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15 Best Indian Pooja Room Design Ideas

Check out the latest pooja room design ideas to create a harmonious and stylish atmosphere in your home without breaking your bank.

A pooja room is the place where we ward off our worries by relieving our senses through prayers and worship. This is the reason why we keep the atmosphere clean to create a serene religious corner where we can concentrate and meditate better. Like it is shown in the movies, every homeowner wants to create an attractive spiritual sanctuary, but it is the budget where this want remains like a wish. Not anymore! In this blog, we are going to present some low cost pooja room designs that can turn your serene spaces into an elegant retreat. Even with a small budget, you can update your home temple with these pooja room designs ideas. However, if you are facing space constraints due to pre-constructed flats or apartments, these design ideas will meet your spatial requirements too! Let’s begin our journey to select the best pooja room design at a budget-friendly price.

Pooja Room Design Vastu Tips

Unlike every Indian, we cannot ignore Vastu before embarking on the journey of home architecture. To attract positive energies, it is essential that we follow these vastu tips before selecting an ideal pooja room design for home

Right Direction: Ideally, the north-east direction is right for your pooja room, as it attracts prosperity and positive energies.

Gateway to Devotion: If you are installing doors for your pooja ghar, make sure it has two gates instead of one. It helps open the path to prosperity.

Right Positioning: It is suggested that you keep your idols on an elevated platform, above ground level. East or west directions are best to place your idols.

Organized Arrangement: maintain a clutter-free arrangement in your pooja room by keeping it tidy and clean. It helps bring purity and sanctity to the space.

Harmonious Symphony: Hanging bells inside your pooja ghar will bring harmony to your space, as ringing them keeps negative energies away.  
Since we are now aware of the vastu tips, let’s move on to the design ideas for the pooja ghar.

15 Latest Pooja Room Design Ideas 

1. Corner Pooja Room Designs for Compact Spaces

pooja room design

Corner Pooja Room have become talk of the town due to the space-efficiency they offer in a budget-friendly way. You can add flair to your corner pooja room by designing it with wooden elements and trivial lighting.

2. Cupboard as a Pooja Ghar

pooja ghar design

Yes, you read it right! If you are short on space in your home and need a dedicated spot as your spiritual sanctuary, designing a Pooja Almirah will be the best option. Not only does it cost less, but you can also use intricate patterns for the doors and the inside to get a sophisticated look.   

3. Add Contemporary Fusion 

design of puja room

You can simply revamp your home temple with this pooja room design idea. Without spending much, you can add wooden shelving and tall diya stands to your pooja room. Small accent lighting and hanging a bell will further add to its charm.

4. Add Calmness of White

pooja room door design

The white color resonates with calmness and tranquility. This puja room design will bring peaceful harmony to your home temple without costing a fortune. You can easily get white wooden accents at a budget price.

5. Pooja Room Design in Wall Niche 

design for pooja room door

If you are looking to maximize space efficiency in your home, then infusing a pooja room into your wall niches would be a perfect idea. While saving you space and additional money spent on buying a separate pooja unit, it will also allow for many decorative embellishments in its open expanse.  

6. Wooden Pooja Ghar 

poojamuri door design

Wooden Pooja Ghar has been topping the charts of pooja room design ideas for a long time. Resonating with traditional temples, you can choose from multiple designs to suit your budget. Many of these also come with storage units where you can keep your pooja essentials. Portability and sturdiness also add to their list of advantages.

7. Traditional Chowki Temple 

mandir wall design

As we have seen in our scriptures, Chowki has always been a conventional seating place for our gods. To continue the tradition, you can bring a wide pooja Chowki temple to your home. Not only will it offer a majestic look, but it will also offer a wide area where you can place many idols and pictures togetherly.   

8. Minimalist Pooja Room 

living room modern mandir design

Minimalism is the new trend, and why not infuse it in our pooja room design? They say less is always the best, and so is the minimal touch. By placing your idols and diyas and adding simple wooden cardboard at the back, you will give a sophisticated Mandir vibe to your home.

9. Flowers as Your Divine Sanctuary 

small pooja room designs in apartments

Adding flower-full decoration to your home temple is the best pooja room design idea. Since they symbolize purity and devotion, they also add visual vibrancy to your pooja ghar. Ideally, you should use artificial flowers and garlands to adorn the surroundings of your pooja room so that you can maintain this beautiful look for a long.

10. Wall Murals for Sacred Beauty 

middle class indian style pooja room designs

Wall murals bring a liveliness to the place by enhancing the pooja room with their ornate patterns. Placing decorative and traditional murals at the back of your home temple will be a great pooja room design idea that will not cost you much.

11. Decorate with Brass Embellishments 

devghar design

Brass idols and items are often very common in the temples, and adoring them gives off vibes of serene and traditional pooja room design. Since it brings positivity to the surroundings, there are many ways in which you can place them in your pooja ghar. There are options like a brass thali, a brass idol, a brass diya stand, and a brass pot that you can decorate around the pooja room to add traditional elegance.

12. Placing Big Paintings Around

traditional pooja room door

We worship our gods in many forms, like idols, paintings, and portraits. To take it to the next level, paintings could be placed around the pooja room, creating a divine haven that exudes celestial art. You can do this by placing artistic paintings that will give a vivid look to your pooja ghar. You don’t have to spend much; a large painting will do the trick alone!

13. Floating Pooja Unit 

wooden mandir design

Floating pooja units are your ideal idol space if you are facing a space crunch in your home. With their wall mounted setup, you can create a space saving pooja room design in your home. While utilizing your vertical spaces smartly, you can also store many pooja items in their storage compartments.  

14. Floor Rested Pooja Unit 

puja mandir design

In this fast moving life, if you are also changing houses more often due to constant growth opportunities, then this portable pooja room design idea will be best for you. A floor-rested portable pooja mandir with intricate design or patterns will allow you to carry your spiritual haven with you easily. In this way, you can also place this unit at any location you want, as per Vastu.

15. Glass Doors to Reflect Serene Elegance 

pooja unit designs

Pooja room designs are incomplete without glass, as they reflect divine energy. You can simply add a glass door to your small puja room to infuse it with a sophisticated look. It is also a budget friendly option, as you don’t spend much on the glass embellishments.

Factors that Determines the Cost of Pooja Room Design

Size of Your Room

The size of your room, or pooja ghar, plays a major role in determining the cost of your total expenditure. If you have a bigger puja room, the cost will be high, and vice versa. However, there are many other factors apart from it, which we are going to discuss in the next few points.

Materials Used 

The materials that you are going to select will determine the amount you have to spare for your puja room design. To give you a rough idea, wooden material costs more than glass or plywood. Furthermore, marble or granite costs more than wooden materials. Thus, if your room is huge, you should go with glass or plywood. And, if it is small, you can opt for a wooden or marble pooja ghar.

Finish of Pooja Room

The outer finishing done on the materials of your pooja room designs is also accountable for determining the budget. Laminate and membrane finishes cost less as compared with acrylic and polyurethane finishes.

Customisation and Other Embellishments  

Just like every other piece of furniture, pooja units, which are customized, cost more than the ready-to-install pooja units. However, all the suggested pooja room designs are affordable, even if you customize them as per your choice. But it also depends on the extent of customization you are getting for your pooja ghar. Thus, you should clearly figure out the cost of customization before choosing a design.

Till now, you may have a complete idea about the Vastu tips for pooja room, the best pooja room design, and the factors that determine the cost of your pooja room design. If you have been inspired by these ideas and pooja room designs, then do check out WoodenStreet’s pooja room range. We have got a wide range of home temples, pooja shelves, chowkies, religious frames, and religious idols to adorn your pooja room with affordable luxury. While keeping in mind these pooja room designs, you should also select your choice of pooja room decor to reflect your own taste in beauty. We hope you find all these ideas useful and amazing. 
We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!


How can I re-decorate my pooja room?

You can redecorate your pooja room by adding different pooja room designs and accessories like diyas, flowers, lights, rangolis, and paintings.

What is the best direction for pooja room as per vastu?

The best direction for a pooja room, as per vastu is north-east.

Which stone should I use for my pooja room?

Granite and marble are the best stones that you can use for your puja room.

Which colour is considered best for a pooja room?

As per vastu Shastra, white, yellow, and green are the best color options for the pooja room.

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