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Modular Kitchen Guide: Top Material and Finish Options You Need to Check Now

Mixing matching kitchen furniture is old news; weigh your options and choose the perfect finishes and most durable material for a modular kitchen.

With more spices in food and more levels of preparation, Indian kitchen spaces require more area and functionality. Earlier, we created alternatives by assembling everything and placing it around the kitchen. This makes an unorganized view of your kitchen, offering a war zone-like look. However, your ancient problems require modern solutions such as modular kitchen designs. No matter what kind of home you own, installing a low-budget small, space modular kitchen design will peak the convenience of your cooking while offering an organized look. 

A small modular kitchen design improves aesthetics with its sleek and edgy look. Now, to pick a durable modular kitchen design from the catalogue, you must learn about top-quality material and finish options for a modular kitchen. Well, worry not; you landed on the right blog today; read below about the finest material and finish options for the best modular kitchen design in detail. Also, after learning about different quality materials, nobody will fool you with fake material and rip your pocket. 

What is a Modular Kitchen?


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Before you read about the material, finish options, and invest a fortune in them, you must know your investment's purpose. So the first thing to know here is the meaning of a modular kitchen design. A modular kitchen design is an innovative take on kitchen layouts which are functional, compact and attractive. Modular kitchen design is a concept where the kitchen layout, including racks, cabinets, drawers, shelves, and modular units for appliances, is already organized and designed together to enhance the harmony of your cooking. You can customize your modular kitchen design according to your available space and needs. There are various design options such as L-shaped modular kitchen, U-shaped acrylic modular kitchen, straight modular kitchen design and many more. Modular kitchen designs in 2022 are contemporary, functional, designer, and budget-friendly. You can search for modular kitchen prices online and get affordable deals with Us. 

Finest Materials for Modular kitchen


For every sturdy platform or space, the base is the significant part which supports and strengthens the surface. For a small modular kitchen design, the material is that structural support. The material is an essential item that curates your modular kitchen idea. And with poor-quality materials, you only weaken your modular kitchen design. So, here are some of the best and most durable modular kitchen design materials for you to invest in. 

Engineered Wood Material


modular kitchen materials and finish

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

One of the most versatile materials for modular kitchen design is MDF. It is created by glueing the small wooden particles together at a high temperature with resin. Some carpenters suggest it is better than wood because it does not have blemishes and knots in the material. So, all these features make MDF the best quality material for modular kitchen design. 


The high-density fibreboard with high moisture resistance is the best-engineered wood, primarily used for kitchen shutters. HDF-HMR is made from wood waste and other forest chips and is converted into a single layer. It is durable and affordable, making it the best-engineered wood material for your sleek modular kitchen. 

Particle Board (PB)

PB is another engineered wood type best for modular kitchen design, also known as chipboard or low-density fiberboard. It is durable and has improved strength than wood, making it another better alternative. Wood chips are used with synthetic resin to create a particle board.

Plywood Material


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Moisture Resistance (MR)

MR is a top-quality commercial plywood that is perfect to resist in areas prone to humidity, moisture, and dampness. It is also durable and waterproof. All this makes MR the best quality plywood for your modular kitchen. 

Boiling Water-Resistance (BWR)

The most waterproof and excellent plywood option is BWR. It is best suitable for inside humid and damp areas and has a strong bonding structure in its core surface. 

Boiling Waterproof (BWP)

It's said in the name that BWP is a waterproof material that automatically makes it best for kitchen space. BWP is also an excellent durable plywood option to be used in the base module structure of the modular kitchen design. 

Fabulous Finish Options for Modular Kitchen


When we talk about the finish, you should know that it's a significant part of aesthetics. If your modular kitchen design is a person drenching in the rain, the finish is a raincoat to protect it from bad weather. The finish is the ultimate protection for your modular kitchen material, protecting it from damage, stains, scratches, and extreme weather conditions. Also, the finish gives a smooth look, enhancing the beauty and design of your modular kitchen design L-shaped. But selecting the best finish is most important. 

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The most used and classified type of finish for a modular kitchen design is Laminates, or, you can say, Sun Mica. Laminate is made of plastic material and is an excellent wood substitute. It is durable, affordable, and comes in various design and colour options, making it the best finish option for a modular kitchen. 


Acrylic is the low-maintenance and high gloss look alternative for a modular kitchen design finish. The acrylic finish option gives a designer and brilliant look but can be prone to get scratched. However, it's the most durable, which makes it another finish option you can select for your low-budget small, space modular kitchen design. 

Polyurethane (PU)

PU is the best finish option for a luxurious look on an affordable budget. PU is created by using exterior grade paint on the MDF board. It gives a royal finish and enhances the aesthetic vibe of your modular kitchen. 

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Lastly, PVC is the most classic finish option, which can be anything from durable to affordable. Using the process of pressing paper with plastic resins together to create a multi-layer and glossy finish, PVC is created. The PVC material is also best if you want a matte finish for your modular kitchen. Also, it can be bent without cracks and is the best modular kitchen finish. 

Modular Kitchen Design Service by WoodenStreet


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We hope you get a modular kitchen design that reflects your aesthetic while offering your kitchen the peak of functionality.

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