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Wooden Jharokhas - Style Your Home to Show Off Traditional Rajasthani Decor

From being a source of ventilation to decorative appeal, check out how wooden jharokhas has travelled in various transformations to fit in modern abode?

A home is a living thing; every room & every wall has a character, which not only defines the space but is a reflection of you!

So, if you love the old school vibes and want to show off traditional decor in modern and urban interiors - ‘Jharokhas’ are the true blessing for wall hangings. Earlier, Jharokhas confines in the ornamental arches of Rajasthan architecture since the time of immemorial. But now, wooden jharokhas are popular to add a touch of vintage charm and the artistic dimension to the modern abode. A good thing about Wooden Jharokhas is an epitome to cut the dash by turning your drab walls to the fantastic appeal. Yet, we agree with the inherence of endless stylish wall arts but are a dime of the dozen when it comes to wooden jharokhas. How? Take a quick trip to inspire your home with traditional besides glamorous home decor. 

Infuse Romance 

Make your home fall head over heels in unconditional love like of prehistoric kings and queens. WoodenStreet has beautiful hand-crafted carvings of wooden jharokhas that illustrates the deep unfeigned romance of that era. We suggest you to go with our Raja-Rani print of wooden jharokha and Mughal King and Queen Black Print Wooden Jharokha. Both of them are dripping with fascinating and sophisticated appeal. 

Spruce Your Home Interiors

Perhaps, we understand your precious moments of decorating every inch of the home. But, sometimes your uber classy home needs the pop of Indian heritage and culture. Presents you our brown finish and yellow floral print wooden jharokhas to step up the game of aesthetic appealing. They are blessed with intricate carvings to add a million dollar look in your living room.

Bring a Trendsetter

Setting your home with au courant is always a tricky task and staying on top in interior designing is a burden. But, not now! Because, here you will get all the sense of wooden jharokha designs that will make your home stand out from the crowd. Moreover, they are completed with finesse finish to not only being the trendsetter but add the dash of colors and elegance. Undeniably, our Multicolor Floral Print wooden jharokha and Multicolor wooden jharokha will roll on you in grading up your home’s style quotient.

Jazz Up Wall Art 

Investing in the artistic things that take your walls appeal to the next level is worthy for home. And our wooden jharokhas with attractive designs and shapes is a true guardian for you. Have a look at our Blue and Yellow Wooden Jharokha and Brown and Red Flower Print Wooden Jharokha, which are vibrant to jazzing up your interiors as the way you want.

All about the Creativity 

The creative, masterly hand-crafted, rustic charming design - what else you want while decorating your home? And its full of joy when you find all these features in wooden jharokhas. Yes, you read it correct! Our brown prints wooden jharokha and brown finish solid wood jharokha is packed with ingenious and bold look. 

Loved our take to the mesmerizing approach of styling your home with traditional decor? Then, start preparing your home with WoodenStreet extensive collection of wooden jharokhas online. Also, you can share us your ideas and views in the comment section below.

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