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Top 10 Lamps & Lightings Brands in India to Brighten Up Your Surroundings

Say goodbye to the boring lamps and lighting in your home, and hello to the vibrant radiance of innovation and style!

Home is more than four walls and a roof; it is the image of our distinctive personality and specific style. So, especially when it comes to adorning your homes, go for lighting fixtures that are uniquely distinctive and artistic.

To save you from the trouble of scrolling to find the best, we've compiled a list of the Top 10 Lamps & Lightings Brands in India.

Shady Ideas

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Going green never looked so good before. Here we have Shady Ideas with their unique, artistic and swanky lamps. Their lamps are mostly made from recycled material sourced from the advertising, textile and packaging industry. Their products create a spectacular lighting effect projecting the internal beauty of the paper and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - It’s time to cultivate a mindful mantra for a sustainable tomorrow.

Light Street

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Light Street is an exclusive in-house brand by WoodenStreet dedicated to premium lighting and décor. Represents the epitome of luxury living; they focus on stealing the show with its outstanding lamps and lighting, setting the mood for unforgettable experiences. The brand isn’t just about lighting; it’s about bringing a new dimension of style and functionality.

Kapoor Lamp Shades

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Kapoor Lamp Shades has been among the Top 10 Lamps and Lightings Brands, pioneers in the field of decorative lighting in India for the past 75 years. They have brightened the lives of customers across the nation and the world. They deal in all types of lighting, including decorative lighting, architectural lighting, façade lighting, outdoor & landscape lighting, and commercial lighting. They will surely bring your dream space alive.

Enzo International

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Enzo International is a well-known brand with the dream of transforming and redesigning the dynamics of the interior space. They carry a rich and enviable legacy spanning over the last decade and a half, creating lightning products that satisfy functional needs with a promise of aesthetic excellence and utmost quality. Growing by leaps and bounds to create an enchanting ambience.

Fashion Parade

Lamps and lighting brands in india

A treasure full of hidden gems this colaba based Fashion Parade store makes hand-stitched lampshades. These folks customize shades as per your design sensibilities of varying sizes, including needle art to make detailed designs. They pride themselves on showcasing the best quality of the craftsmanship that have sturdy and durable finished pieces of lamps shades.

New Era

Lamps and lighting brands in india

New Era diverse selection ensures there's something for every taste and style. They provide excellent quality home decor items that blend style and affordability seamlessly.
New Era is a go-to destination for people looking for lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, and lamp shades.

Light and You

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Creativity is simply a way of life. Here at light and you, you will find a well-curated, iconic, creative collection of lighting tools, installation ideas, and the finest products from leading design brands. They offer an unmatched collection of decorative and designer lamps that evoke emotions in any space, be it your home, office, restaurant, or garden.

FOS lighting

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Explore the world of FOS Lighting for stylish and quality lighting solutions. It is a renowned brand in the field of lighting solutions known for its contemporary and innovative designs. With a commitment to design excellence and functionality, they aim to provide a perfect balance of beauty and practicality to illuminate and improve varied surroundings.

Lights and Living

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Skip the hassle and trust Lights and Living for top-notch, modern lighting solutions. Ten years down, they are one of India's market leaders in the lightening industry, offering innovative and contemporary lighting options.

Orange Tree

Lamps and lighting brands in india

Design your Dreamland with Orange Tree, which believes in bringing beauty to your rooms. The brand, established in 2014, ensures that if you forget to decorate your walls with paintings, their artistic wall lamps will do that job for you. They intimidate craft ideas that enhance your room's beauty in no time.

Summing Up!

As mentioned here, India's Top 10 Lamps & Lightings Brands bring their unique blend of style, innovation, and quality to illuminate your space. We hope this list helps you pick a suitable brand to build your desired interiors.
Kindly let us know which one shines its way into your heart.
And why not start with us? As you are already here!

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Image Source: WoodenStreet

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