Furniture Fiesta 31 Dec 2018

Top 5 Furniture Ideas by Wooden Street

From living to bedroom and dining to outdoor, WoodenStreet showcases a variety in its catalogue. As 2018 is about to end, we’ve rolled out a curated list of top 5 furniture by Wooden Street that are liked by our customers across the country.

A home is a feeling. it’s not about investing millions of rupees to erect walls and roofs, it’s about forming a platform to endlessly establish memories for the rest of your life with your friends and family. Money can buy a house but not a home. When it is fully functional using the finest furniture, fulfils your requirements and brings peace to your mind and joy to your heart, it becomes a home.

From living to bedroom and dining to outdoor, Wooden Street showcases a variety in its catalogue. As 2018 is about to end, we rolled out a curated list of top 5 furniture by Wooden Street that are liked by our customers across the country wholeheartedly.

Number 5 - Cohoon Dining Set
Our compact and classy Cohoon dining set grabs this position, winning everyone’s heart, by its cage-like design. The chairs fit in the table seamlessly, making it perfect for small spaces.

Hanuman Kennedy chose the Cohoon 6-seater dining set for his living-cum-dining room. He said,” Though the delivery was bit late we love the set. Need to mention that the delivery people were very professional and helpful. “

Number 4 - Frodo Study Table-cum-Shelf

What can you ask more from a study table that provides ample table top to work, a big bookshelf with drawers to hold all your books, files and other stationary items and a wheeled cabinet with storage drawers? This all-in-one workstation, Frodo Study table-cum-shelf by Wooden Street, gives no reasons to anyone to dislike.

Mustafa Moochhala liked this table for his home office. He mentioned,” This giant table with cabinets, drawers and shelves is all I wanted for the perfect setup. I am very happy with the wood finish and the staff.

Number 3 – Sereta Sofa Set

This is the most elegant and loved sofa set by Wooden Street. The magazine brackets in either sides not only add functionality but also beauty.

Mitali wanted to keep their living room simple, elegant yet peaceful and welcoming. She picked Sereta 3+1+1 set to match the airy interior of her living room. She said,” It matches my minimalist décor perfectly. I liked the whole look of my living room a lot and the sofa set is amazing.”

Number 2 – Boho Double Bed

A blend of electric and artistic aesthetic, this bed is perfect to match your simple yet elegant lifestyle. Available in king and queen sizes, you can get the Boho bed with an option to get the storage customised as per your preference. Compliment the Boho bed with Boho bedside tables to complete the bohemian vibes of your bedroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahesh Chopde were very pleased to welcome the Boho bed set a few days ago. Mahesh shared his joy of shopping with us and said,” The bed is very good and looks sturdy and my wife loves it. Now, she wants all the furniture from Wooden Street only. “


Number – 1 Feltro Sofa-cum-bed

Sofa-cum-bed is no more a new trend now. With need to add multifunctionality to his living room, Pramod found his perfect pick in the Feltro sofa cum-bed. He said,” Things went quite well, from placing the order to having it delivered, I did not face any issues. The sofa-cum-bed is excellent and adds a new charm to my home.”

When it comes to furniture, Wooden Street excels in crafting durable hardwood furniture that creates a lasting impression. Taking our place within the hearts of the Indians, this journey has more to offer, and it has just begun.

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want. Shop and give an amazing look to your home effortlessly with Wooden Street.

Team Wooden Street wishes you a joyful and prosperous year ahead.

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