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Top Interior Design Trend: Introducing the Beauty and Ease of Curves into Your Homes

Introduce the ease and beauty of curves into your interior design with some exquisite curved furniture and decor ideas. Scroll down to find what we have got!

The year 2022 is all about fascinating interior design trends. After 2019, this would be the first festive season to be optimistic like we Indians used to be before the pandemic. Hence, this is the right time to rejuvenate your interior design and bring in engaging elements to elevate the view and vibe of your space.

This year, the list of interior design trends 2022 has a unique design theme for us to focus on; The Curve Appeal. 

Curvy lines are a solid architectural design that proves to be a perfect arch to smooth out the scenery. In India, curved furniture has always been an evident form to showcase art and creativity. 

Why Curved Furniture Is a Major Interior Design Trend?

This trendy interior design had a welcome revival in 2019 and has managed to evolve beautifully and get a spot in the interior trends of 2022. 

It's scientifically proven that curves are more aesthetically pleasing and comforting than sharp, edgy lines. They are easy to comprehend and offer us a cosy warm vibe. 

Curved furniture or curved interior design is also great to have around kids. The soft edges are aesthetically uplifting, making the ambience seem smooth and alluring. 
From curvy coffee tables to buffy recliners, with this blog, you will surely get to know some new room styling ideas to refine the beauty and utility of your home interior design with curves. 

So without further ado, let's jump into the list of curvacious furniture and decor that can ease up the vibe and brighten the view.

Curve Up Your Seating

Top Interior Design Trend

The foremost element to get noticed in your living room would be a sofa. Buying a lavish one is not the key; instead, investing in a detailed design would be a wise way to incorporate this interior trend 2022. This way, you get the best of both worlds: engaging aesthetics and amenity. Our rounded sofa set collection truly exemplifies the calming beauty and opulent comfort of curvy lines.  

Arch The Centre Platform

Top Interior Design Trend

After cosying up your seating, a stable and statement platform is what you need for your space. The latest interior design trends of curve appeal could be moulded into this requirement quite beautifully. Our collection of curved furniture has a range of curved table designs that guarantee to offer ease and softness to your living room. 

Curvaceous Reflections

Top Interior Design Trend

Decoratives are the easiest to incorporate the interior design trends of the curve appeal. A mirror with engaging curvy lines would significantly enhance the view's elegance. It is a highly versatile decorative that holds the power to bring drastic change to the structure, alignment and, of course, the beauty of your living space. 

Buffy Comfort

Top Interior Design Trend

Imagine chilling on a cloud, simply reclining and relaxing to your comfort level. Then why have you never thought of investing in a buffy and comfy recliner sofa? Buffy plush Recliners are the most suitable to give your area a groovy glam while elevating your comfort. 

The Curves of Utility

Top Interior Design Trend

Bar cabinets are the new trendsetters of space-saving furniture.

They are perfect for showcasing the beauty of the interior design trends of The Curve Appeal. At WoodenStreet, explore our designer range of bar cabinets that would be an excellent utility masterpiece to highlight curves in your interior design. 

Little Highlights

Top Interior Design Trend

The curves don't need to be genuinely evident. The play of texture can help you peak the beauty of your decoratives with curves. Go for a swirl texture painting or fancy wall plates to represent the curves subtly in your decor. This would be a pocket-friendly way to have fun with these latest interior design trends. 

Incline The Lights 

Top Interior Design Trend

Lighting is the little highlight of glamour that can make or break your ambience. Blending the curve appeal latest interior design trends with lighting could be a peculiar task for many. This is because incline lighting is a modern and creative take, not supported by people with traditional tastes. Hence, WoodenStreet has bought you the best desi lighting designs with an elegant hint of curve. 

Double Duty Beauty

Top Interior Design Trend

Curved furniture that provides storage would be a star investment to spruce the space with curvaceous grace.

Everyone has a different perspective, so incorporating curves into your interior design could be different for all. Hence, a storage cabinet with curvy lines or carving would surely be the double-duty beauty of your curvy interior design. 

We hope that our list of curved interior design ideas will pop some creative ideas to spruce your space for the upcoming festivities. So whom are you waiting for? Check out our website to browse the above-mentioned curved furniture and decor to glam your space with these latest interior design trends. 
We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!
 Pictures: WoodenStreet and Google

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