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The Right Festive Decor Tips For A Stunning Living Space

This Diwali, let’s give our homes the best present ever with morphing it into something miraculous. In this blog, we have come up with stunning ideas that will do justice to your living decor by bringing in the best festive vibes. The Right Festive

Let's make it an October to remember,

With giving our homes a merry makeover!


It's that time of the year again to say hello to the festival of lights, Diwali!

With the festive vibes approaching, there comes a galore of guests too to shower your home with warmth and happiness.

And if you are anticipating playing host to these guests, then for that, you need to infuse all the glamour to your home a few days before.

And as we all know, that a living room is a place that plays the leading role in welcoming the guests with open arms, therefore, this Diwali, your living room should be the first one to get up and dress up!

So, here we are to serve you the best living room decor ideas to set your home with the right festive tones this year.

1. Wall: Let's throw some colors

Okay, so here we start with the scratch which means the walls!

Diwali and bare walls? Not working, right?

So, splash the walls with some subtle and scintillating shade to give a beautiful sight to your eyes.

2. Sofa and cushions: The world is your oyster with the perfect sofa

What brings liveliness to a living room? A stunning sofa, indeed. And how can you forget to give the sofa some cushion love? Plunge in those plush and peppy cushions!

A festival calls for many gatherings and auspicious hues, and with a sofa, you get the best aesthetics coupled with functionality.

3. Wall arts: Art speaks louder than words

This festive season, uplift the look of your bare walls with some abstract wall arts and leave your guests enthralled.

You can choose art pieces that exude a sense of luxuriance with reflecting your style.

4. Curtains and rugs: Let's set the mood right with curtains and rugs

Fresh serene curtains paired with a formally classic rug can bring an exotic appeal in the living room in the blink of an eye.

From dark to light, to colorful and bright, you can go for the best mix and match!

5. Bookshelf: A curious corner of chronicles

Though we are going all merry and festive in our approach, still how can we forget to bookmark that special corner for our book-lovers.

This multi-functional bookshelf is all set to balance character with proportion in your living room.

6. Lamp and planters: LIT is the word of the season

Can you think of a Diwali without lights?

Will you able to feel that spirit of Diwali without lights? Of course, NO!

So, here we introduce an illuminating set of lamp to turn on the drama.

With that, we plan to go green this Diwali with some adding planters to refresh the appearance of the home.

7. Lounge chair, ottomans and centre table: Put it together in style

At the end of the day, all we thrive for is togetherness and love. And that is what festivals are all about.

So, create a cozy seating in your living room with popping in a lounge chair bonded with two chic ottomans and a sumptuous centre table to sum it all up.

Give a personal touch if you wish like as it's quite in-trend right now.

Are you waiting for the day of Diwali to transform your living room? Do it now!

You may use these tricks of the trade with a tweak of style and functionality for some pumped up festive vibes!

Happy furnishing. Happy Diwali.

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