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Incredible types of headboards for the upholstered beds

  • 2016/11/15
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Incredible types of headboards for the upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are one of the most preferred bed types these days. They not only provide a convenient place for resting, but also act as the prominent element of design on the bed. They are the best luxurious addition to the bedroom. As they are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, etc., the buyers are always in a dilemma which one to buy and which not. The experts of Wooden Street have stated that to eliminate all sorts of confusions and to facilitate the shopping experience of the buyers, the manufacturers and designing experts have given different names to the different types of the headboards of the upholstered beds.

If you too are looking for an incredible headboard for your area, then here are a few popular types that you must be aware of:


Freestanding bedheads are generally available as separate units and not as part of the bed. They can be conveniently attached to the bed frame or the wall as well. This feature makes them available at the different parts of your abode quickly.

various designs of Upholstered beds online in india

Wood framed

Wood framed upholstered bedheads do not have any fabric covering. Instead, they are provided with the structure of the fabric around the perimeter. If you deploy a deeply coloured wooden frame, then it can impart a touch of masculinity in case you wish to create a classic and chic look for your area.


These have their headboards attached to the upholstered. They impart an excellent effect to the bed making it seem as if it is attached to the wall. These are rigid as they cannot be made to move around at all.

Button tufted

This type has buttons that are sewn and fixed on the upholstery fabric. This creates an incredible pattern which is not only popular with bedheads, but also with the couches and chairs.

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Straight and upholstered headboards are usually rectangular in shape and have no extra add-ons. Although Indian folks consider it boring and monotonous, this is actually one of the best ways to demonstrate the royalty and luxurious fabrics along with the bold prints.


Just as the popular designs found out in the chairs, these types of bedheads of the upholstered beds feature a high back with side wings.

Upholstered beds can really add charm and elegance in your area without consuming much space. We, at Wooden Street, have the best designs of the upholstered beds available. You can buy an upholstered bed from us to add luxury and comfort to your abode.

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