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Small Space Home Office Ideas that are Surprisingly Amazing

Are you doing WFH and looking out for best home office setup? Then, this is the right blog post to bang on! Read on to get inspired!

Work from home has become a new normal from past one year, which has abruptly changed our style of working. And, considering this present scenario, we have come up with our new blog addressing to WFH office ideas!


Whether you have a large space or no specified room for attending your meetings or virtual classes, you surely look out for a perfect home office design that gives peaceful and productive vibes these days. But, still confused where to start? Then worry not! Because here, we bring surprisingly amazing work from home furniture ideas that squeezes you to convert any space of your home into a fruitful and workable home office. 


Think Out of the Box

Enliven up your work from home setup with this compact and complete hub station, designed just for stirring up your creativity high. This will surely become a happening place and you will feel like you are in office at home. So, get set high in your productive mode by bringing out our Featherlite work hub computer table

Don’t have a spare room? Then, make the best use of every inch of your wall space with our wall-mounted WFH furniture that turns out a fantastic home office desk for you. Fix this table in any corner of the home to enjoy your work without any interruptions. With flowers, floor lamp, utilizing storage compartments, and ending the note with a study chair will double up the overall look of your home office. 

Good Sitting Posture Comfortable Work Environment

Say ‘goodbye’ to all your back pains and neck strains while working out for extended hours. Because our high back leatherette executive chair will surely score great and the leather quality & color finish will win your heart. Moreover, the sleek structure makes it stand out for solving the purpose of home office design in an available space. 

Bean Bags for office purposes – not much happening? Well, think about it again because it is happening! Now, they are not just for fun and a decorative element in the living room. But, when you work 9 to 6 remotely, office bean bags are another great solution to alleviate all your pains as well as utilize the space effectively. The best thing about them is that you can customize the position of your home office space wherever you want. So, put your feet up, try this new lap desk and prepare yourselves to enjoy working!

The Non-Negotiable Home Office Furniture

A home office is a space where the functionality meets aesthetics and a spot where the inspiration and creativity are at the top priority. That’s why here we bring the functional organizers to keep your desk clutter-free and also the place to decorate your home office space at its best.

P.S. Adding too many personal items in your home office will distract you from working. 

One, we are featuring the artful work of Madhubani's wooden pen stand to treat your stationeries with a delightful feeling. 

And, next, we are featuring this stylish space-savvy juniper bookshelf that stows all your books, files and decorative accessories.  


Lighting it Up

Popping up the lights in your home office setup will subtle and smoothens the entire room appeal and creates it more inviting. Depending on the floor space, you can choose huge table lamps or floor lamps; otherwise, study lamps work best in every case. 

Here we present our two best-selling study lamps that are inspired by minimalist and contemporary style.

This white study lamp has a more considerable shade with a metal structure that allows proper alignment to work better at night.

The other one we are featuring here is a black metal shade with a black base that accentuates the perfect illumination of your working space along with bold beauty.


Last but not least! 

This section is completely dedicated to couch potatoes and couch surfing people. You can bring the laptop tables as an office desk, which are compact and spacious and can be arranged at whatsoever place you want, either a bed or sofa or even you can place at the floor pairing up with low-height seating. 

Another good rule of thumb for making the best home office design in possible space is by embracing flip computer desks. And this Featherlite (light-weight) office table is the right card to play upon. 


Are you downsizing your home office space? Then, the aforementioned ideas will definitely rule your way. For further assistance, visit our work from home furniture and essentials section online with exciting discounts and offers. We promise that buying furniture from us will serve you forever!

Also, don’t forget to weigh in below about your dream home office setup ideas.

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