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Wood Identification
What is Hardwood?

A category of wood that is obtained from the deciduous species of broad-leaved trees. All hardwoods are angiosperms (flowering plants), the largest group of land plants. Hardwood is contrasted to softwood, which comes from conifers, cone-bearing seed plants. It’s a superlative quality of wood that is considered to be the best for home furniture.

hard wood
Hard Wood
Hard Wood
What is Softwood?

Softwood is wood from gymnosperm trees such as conifers. The wood is the source of about 80% of the world's production of timber. Considering the composition and quality of softwood it is not regarded as a supreme quality of wood for home furniture. Being a heterogeneous mixture of woods, it doesn’t appear beautiful and durable like hardwood.

soft wood
Soft Wood
Soft Wood
Why Choose Us

“It takes a special touch & Imagination to custom design your furniture”
We understand that furniture no longer attributes for “one size fits all”, so we offer an endless array of customization options to make sure the furniture is perfect for your home space! Crafting each unit with premium quality & best solid wood we ensure a lasting durability. We offer furniture for every budget!

Composition of Hardwood and Softwood

Softwoods contain more glucomannans than hardwoods, while hardwoods contain more xylans. Hardwoods are generally far more resistant to decay than softwoods when used for exterior work. However, solid hardwood joinery is expensive compared to softwood and most hardwood doors, for instance, now consist of a thin veneer bonded to MDF, a softwood product.

  Hardwood Softwood
Cellulose 42+2% 45+2%
Hemicellulose 27+2% 30+5%
Lignin 28+3% 20+4%
Extractives 3+2% 5+3%
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