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Introducing Veda Collection from WoodenStreet | The Talk of the Furniture Industry

Check out our outstanding and stylish Veda collection that will leave you with an awe-inspiring feeling that will last for years.

The Vedas are idolized as one of the most holy scriptures in Hinduism. They describe the universe's creation, preservation, and eventual dissolution, and these beliefs are based on the essence of the Divine and are not limited to a specific God or principle. It is the Vedas' belief that there is a deep connection between matter and spirituality, the universe and living beings that has answers to all worldly problems.

The word Veda is derived from the root 'Vid,' which is said to be the vault of wisdom and knowledge. Keeping the overall concept of Veda in mind and being inspired by it, we named our furniture categories after it.

With our natural and sustainable wood, we designed our furniture to provide you with comfort and relaxation. What are you waiting for? Amp up your home with our latest furniture and renovate your homes with the ultimate picks of the season from our new Veda Collection.

Iconic "Vrita Teak Wood Coffee Table with 4 Stools"

Our Vrita Teak Wood Coffee Table with 4 stools is made of premium-quality teak wood and is sturdy and durable.

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

This Vrita Teak Wood Coffee Table with four stools has a contemporary design and adds a classic feel to all the rooms. This coffee table has a smooth tabletop and four plush stools made of premium cotton fabric for your solace while enjoying your coffee breaks. The use of brass gives this coffee table an elegant appearance, making it an exquisite option for beautifying your space. This wooden coffee table has everything you desire to keep your living room balanced and trendy.

Lavish "Osbert 3-Seater Curved Sofa with Brass Cladding"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

This 3 seater fabric designer sofa is made of top-notch materials and is built to last. Furthermore, these materials are available in various color options to complement a variety of decor aesthetics. Cotton and Velvet are the two fabric choices available in this unit.

Our Osbert 3 Seater Curved Sofa embodies innovative design and contemporary style. Curved furniture designs are more visually appealing, and our Osbert 3-Seater curved sofa set is a perfect example of this. This fabric sofa meets the admirable modular aesthetic and comfort standards, with curved armrests and backrest. This sofa's base frame is wood and Brass Cladding, with fine upholstery of top-quality fabric and high-density foam cushioning. Every detail of our Osbert 3-Seater Curved Sofa set for living room showcases our commitment to premium luxury.

Stunning "Aritva Teak wood 6-Seater Dining Table Set"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

The Aritva Teak Wood 6-Seater Dining Table Set is crafted of high-quality teak wood and cane. The luxury wood used in this dining table set assures long-term durability.

Aritva Teak Wood 6-Seater Dining Table Set best epitomizes traditional aesthetics and contemporary comfort. This designer dining table set's simple and elegant design will undoubtedly infuse in with any interior, transforming it into a versatile piece of art to relish at family meals. This dining table set comfortably allows six people, but the table space enables you to cater to more guests without difficulty.

Infinite "Divit Teak wood Bed with Bedside table"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

Divit Teak Wood Bed with Bedside Tables is designed from premium-quality teak wood. This bed with a bedside table is well-built, and the top-quality wood ensures long-lasting durability.

With our stunning Divit Teak Wood Bed with Bedside Table, you can enhance your bedroom's earthy and rustic aesthetic. This piece is made amazingly delightful by the cane work. The delicate work on this modern classic differs from others in our collection. The use of minimal brass elements elevates this piece's sophisticated look to the next level. If you want to make your space look more lively while remaining subtle, our Divit Teak Wood Bed with Bedside Table is the one for you.

Magnificent "Dharaa Designer Cabinet and Sideboard with Cane"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

Our Dharaa Designer Cabinet and Sideboard with Cane is designed and built of sturdy teak wood. This side table is strong, and the high-quality wood ensures long-term reliability.

The Dharaa Cabinet and Sideboard with Cane is the epitome of beauty and functionality. This side table with storage has two ample cabinets, two racks on the side with a cane, and three smooth sliding drawers, making it the flawless storage statement piece for your space. The patterns on this sideboard lend a creative appearance, making it an ideal selection for any home style.

Pleasing "Arista Bar Cabinet with Brass Inlay"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

The Arista Bar Cabinet with Brass Inlay is made from premium-quality teak wood. The premium wood used in this bar cabinet ensures long-term sturdiness.

The Arista Bar Cabinet with Brass Inlay is the desirable booze mate for your interior. It has an elegant aesthetic, thanks to the cane and brass work, making it the perfect place to invest for the charm and versatility of your space. If you want to glam up your space or show off your expensive selection, our Arista Bar Cabinet with Brass Inlay is the best choice for you.

Sophisticated "Adira Teak Wood Arm Chair with Cane"

Woodenstreet Veda Collection

Adira Teak Wood Arm Chair with Cane is constructed of high-quality teak wood and cane. This armchair is strong, and the top-quality fabrics used in its construction ensure longevity. Irish Cream and Sage Green are the two color options for the Adira Teak Wood Arm Chair with Cane.

The Adira Teak Wood Arm Chair with Cane exemplifies the elegance and appeal of minimalism. This armchair's subtle design offers an iconic charm of glamour, making it an excellent highlight for contemporary interior decor. Our Adira Teak Wood Arm Chair with Cane is a space-saving chair with armrest that can add luxury to even the smallest spaces.


Add meaning to your life and charm to your home with our luxurious Veda collection. 

Our list of Veda collections will help you buy the best furniture for your home according to your choice. Browse our Veda series to glam your space with these latest designs. 

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

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