel connected and does not carry a part of YOU, then consider changing it with the help of our 15 kitchen colour combination; that will do the right job for you and with ease. Believe us, you may not want to miss out on these modular kitchen design color combinations because they will be the forever trend!

Why Are Colours Important for Your Kitchen Design?

Colours play an essential role; as it derives the mood of the space, tell a lot about your personality, and keep up with the trends. While choosing colours for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the color schemes and how the combination is going to turn out. With different colors come different emotions and moods, and to set the right one for your house, you can look for the 15 amazing kitchen color combinations with images, which will help you choose the right one for your kitchen! It will also be beneficial because you will know how to set the mood of space prominently. So pull up your socks and check on the right color aesthetics for the kitchen in 2023!

15 Modular Kitchen Color Combinations to Paint Your Kitchens with!

Before checking out our amazing list of 15 color combinations for the kitchen, we present expert advice to make things easier for you.

Expert Advice: Choose a darker tone for the lower part and a light palette to compliment the top part of the kitchen.

1. Metallic Accent Color

Metallic Accent Color

The metallic accent color represents a subdued matte finish that’s no less than a luxury choice. Kitchen laminates color combination with the walls can be the best duo one can try.

2. Blush Pink and White

Blush Pink and White

To enlarge the space and lighten up the kitchen going minimalist is a top choice; also, it’s a top trend. White is a color that can be paired with any hue, and pink is one of the best kitchen wall color combination.

3. Yellow and Grey Kitchen Colour Combination

 Yellow and Grey Kitchen Colour Combination

Yellow and Grey is the two-colour kitchen laminate combination worth drooling over. It’s one of the love color by millennial, and they love everything about it. On the other side, the vibrancy of yellow adds up evenly, and to add a plus point; the grey and yellow combination is Vastu Approved! So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

4. Tile Backsplash with Natural Wood

Tile Backsplash with Natural Wood

Adding a wood as an accessory can keep warmth and natural light in the kitchen, and when paired with tile backsplash, it’s a well balanced combination for the kitchen. A tint of the bohemian theme is going to add up so much vibrancy that it feels like a godsend combo!

5. Classic Color Combo of White, Beige, and Grey

Classic Color Combo of White, Beige, and Grey

Is neutral and simple kitchen color combination your key to defining the personality best? Not to worry, we got you covered with this white beige and Grey Kitchen Colour Combination that will do the exact job of bringing in simplicity for you!

6. All White for Natural Light

All White for Natural Light

If the kitchen combination does not resonate with your choice, consider solid kitchen walls with white cabinetry. They are simple and attractive simultaneously; the best part is that they can never go out of trend.

7. Bright Red with a Tint of White

Bright Red with a Tint of White

Looking for another Vastu approved color? Red enters the doorway! A modular kitchen color combination with this color palette will be a hit. The energy level is doubled with the red & white color combo in your kitchen, and the work can benefit from it.

8. Dark Wood for Modular Kitchen Design

Dark Wood for Modular Kitchen Design

For most Indians, having a home with natural wood included in the interiors is what feels like a complete one; all of us are just so obsessed with this kinda interior, no? The sophistication elevates the space and makes it warmer and double welcoming.

9. An Earthy Tone of Olive Green with a Marbled Texture

An Earthy Tone of Olive Green with a Marbled Texture

Olive green can be represented in the kitchens where people adore the earthy tones that come with it! The naturalness in the shade is undoubtedly surreal and cannot be taken for granted. Green for kitchen laminates color combination is a must-make choice and can be paired with tiles with marbles texture or monochromatic colors to make it more presentable.

10. Modern Kitchen Pastels for Kitchen Island

Modern Kitchen Pastels for Kitchen Island

Growing up, we all have seen modern kitchens with a pastel shade of green look; they are heavenly and look like a space where one can act and cook for hours. The comforting vibe that comes with pastels is unmatchable, and when pairing it with contrasting tiles, it is a real treat to the eye!

11. Blue And White for Pastel Colours

Blue And White for Pastel Colours

Blue and White in a Modular Kitchen Design is a combination made in heaven. They provide a simple touch and timeless approach to the interior and calm the ambiance. The richness of blue perfectly blends with white, resulting in the perfect kitchen combination.

12. Bold Color Combination of Dark Green with Yellow

Bold Color Combination of Dark Green with Yellow

Yellow with Green go together like a lemon with mojito, hence; the light and dark duo is irreplaceable in this world with constant changing trends. This kitchen colour combination is pleasing to the eyes and attention grabbing at the same time.

13. Metallics with Radiant Hue

Metallics with Radiant Hue

Metallic grey radiates a lot of shine in the kitchen, which sometimes also works as a natural light. To pair it with the perfect match, you can use dark colors like black and a lot more.

14. A Splash of Orange Paired with Contrasting Colours

A Splash of Orange Paired with Contrasting Colours

Orange, especially for Indians, holds a deep value and is a representation/ symbol of courage. This color keeps up the surroundings energized and elevated. By painting the kitchen walls orange, you can keep them more minimal because the color adds so much to the space.

15. Blue Tone with Kitchen Tile

Blue Tone with Kitchen Tile

Tile Backsplash has become the top trend when looking for a kitchen colour combination, and why not? It is an easy and most liked choice because of the minimalist look it provides with a tint of a diverse color palette. Just like how it is shown in the picture, you, too, can try this color combination of white, blue, and bohemian tiles. 

Summing Up!

We hope these 15 Kitchen colour combinations ideas can help you make your dream kitchen a reality a space where you will feel good while cooking.


Q1. Which Color is Good for a Kitchen as per Vastu?

A - As per Vastu Shastras, orange, brown, white, yellow, and green are among the best colors for the kitchen. These colors bring in a calm and welcoming vibe while stimulating one's appetite.

Q2. What is the Most Suitable Color for Kitchen's Walls?

A - Mellow and subtle colors like white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are perfect for kitchen walls.

Q3. Are Warm or Cool Colors Better for a Kitchen?

A - Warm colors are preferred for the kitchen as they are more welcoming and alluring, perfect for social rooms of the house.

Q4. What Colors will Make my Kitchen Look Bigger?

A - Light and mellow colors are more reflective than dark shades, making them perfect for a kitchen to look bigger and spacious. Light blues, greens, or pale yellows are excellent examples to make your kitchen look more spacious and airy.

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned!

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