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How to Have a Stadium Feel at Home?

This summer, get your premium dose of entertainment high, right from the coziness of your home in 11 easy steps as mentioned below.

Celebrations are heart and soul of every Indian. Whatever the occasion is, we all tend to celebrate it with our loved ones. Same goes for IPL, Indian Premier League. For Indians, IPL is not just a T20 cricket competition, it is a festival in itself. Like any other festival, celebrate this “Jashn” with your loved ones from the comfort of your home.

Indians are known for their culture, hospitality, food and liveliness. Host a Home-Stadium Party to reflect every feature of being a proud Indian. Follow these 11 easy-to-implement steps to recreate the IPL vibe at home and be the star of your Friends and Family Group.

1. Create A Cozy Corner

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

You might not be able to set up stadium seats in your home but who wants that anyway when you can be at utmost comfort. Yeah! You heard that right. Sitting for 4 hours need a cozy seat and that’s your cue. Deck up your space with sofa sets, recliners, lounge chairs, coffee tables, shaggy rugs, throw pillows and everything that serves you with luxurious comfort.

2. What’s Up With Décor?

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

Well-Well-Well! The next thing about a stadium is the playing spirit and the green pitch. Give your space a stadium like look either by hosting the show in your backyard or by adding faux grass in your living room. This faux grass will serve dual purpose: the stadium vibe and extended seats for comfortable sitting on the ground.

3. Dress Up Like Your Favorite Player

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

The greatest reason of watching IPL in the stadium is the chance to see your favorite player live, dress-up like him to catch everyone’s attention and a hope to meet him someday. Well home-stadium will definitely eliminate the two of them but still you can dress like your favorite player and mimic his style. Ask your friends to do the same and make your show a fun experience.

4. Play The Security While Welcoming Guests

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

In this digital world, we all are glued to our phones and gadgets. Well, not this time! While welcoming your guests, play the security and make them deposit their cell phones in a bucket so that you all can enjoy the match without being distracted. After all! It’s “Match-Time”.

5. Barter Your Seats in Exchange to Gifts

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

It’s a tradition to gift the host something in return for the party. Since IPL is not a person-specific celebration, share your responsibilities a little with the guests as well. For instance, you can ask them to bring booze or snacks or anything they feel like getting. You may also ask them to guarantee you unrestricted time with their PS or Nintendo the next time you visit them. You may allot them seats on the basis of what they are getting, to make them feel like they just bought themselves a stadium-seat.

6. Munch On the Snacks

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

No celebration is complete without drinks and snacks. Take out all your wooden crockery and drinking mugs to serve all the food and drinks to your guests. Not only make them munch on it but also make them gaze on your kitchen collection.

7. Keep Your Guest Occupied In Free Time

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

Nobody is going to sit in front of TV for 3-4 hours straight. I mean not every part of IPL (Including Breaks) will entertain you and your guest. For such times you can organize a play-station to keep them engaged. Take out your carom board, your chess, ludo, uno, playing cards and everything that you have and make your guests enjoy IPL more than ever.

8. Bet On Each Wicket

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

Monica and Phoebe betting over Rachel’s delivery might be inappropriate but was surely fun. And come on! Don’t you agree, cricket is all about betting, guessing, winning and losing. You can also bet over each wicket. Yes! Betting is illegal but Money need not to be involved all the time you bet though. You can just make the loser do some cleaning stuff or assign some other tasks for fun; or maybe you can serve the winner with an extra slice of pizza or extra refill of drinks.

9. A Projector & A Screen Is Must

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

Make your home stadium an interactive experience with the help of a majestic projector and screen. Though it’s not a necessity but just a suggestion so that everyone in the room and around can have a clear and uninterrupted gaze of the match. Add Speakers to improve the sound quality.

10. Sound Proof The Room

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

When Badshah said “Jee bhar ke naach le baby, naach naach ke tod de sandal, Aunty police bula legi to yaar tera kar lega handle” he probably didn’t know about sound-proofing sheets. Well, you do! So, enjoy your match and after-party without disturbing your neighbors.

11. Throw A Grand “After-Party”

Turn Your Home Into A Stadium

Just the victory or defeat of your favorite team might not hold back your guests but an after-party will surely do. Make your guests stay a bit longer despite the fact who won. I mean match is all about bonding, if your team won, hop in happiness but if your team lose, dance in the rhythm of sadness and hope.

With the above-mentioned steps and a bit of imagination, you can certainly make a game at home as thrilling as being in the stadium. Roll on the dice and party in paradise.

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