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Modular Kitchen Designs by WoodenStreet

Kitchen is the more than merely a serviceable space in the home and thus, we want to look its best and clutter-free. Therefore, WoodenStreet is here with the modular kitchen design ideas blog to pull out your kitchen layout in the perfect way.

People say Kitchen is the Heart of Home, and yes, it is undeniably true. In fact, this is the most happening place in the entire house from cooking meals to enjoying the feasts over the dining table with family. While designing the kitchen layout, the first criterion is to look out for excellent efficiency along with the glorious aesthetics in the just way you want.

Well, it is not at all an easy-peasy task to do so. Worry not! WoodenStreet is the right saviour to get all your kitchen designing inspiration you could ever need. So, without wasting a bit. Let’s dive into the amazing types of modular kitchen interior design ideas that we offer and that to, in budget-friendly option.

Straight Kitchen Design

As the name says, there’s no fancy letter layout. A simple, basic and straightforward modular kitchen design idea for apartments, ideal for every kind of setting. A single counter lines the workspace, with cabinets dotting the space above and below for functionality.

Parallel Kitchen Design

Two straight kitchens, facing each other, bring you a parallel kitchen design idea. Although sober just like the straight kitchen, it gives more workspace and enhances the efficiency with more storage options dotting the layout. Parallel kitchen designs are somewhat similar to U-shaped kitchens, but lake the base node, keeping the adjacent wall to the parallel side devoid of a countertop or cabinetry.

U- Shaped Kitchen Design

Another popular layout for the modular kitchen design is in the shape of the letter “U”. Featuring one open end for access as a breakfast table in the modular kitchen and cabinetry on three adjoining walls. This layout is perfect for kitchen designs where you get ample space to spread out while enjoying cooking. 

L- Shaped Kitchen Design

This is the most common kitchen design in modern apartments. As the name specifies, this kitchen layout consists of a counter top shaped like the letter “L”. It makes the airy look and gives a proper interaction with the breakfast counter in the modular kitchen . This is best for modern apartments because it allows the access for open kitchen layout.

Modular Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen island is a new and popular trend in many modular homes. It is perfect for any type of kitchen layout, irrespective of space. If you have a big L-shaped modular kitchen or a U-shaped modular kitchen, adding a kitchen island will not only bring luxury but also provide extra storage and a platform to your kitchen.

We have many kitchen island designs available to select from based on your needs. Choose a multi-functional kitchen island so that your kitchen looks organised and clutter-free. To add-on the looks, you can also add some bar stools with the kitchen island. With this combination, not only you will get a beautiful look, but a secondary dining table in the modular kitchen and also the extra platform while cooking meals.

Still, confused what layout will perfectly fit in your kitchen layout? You are just one call away. Just connect with our team to get the best dream modular kitchen design within your budget. We will be back with more such inspiring kitchen design blog, till then keep shopping at WoodenStreet, furniture...bonded with love.

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