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A Dressing table makes all your beauty desires come true. Well-crafted wooden dressing tables with mirror will give a charm to your bedroom which will be hard to conceal. Wooden Street offers a plethora of these extremely stylish and well-designed dressing tables online for you, created with the idea to embellish your decor to a whole new level. Buy one of our best vanity dressing areas furniture and admire yourself for being a beautiful person.

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Customer Stories

Rituja Kulkarni Pune

buy dressing table online
Marvelous and spacious
It was important for me to have a dressing table which matched the looks of my poster bed, and Kingsley turned out to be the right one. I very much like its bold looks which are in-line with the poster bed. A lot of space and the honey finish looks spectacular. A classy product and it is also durable.

Sunanda Mishra Agra

dressing table india
Taking care of little things
This dressing table is accompanied by a simple ottoman of the same design. This is a very good thing, because you don't need any other chair or stool. You get a seamless look together. The slatted design of Felner is very attractive, and my unit's walnut finish just oozes with regal looks. Enough space all around, even behind the mirror, to keep your cosmetics. Great work by Wooden Street.

Aishwarya Basu Kolkata

buy dressing table online
Carved Simplicity
With a toned down look, with a bit of elegant carving, Allan looks beautiful in my bedroom. With simple flows and enough room to keep your jewelry and cosmetics, this table is ideal for everyone. Go for it, there is no need to think twice.

Dishika Naik Thane

dressing table with mirror
Full-length Grace
I prefer a full-length mirror when getting ready, and Javert is a smart choice in such a case, because the table of this dressing-table is aligned to the right side, helping in having everything at arm's reach while having a full view of yourself. The table has a good enough space to keep your stuff, and the look of the whole set is unique. A very useful dressing unit.

Udit Sinha Mumbai

beautiful dressing tables online
Mirror Mirror on the wall!!
I was looking for a dressing table which is dynamic and eye-catchy as well. My search ended at Wooden Street. They have the best designs and every product is as attractive as other. My area looks upgraded because of the new dressing table. Thank you guys!

Dimple Saurabh Delhi

Dressers Tables
Beautifully made dresser
The dressing table that I recently purchased was carefully put together by those great guys that delivered. Then dressing table is completely accompanied by high quality wood and finish matches completely to the overview at your site. This is my second purchase for dressing table and surely a better one.

Saloni Vijayvageria Mumbai

Dressing table online
Absolutely delighted with the product.
I was hesitant to buy dressing table online because I felt it wouldn't be a right decision. Just to come across the best designs available online, I really loved the styles and their prices at WS. Couldn’t stop myself to place an order and now a happy owner of a beautiful dressing table with mirror. Thank you to help me overcome the myth of online shopping.

Ila Garg Noida

wooden dressing table with mirror
Thanks for the speedy service
I required dressing tables for my new home. One for the kid's room and another for mine. To buy a dressing table online was my husband's idea. He already selected some pieces at wooden street. The designs were so captivating and attractive that I did not gave even a second thought. I am completely satisfied with both the dressing tables.

Gauri Kapoor New Delhi

wooden dressing table
Heartfelt Thanks for the Product
Dressing table with mirror became the utmost need for my room. Earlier, when I used to look for a space to get ready, I couldn't find any. To buy dressing table I started browsing for it online, and WS gave me perfect destination to choose the optimum piece of my preference. Every now and then, when I look towards it, brings me happiness.

Tanisha Chatterjee Kolkata

buy dressing tables online in India at best deals
To try is to find something better
I recently got my home interior renovated and realized the need for a dressing table in my bedroom. I was so exhausted to go out in the market, so I decided to shop furniture online. After browsing through a few portals, I found my desired piece at Wooden Street and immediately placed the order. Really happy with the quality and design.

Akansha Rane Navi Mumbai

dressing table with mirror
I'm feeling lucky
Although the purpose was not only to bring a different look to my room but also to provide a prominent place to my cosmetics. I was really happy to buy dressing table online and see the installation services given for free. Now I could easily manage all those beauty products in the drawers and cabinets that came along. My new dressing table has become a beautiful addition for my bedroom.

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