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Inside Radhika Apte’s Simple & Contemporary Mumbai Apartment

Radhika Apte is not just a great actor but also has a great taste for interior decor too. Her Versova house will make you crave for the simplicity and colours that her house holds.

Over the years, we have all known and loved Radhika Apte for her unique movie roles, staying away from glamour, and finding joys in the ordinary. Her 2.5 BHK house at Versova is an extension of her own personality- simplistic yet so amazing! The house is loaded with traces of her interests, her bond with her husband, her family, her tastes, and a lot more personalized elements that would yell “all things Radhika” to you!

You will find countless personal touches and signatures of the beauty throughout her humble abode. Her house is done up in such a way that even broke people like us can redo our apartments and make it look a bit like hers. That’s how awesome her abode is- it’s like walking into your gal pal’s home and being at ease. Come, let’s check out her apartment through images and words:

A Splendid Display of Heirlooms and Antiques

One tip that we can all take from Radhika Apte’s home decor is to flaunt all the vintage items that we own. In her house, you will find a beautiful wooden chair that belongs to her grandmother. Apte calls it her favourite heirloom.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

You too can take out old childhood memories, swings, photographs, etc. and set up your place in a very old-school fashion. You can even shop lounge chair and some vintage items from WoodenStreet. See, living like a celeb does not have to break your bank!

Say Hello to Nature and Natural Lighting

One look at Radhika’s house and you’d be able to tell that she is a sucker for natural lighting. She has purposely put up furniture with a low height so that her house remains drenched with the natural sunlight without any blockage.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

It’s time to invest in some low-heighted furniture pieces such as ottomans, poufs, and settees. Radhika loves her greens and she does not limit herself to the indoor plants. Her house boasts of some of the most amazing bushy and tall plants too.

A ‘Me’ Corner to Celebrate Yourself

Radhika has personal spots in her house that are designated specially to herself. For Radhika, it is her gorgeous striped armchair that not only looks amazing but feels comfortable too. It is the first piece of furniture that the actress has ever purchased from her own money.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

Even you can create a corner of your own with very little things. A nice lounge chair, a good book, a side table to hold your coffee- and there you go! Your ‘me’ corner is ready!

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Radhika’s absolute favourite in the house is the kitchen. You will be surprised to know that she has dedicated her kitchen to Clover, one of her best friends. Her kitchen has a very easy-breezy vibe with an open layout.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

If your kitchen is in an enclosed place, well, dontcha worry! You can still create a happy aura by painting the kitchen walls in bright colours. Set up few seats and you too can enjoy while cooking when your friends come over.

Keeping it Simple in the Bedroom

Now that we have scrolled through the kitchen, let’s invade Radhika’s bedroom. The actress has a gigantic full-length mirror as an accent feature within her bedroom. The simplicity of her bedroom will put you in a cosy and mushy mood too. There are plenty of potted plants and greenery in the room as well.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

To recreate her bedroom interiors, you need a nice, full-length mirror and a wooden armchair to complement it. Oh wait, you’d need some nice planters with beautiful greens and blossoms from WoodenStreet too.

Settling for the Usability and Simplicity

When it comes to home décor of Radhika then lets glamour take a backseat. Her living room design accommodates only the essential furniture and is not cluttered at all. She lets her space breathe to its fullest. Just like all other corners of her house, Radhika’s living room is also drenched in happy rays of sunlight.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

Say yes to minimalism. Bring home only what you need and give your rooms space for sunlight. Open the windows and let the fresh air come in too. Go for light curtains for the perfect soothing ambiance.

Bold Colours for the Bold Radhika

If you take a walk into the Padman actress’ house, you will realize her love for bright colours. With yellow walls to the blue doors, Radhika and her hubby Benedict have added little splashes of colours at different corners of the house.

#Tips To Create A Cop of Feel

If you want the same happy-go-lucky aura in your house, you need to be more open to bold colours. Paint some of the walls in bright colours. For a personalized touch, you can put up family photos on the coloured walls.

Radhika’s house is no less than a dreamy abode where we all crave to live in. From vintage and antique pieces complementing the wooden furniture, to the chestnut coffee tables making love to the fluttering sheer curtains, everything is just as brilliant as Radhika herself.

Do you wanna buy furniture pieces and create the same interiors that Radhika owns? Shop from the huge collection at WoodenStreet now. Stay Tuned for more such inspirational celebrity house interior designs.

Image Courtesy: Asian Paints and LivSpace

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