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A single bed is the perfect comfort companion for you. Our collection of wooden single beds provides numerous choices for you to make for your bedroom. You can buy beds with or without storage as per your needs. Buy single bed online from Wooden Street and get the best quality solid wood furniture for your bedroom.

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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What is the standard dimension of single bed can I make it a little big?

The standard dimensions of single bed are 78*36 and surely yes depending upon the requirements we can change the dimensions.

How will I be able to pull the trundle bed out?

The wheels mechanism attached at the base of the trundle bed helps in the easy pullout and in of the bed.

Which wood do you use when applying black finish?

While applying black finish the base composition of wood is Mango as Sheesham with its grainy natural structure application of a different finish would not look very fine.

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Customer Stories

Kaustubh Chakravorty Pune

Single Bed in Jaipur, Indore and Kolkata
Great Product at Great Value
A single bed is what I was looking for my place. Getting something which was durable and worth spending my money on was a challenge for me. I had heard about this website via online sources and my colleagues, so I decided to give it a go. I am pleased to have found the ideal bed for my room. Delivery was on time and the support team was kind enough to help me at every stage. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Rituja Bansal Mumbai

wooden single bed cot
Great Combination of Quality and Comfort
Recently, I purchased a single bed from Wooden Street and I am really satisfied with their product’s quality and service. The bed looks stylish and is very comfortable to sleep. I would also like to say that I am quite impressed with their furniture designers and customer support team due to their proactive attitude in the entire process of customisation. It has been a great online shopping experience!

Neloy Shastri Navi Mumbai

single beds online
Simple and Comfortable
Coming home after a tiring day now feels amazing, thanks to my new single bed from Wooden Street. I ordered the Melisa single bed last month after shifting into my new apartment, great product and great value for money. Also, the service provided by these guys are commendable.

Ramesh Bajpai Bangalore

solid wood single beds
Straight from Fantasy
The name alone compelled me to buy this amazing bed. For a solo occupant of a simple flat in Bangalore, and for someone who binge watches game of thrones, a single bed can't get any better. Have a wall-mounted flatscreen in front of this, so all I do after work is plop on this bed and watch my favourite shows. And it is a style statement too. Best for lone wolves.

Lakshya Rajani Mumbai

single bed with headboard storage
A Mini-library bed
For a customary reader like me, a single bed which comes with shelves is a godsend. I do happen to have a bookshelf, but I'm also lazy, and having books right in the headboard of my bed is the best thing, ever. In this regard, Arista has been the best furniture purchase for my room. Just love it.

Pratik Chaudhary Gurugram

single bed with storage drawers
A Slab of Happiness
It might not look like much, but this simplicity carries great meaning, coupled with ergonomic height and drawers to store your sheets and pillows. Great for solo night readers too, as the headboard provides that straight-back support much needed while sitting.

Rati Ghosh Mumbai

single beds new design
Comfort for my room
I ordered a customised single bed from Wooden Street. It is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. The finish is extremely beautiful. Thanks guys!

Shanaya Tiwari Navi Mumbai

single beds at best price
Perks of Being Single
I specifically got this in mahogany finish, as the red glow of the wood is a perfect reminder of the namesake character of this bed. But that's not all, the ergonomics, the build quality, the angle of the headboard, everything is just perfect. You can just slump on it and read for hours.

Rahul Bordiya Jaipur

single beds at best price
Chic design
The best thing about this bed is the outward curving legs. They add such a nice flair to it that it becomes hard not to admire it. The flowing lines of the legs merge seamlessly with the headboard, as if it were carved out of a single block of wood.

Amit Kuradia Gurgaon

Stylish Wooden Single Beds Online India
Complete shopping Satisfaction!
For the first time, I had totally relied on an online store for the purchase of my furniture, a single bed. Thanks a lot Wooden Street for not making my worst nightmare come true! Keep up the good work guys!

Gaurav Sawant Thane

buy single beds online
Minimal yet Useful
Minimalist design makes it great for those who don't want flashy stuff. It works wonders for me. The whole structure is very strong and I have no complaints with it whatsoever. Overall, I love the bed, with its design and ergonomics being perfect for someone like me.

Ishika Chaturvedi Jaipur

single bed online jaipur
An amazing bed
I love the design of Walken. the headrest pads bring that great level of comfort much needed for those who prefer leaning on it. While this could have been enough, Wooden Street also offered a great level of versatility with this bed by offering drawers for keeping your sheets and pillows. This made walken my top choice for purchase.

Ashok Kattimani Bangalore

stylish and comfortable wooden single bed in bangalore
One of the most stylish beds I’ve ever bought!
Your single bed is one of the finest wood furniture pieces available on your website. The bed looked great when I checked it on the site and I have to say it’s even better when I use it in the house now. The perfect finish indeed makes it a stylish addition to compact bedrooms. You’re definitely recommendable guys!

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