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Multiply the Usage of Furniture with Multi-Utility Furniture

As the available area slowly decreases from our dwellings, the demand for smartly-built furniture, that can provide more than one function, increases. In this blog we have described five multi-utility bestsellers from Wooden Street.

We, as a civilisation, are fascinated with multi-tasking. So, why should our furniture lag behind? Multi-Utility furniture is useful to us in more than a single way.

The modern-age market has developed numerous multi-utility furniture. The masses at large are unaware of this revolution that the market is going through.

As the available area slowly decreases from our dwellings, the demand for smartly-built furniture, that can provide more than one function, increases. In the following points, we have described five multi-utility furniture units from Wooden Street’s bestselling catalogue.

Sofa: Relax, Reserve, Repeat!

A sofa is a piece of furniture that is central to the living room. These are available in the market in many designer styles, like chesterfield sofas, upholstered sofas, sectional sofas, chaise lounges, etc.

Besides, there are variants in sofas which provide for multi-utility.

Sofa cum bed

As the name suggests, a sofa cum bed is both a sofa and a bed. There are numerous designs of this furniture.

A sofa cum bed is a simple multi-utility class of sofas, which can be extended to make a bed. These are available in wooden as well as upholstered options.

utility furniture

Designs, such as the Savannah Sofa-cum-Bed, also have shelves, extending from the headrest, keeping your books handy or adorning the furniture with decorative items.

multi utility furniture

The other one is a Futon. A Futon is a fold-able bed, but is available in fabric upholstery with shallow tufted pattern. Made famous by the Japanese, these are handy and flexible furniture units that can prove to be very useful in apartments.

Sofa with storage

There are designs of sofas which also solve the issue of storage. The Wendel Sofa set has storage, along with a comfortable seats. It also has drawers under every seat—if it's a single seater sofa then there is one drawer, if it's a two-seater sofa, then there are two drawers.


Besides, there are shelves by the side of the sofa, below the armrests, which can be used for keeping books, magazines or decorative items.

Study Table Equipped with Shelf

Ever thought of a foldable table that can serve both as a table and as a storage shelf? Well, Wooden Street has a foldable design of wall mounted table, that is the Holger Wall Mounted Foldable Table.

space utility furniture

The table’s design is very innovative. There is a shelf that can be mounted on the wall. A wooden slat is hinged at the bottom of this shelf, which acts as a table-top surface. Another wooden slat is hinged to the free end of this slat, which performs the function of supporting the table-top and even acts as a closing hatch. When opened, these two slats give the look of an inverted ‘L’.

Coffee Table: Drink Coffee and Store the Mess

A coffee table looks beautiful, surrounded by sofa sets, divans, ottomans and so many other furniture in the living room. Besides, a coffee table can also be used for storage.

Multiply the Usage of Furniture with Multi-Utility Furniture

Models, like the Hammond, Lynet and Liddle, have shelves and drawers below the table, which one can use either as a display unit for placing decorative items or for shelving items, which are useful at the table, such as coffee-table book, magazines, coasters, etc.


Lynet Coffee Table, which is the best selling model on the website, has a unique design with an indented central section of the table-top. And the rest of the table top has long grooves that imitate the look of slats, which gives it a rusty look that gives an edge to the surrounding ambience.

Benches: The Seating Beauty with Storage


Benches can be used in many places, such as gardens, porches, foyers, near a window, in a living or a bedroom. While these furniture units are great for seating, there are some models of benches, like Christie and Charles that have specially built cabinets below the seat, provided for the purpose of storage.

Multi-utility furniture is a furniture that conveys multi-functionality in a single unit. These furniture units are space-savvy and provide various uses thanks to their clever design, hence, serving more than one purpose while occupying the space of one.

Wooden Street also provides the facility of customisation that lets you personalise the furniture that adorns your house. Besides, you can check the extensive range of designer furniture of all sorts on the website.

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