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How to Choose the Best Sofa Color for Your Living Room?

Unsure of how to choose the right color for your sofa set in the living room? Check out this blog to get inspired.

If you have started decorating your home from the scratch, a sofa set is the foremost and essential furniture item to choose from. So, are you trying to figure out that which sofa color suits best in your living room? Well, the color trends come and go, but there are certain factors that you must consider while exploring the sofa colors set for your living room interiors. Therefore, we have made up a simple guide curated in the form of questions to pick the sure shot sofa set for you. Check out and steal our solutions now! 

Does Your Sofa Set is the Director or Supporting Role in the Living Room?

When Sofa Set is The Main Element

In this case, choose the sofa color opposite to the color of the walls. 

When Sofa Set Acts as A Supporting Role

In this case, choose the sofa color close to the color of the walls. 

Is Your Living Room Flooring Light or Dark? 

For Lighter Flooring Living Room

Any sofa color set will work in light flooring. Select from the enormous varieties of options available at WoodenStreet that blends well in your style. 

For Darker Flooring Living Room

Go with Lightwood Sofa Legs 

Choose the light wood legs in sofa with dark flooring to complement well the aesthetics of interiors. 

Opt for Light Color Carpet

Weave a light designer carpet on dark-colored floors to brighten up the space.

Think On How Often Will Your Sofa Set Get Stained?

For kids and Pet-friendly Home Design

Try to pick darker colors that are easy to maintain and also comfortable options like sofa cum beds. WoodenStreet is the place to find every type and hues in sofa sets, crafted with fine material and requires less maintenance. 

Leatherette Sofas 

Source: Design cafe

If you want to spill more, leatherette sofas are excellent choice in durability and needs less care.

Lighter Color Fabric Sofa Set 

Source: Design cafe

If you are sure for stains free then, without any second thoughts, you can go ahead with lighter colors of sofa set.

Is Your Sofa Set in the Living Room Receives More Sunlight?

Source: Decoraid

If Yes, try to choose dark-colored fabrics or leather sofas for a durable investment.

How Big or How Small is Your Living Room? 

To Make Small Living Room Looks Spacious 

Choose the sofa colors fabrics that are light in colors like white, beige, etc.

When You have a Large Living Room 

If your living room is huge you can go with ‘n’ number of options. Just ensure that your sofa set colors look majestic in the overall setup, based on the above factors like placement, flooring color etc. 

What Vibes Do You Want to Splash in Your Living Room? 

The sofa color also depends on the other decor elements of the room too, which determines the overall vibe of your room. So, think accordingly.

What Are the Rest of Your Decor Elements in The Living Room?

It is necessary that your sofa color compliments well the rest of the decor elements like cushion covers, artwork, side tables, lighting fixtures etc. Make sure it either match or contrast with other accents and create an amazing story.

We hope the above tips will let you decide on the perfect color scheme for your sofa set. Still, finding it difficult? Leave it on WoodenStreet experts who can handle the best for your home. Contact us for your living room remodeling at the best rates. You are just one click away.

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