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Top Furniture Ideas To Make Shifting Easy For Drifters

People with frequent transfers know the pain in shifting furniture ideas very well. We have made it convenient for them with providing ideas for handy furniture which can be easily shifted.

“What do I do ya? I had to get my furniture transferred from my Mumbai house to my Delhi home, but my dining table broke off in the mid-way.”

“I am planning to search for a new flat because I have to pay lesser rent there. But who will shift this enormous 6 seater dining set, which I just bought out of interest?”

These are some of the common lines of people with frequent transfers.

Albeit transfers can be because of many reasons like job opportunities, fluctuations in rents, for taking a new life and much more. But amidst this chaos, one thing is common; the dilemma to transfer the furniture safely!

It may often happen when the furniture does not stay as before, only because it was too heavy and so it became hard for the furniture to get transferred. Therefore, here we give ideas of some of the handiest room furniture for those living life of a wanderer.

Stacking Bed For All Bedroom Needs

furniture ideas

Be it a bunk bed, single bed, double bed or a sectional unit, stackable beds are one set for all.

You just need two people and two rounds to shift a bed like Darley Stackable Bed. This bed is definitely an ease to those looking for redoing their bedroom; AGAIN!

Building Up The Living Room

top furniture ideas

furniture ideas

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 5, Episode 16.

Ross with the Couch Pivot, where Ross is troubling Chandler and Rachel in shifting the new couch.

It was damn funny, but at some point it felt familiar too for those struggling with the old sofa in the new home.

So, here you can incorporate a Futon like Coleman Futon Bed, as lifting and shifting it is a child’s play. The compressed material of cotton and latex makes it the lightest to be taken. And, with this, you can pair an Industrial table like Zibar Loft Coffee Table. Its game of wheely can get itself fetched from every corner.

The Dining Table And Chairs Being The Smartest

top furniture ideas

“Pack that wooden box and lift those four chairs along!” Said the lady.

When the man asked what is this box?

He was surprised to see that this box was actually Paul 4 Seater Dining table. Its table can be folded into a small wooden suitcase and can be elaborated into a big fat table again.

Could not ask for anything more!

A Handy Home For The TV

top furniture ideas

Unquestionably, an LED TV is incomplete without a TV unit. You cannot do without a unit that sums up this thin and flat electronic.

So, how about something sleek yet functional like Slab Wall Mount TV Unit. While a TV cabinet asks for drawers, box and a tabletop, this furniture unit gives everything but with the bonanza of small size.

Whether you want it for the living room or the bedroom, a pencil-thin wall mount TV unit can do miracles!

A Moving Element For Every Kitchen Need

top furniture ideas

It takes a lot to move a kitchen, but it may take a little while if you have a furniture that can assist you throughout. A unit so handy like Neptuna Loft Kitchen Trolley is definitely an ally to all your breakfast journey from one nook to the other.

Trays, wheels and storage, everything on point!

If you can relate to the stories of a backpacker who has to relocate frequently, then these furniture ideas are so for you.

Be it for shifting or resettlement, each of the factors can be taken good care of with the light, handy and convenient furniture options at WoodenStreet.

Happy Renting!

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