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How Sofa Cum Bed Saves Space in your Home?

For adding all the comfort and class, finding the right sofa cum bed design is important. So, here are the few advantages to show that how these designs can save space in your home.

When it comes to decorating your living room with space-saving furniture units, there are several ways of doing this thing. What works for some, might not for others. The trick is to opt for the designs that involve, adapt, and evolves. 

These days, finding more with less in furniture design is a challenge of the modern lifestyle, and there is one option that fits so apt in this category. It is the versatile sofa cum bed design to make the room fashionably chic without compromising on comfort.

Be it settling in for a movie marathon, binging any favourite shows, sneaking in that afternoon powernap, or giving all comfort to the guests, the right sofa cum bed heightens all quotients. In the end, we only want things which offer everything more, like more storage, more seating, and more space.

 But, do you know how the sofa cum bed designs work? What functional features they offer? And, why these designs become apartment-friendly?

Read below to find out:

Never Fails to Save Space

In the league of saving space in your home, the sofa cum bed designs top the list with fewer footprints and more functional features. Yes, these units are designed to occupy less space compared to an ordinary sofa set or bed in your living area. 

space saving ideas for sofa cum bed

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It’s all about Finding More

Well, everyone loves more or extra with anything they buy for their home. The sofa cum bed design can be a sure-shot way of giving your living room many things more. The convertible designs offer a lot of storage, comfortable seating, and sleeping space in your home. Even, some have hydraulically uplift-able storage space for ease of use.

space saving sofa cum bed

Featured Product: Alfonso Right Aligned Convertible Sofa Cum Bed

The Unique Trio

Most of us are bored of seeing the same conventional style of furniture in every house. Having a sofa cum bed design which can be used as a diwan, bed, and with a little touch up as a sofa is something new in trend. These type of designs are crafted from soild wood base and wrapped in premium upholstery to offer royalty plus comfort efficiently. At the end, surely, you can impress guests with your furniture choice.

space saving furniture ideas

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Everyone Finds Everything Eventually

Yes, sounds correct! You will get what you want as there are number of designs and sizes available for sofa cum bed designs. Be it modern, traditional, floral, or anything, you can discover the right options as per your taste.

sofa cum bed ideas for small living

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Cozy up Space

Working on creating a lot of space in small apartments is the primary concern that can be fulfilled with sofa cum bed designs. All you have to do is just fold and unfold, based on your needs.

Still, wanted to try your hands on a unique concept? For this, bringing a new futon bed design is the solution! It has the power to do everything you want.

 space saving furniture ideas

Featured Product: Coleman Futon Bed (Two Seater, Indigo Ink)

The above-mentioned advantages clearly tell that sofa cum bed can become ‘oh-so-happening’ design for your living room.

A wide range of designs are available in the world of furniture, which offers various functional features to create an entirely different look. Every design is full of comfort and class in their own way. 

Want to see it?

Explore the stunning sofa cum bed designs right here!

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