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10+ Ways to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Ideas at Home

Check out the exclusive decor ideas for creating an ultimate outdoor space, where family meets happiness.

We always have a soft corner for nature in our lives specially if we are living far away from trees and green lush gardens. Nothing is more pleasant than living in arms of nature, breathing in the fresh air and running your hands in a little stream of water. Modern living and fast bustling city life has created a vast space between nature and humans. Therefore, to feel connected with environment at home leads us in creating an outdoor living space, where you can sit quietly in the meadows of tall trees and sip a cup of hot coffee or chatting with your family after a tired day at work with a bonfire and a barbecue. Now, you may not want to create something absurd, do you? A creation requires something extraordinary and replenishing to take a shape. We are here to help you make an ultimate outdoor living space at home with 10 easy ways.

Before going further, you should be familiar with the types of outdoor furniture in living space.

There are four types of living space:
1. Outdoor Kitchen
2. Lounge Area
3. Patios and Desks
4. Balcony area
It completely depends on the space available to you. We are going to mention the ways that are applicable to all the outdoor spaces.


covered outdoor living spaces

A place has no ambience without the lamps & lighting. If you want to create something beautiful then, lights are the major factor responsible for that. It will make your outdoor space good looking not just for you , but if you are planning any outdoor party with your friends, they will be mesmerized by this little abode of heaven you have created.


outdoor living space ideas

A lawn behind your home is something we call peace with nature. The outdoor space in a lawn requires something solid and rough, so you don’t have to worry for maintaining the furniture.(It does not mean throw the furniture) The living space not necessarily means a sofa or a coffee table, it may mean, a garden furniture set, that includes a couple of handsome chairs and a place to rest your clingy glasses. After-all, new is the beginning.


outdoor space designs

A place where nature is available, no chance, you can leave the place. If your house is near the forest or at a natural spot, then you are damn lucky! But if not, then also , no need to worry. Bring some pots and planters some bamboos or Chinese fringe flowers, because they grow at an enormous pace or make a garden at your house by growing some shrubs. These little flower pots will immediately blend with you outdoor furniture. It might demand some patience and hard work towards nurturing plants, but once it is done, you will feel that mother nature is talking to you and thanking you by providing you with clean and breezy environment.


patio seating ideas

Patio furniture has been in trend for a long time. It depends on you that how you could manage to display your set of furniture in such a way that it could create a bliss. A set of high arms chair with a center round table with a glass top definitely screams, “ooooh la la”. This type of living area setup will bring subtle and modern vibes to you and your guests. (Also works in case , you bring your girlfriend ).


outdoor bench designs

What does a bench have to do with outdoor furniture? Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, a bench has everything to do with outdoor garden furniture. It is like a companion to you if you want an alone time, wandering around. Also, a bench makes the space for a common area amidst the outdoor table and chairs. It can add some glamour to your weekend parties.

If you want to modify your outdoor living area with some new furniture and do not know what to buy? Then read our blog published earlier on “Classic range of outdoor furniture for Makar sakranti”. It will give you a precise idea to decorate the outdoor living space with a range of products available at woodenstreet.


garden dining area ideas

An affair started at dining table always lasts forever. After creating such beautiful space, an evening with your family munching your favourite take outs, laughing and making fun at dining table, is what a life cherishes. Spruce up some outdoor dining sets adjacent to the bench area. A dining table brings you more close to each other. It is worth to invest.


balcony chair ideas

It is good to accept finally that you don’t have a huge space in backyard, rather a beautiful balcony furniture that connects you to the distant city lights and fading sounds of horns. Don’t forget the breeze, it is what will connect you to the nature. A balcony table and chairs are as important as a patio or a garden outdoor furniture is. What do you need? Just a designer table and two set of chairs. It may vary according to your taste in furniture.
Take a lead on this and you will see, that magic is true after-all.


table garden ideas

You might have seen in a typical bollywood villain movies that a rich father is having a breakfast with the hero, because he is in love with his daughter. You can also have such fancy breakfast tables. You already have a fantastic dining table , just bring a nice breakfast table tray, and you are good to go.


garden swing designs

Didn’t you always dreamed of a garden swing chair in your backyard? If yes, then, don’t wait too long to bring it home, because it will make your place more engaging. The kids could use the swing for fun activities and if you feel like rejuvenating your childhood memories then hop on the swing.(XXL people please refrain from swinging).


garden swing designs

People have always associated a rocking chair as a supreme leisure chair, where one can sit back and relax for real. (Rocking chair - spooky chair) Today, there are plethora of design available to choose from, the traditional chair, modern sleek chair or a designer chair, everything will just look good and amazing with your outdoor furniture setup.


outdoor bar counter design

After a beautiful setup at your outdoor space, you are still thinking something is missing. Well, that last piece of puzzle is MUSIC. The charm and retro music. Bring the music to the table. It will keep you entertained throughout the partay!( In case neighbours complain for loud music, increase the volume and run!). Along with the grooves and heartily conversations, a drink might help in relaxing you. Install a bar cabinet and pour some drinks to your friends and family. Hasta-la-vista!

A scenario always rushes to the mind when you think of the “outdoors”. This is because, Nature has inspired generations of human beings. Spending time in nature is no more just a necessity, it has become the trend and a way to monetize the social media platforms. Spending time into the wilderness is a dream for every individual today, as it provides a break from the hustle bustle of daily life. These 10 ways of creating an ultimate outdoor space is an escape route for such people, who wants a world away from the the pervaded place.

Do not leave any chance to connect with nature in your life because,
“Nature is eternal, we are not...”

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