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Fabulous Foyer Makeover for a Trendy Indian Home- By Wooden Street

The entry way of any home is often left zoned out. In this blog we have given ideas to decorate the minimalist foyer in a commendable way, so that the entrance of any home can never go unnoticed.

“First impression is the last impression!”


"The first impression can create a Lasting Impression!"

The decor of a foyer is one impression which gives a demo of how the home is going to be like. It starts with the functional units that make the foyer more useful and ends with a mix of decor that can never go unnoticed.

Let’s know it better with ONE DAY CHALLENGE of converting a boring foyer into a functional & eye-catching entryway.

This looks like a Foyer, a lame and uninteresting foyer.

Now let’s start with the one day challenge to make this lame place to a Glam one.

Pop it Up all Bright

The background plays that back support to give fame to everything in the lead. So, it's wise enough to initiate with a bright and blooming wall, like shown above.

The deep bright yellow wall right at the entry gives light to everything that prompts on the floor. From white to yellow, this little tilt can make the first and huge difference to that very ambience.

A drop of Coziness at the Entryway

Opening the door and searching for a place to just jump on to cuddle after a long day is something quite relatable. Isn’t it?

How about finding this cosy furniture right when you step in?

So, introduce a comfy, cosy and chic bench furniture like Reyes Bench With Back Rest from Wooden Street. A wrap of elegance with intricate making and bold indigo ink upholstery makes it all the more regal furniture.

The entry of this bench is purely an indication of what more fascination is on its way!

Pairing with a Pair

To complete the look, we have used two cushions overlaid at one side. Bold patterns wrapped right over the cushion covers gives a grace that a bench like Reyes deserves.

Pairing on one side makes it even more voguish!

Exhibit the Wall

We used bright background to flaunt something more florescent. Just like a set of Bohemian mirror frames from Wooden Street.

Alterations of mirrors with eccentric Bohemian patterns right over a deep yellow wall can set the Foyer lit!

Balancing it with Fabric Arts

Flowing the fabrics through the window increases the backcloth with the most eclectic scenes. Flaunting a pair of two leaf printed curtains with light hues allows the natural rays to pass through with compelling the foyer decor. Completing it can be a semi-circular rug that covers the floor.

The Bohemian act of wall decor with a semi-circular rug and bright leafy curtains do justice to the ambience of the foyer.

Final Touch with a Table

With the alignment of the walls and the bench, there is also one left-out corner that shouts to be decked.

So, you can locate a like Orca side and end table from Wooden Street. To complete the aesthetics flowers and books are always good to go!

Adding a fashionable table lamp with a tall and tempting potted plant gives the finesse to the Orca side and end table.

With this, we wrap up the ONE DAY CHALLENGE of a lame to glam Foyer.

Accentuate the Welcoming vibes for you and your guests with a foyer like this. From the cosiness of a bench to the charm of fabrics and tables, everything can give a heart-warming home coming.

For more ideas to decorate your nooks with pleasure and style tap on Woodenstreet.

Happy Homecoming to You!

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