Furniture Fiesta 30 Apr 2021

Virtual Interaction @ Woodenstreet: What is Your Best Furniture Partner in Quarantine Days?

We interacted with our employees with a question “If you were quarantined with one piece of furniture, what and why it would be?” Check out their funny and quirky answers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us adapt the new discoveries of life such as mask-wearing, physical-distancing and the significance of dripped sanitizer in our hands performing the life-saving magic trick. What’s more? The unconventional disaster has changed the ways of our social interaction (even though your close friend is living 2 km away from you), and also how and where we work these days.

And, amidst all these, its needless to say that occupational stress and anxiety are a major concern nowadays in corporate offices.

Therefore, we have decided to run the virtual interaction among company’s employees to transcend time and reflect strength and positivity in their lives. 


With the same essence, we randomly asked a question to some of the company’s employees and that is

If you were quarantined with one piece of furniture, what it would be and why?” 

Let’s explore their quirky and surprising answers:  


Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite- A Cosy Bed


“Days spent well when I am in my bed and life goes easy for me. So, here, the bed is that one piece of furniture, where I can unwind myself, do work from home with ease and explore new things!”

-              Charu Gupta, WoodenStreet


Comfortability Beyond Imagination- Recliner Chair

Recliner Chair

“My one and only quarantine partner is my recliner chair. Because it doesn’t demand anything and just gives me an opportunity to enjoy my quarantine days with full comfort. Also, the most important, for bookworms like me, it supports my reading marathon like I know why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou.”

      Shubhra Dashora, WoodenStreet


Working in Comfort Zone - Laptop Table for Bed with Good Mattress

Laptop Table

“I would like to choose a laptop table in bed with soft and plush mattresses. Because I love to sink in the comfortable position while working on my laptop. I believe that life is too short to get uncomfortable – so why not be in your comfort zone while working.”

Dhaneshwar Patidar, WoodenStreet


Say Goodbyes to Work Pains- Study Table with Comfortable Chair

Study Table with Comfortable Chair

“I indulged in working a lot, and therefore, I would like to select a perfect study table with an ergonomic chair for my partner in quarantine. This will let my body sit in a healthy posture which helps me to alleviate back and neck strains and Work Harder!” 

Nandita Mathur, WoodenStreet


Let the Good Times Roll- Swing Chair

Swing Chair

“Roll on the good times back in your life with Swing Chair! It is the partner I will choose in quarantine because I am a lazy gamer and obsessed with playing a lot of games while lying down on my swing chair. And, yeah, I can manage work on it too!

-              Rahul Akawat, WoodenStreet


Sit with Luxury- Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

“Quarantined with one piece of furniture…I can surely say a lounge chair. I can work, relax, listen to music all on a lounge chair. I can pretty much do various things on a lounge chair.” 

-              Garvit Sharma, WoodenStreet


Pleasing Furniture Style with Attractive Beauty - Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa cum bed

Sofa cum bed is the most comfortable furniture of all and if it is about getting quarantined with one piece of furniture, I can go with sofa cum bed. I can sit and watch TV on it, I can relax by making this a bed within seconds and the best part is I can comfortably do my 9 to 6 job over this, with just an extra pillow!”

-              Nisha Mehta, WoodenStreet


Sink into the Ultimate Pleasure- The Bean Bag

The Bean Bag

“Bean bag – anytime! I love bean bag as it offers the utmost comfort and relaxation. I can work, eat, relax and binge-watching NETFLIX on the bean bag.”

-       Juhi Chhabra, WoodenStreet


Innovative Furniture Design - L shaped sofa

L shaped sofa

“All I need is an L shape sofa if I will be kept in such a situation. L shape sofa is so long and comfortable that I can laze all day on it. Whether it is about doing work or watching an IPL, this is my all-time favourite furniture partner. 

-              Paritosh Dave, WoodenStreet


Every piece of furniture conveys a unique story! We believe that you have also found your quarantine partner till now for a blissful experience in this disguise. Still not? Then, check out our collection by bumping onto our website and shop them with exciting discounts and much more! 


In the end, we just want to add that: -

Don’t worry, the world hasn’t come to an end. We will definitely find our paths to embrace ourselves with power and happiness to conquer the world. And, the fight with these unprecedented challenges together indeed results to an end at someday. Stay optimistic as 


This too shall pass!

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