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Modular Wardrobes for All Homes

Wardrobe Design can surely fulfill the storage space that you've been craving for. From a single door to folding ones or sleek to stylish, wardrobes at Wooden Street, we have stocked a wide range of latest wardrobe designs for bedroom 2023. These units also contribute towards the looks of your room. Modular wardrobe designs are the finest option for boosting storage space because they can be totally customized as per your requirements and available floor space. Get in touch with our interior designers and create your own personalized modular wardrobe at best price. Our wardrobe modular designs come with different types of functional features to keep clutter under control. Browse our beautiful designs and find the modular wardrobe design that suits your needs the best.

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Know About the Materials We Use for Wardrobe Designs

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Shutter Types

Get Familiar with the Shutter Types for Modular Wardrobes

Plain Doors

Plain Doors

They give a clean look. Sleek shutters add to the flawless shutter.
Aluminum Glass Doors

Aluminum Glass Doors

High quality glass shutters secured with aluminium frame.
Aluminium Glass Divisional Doors

Aluminium Glass Divisional Doors

Shutters with a combination of plain and mirrored shutteres.
Clear Glass Shutters

Clear Glass Shutters

A contemporary option offering a spacious look.

Shutter Finishes

Explore Varied Options to Give Your Wardrobe Design Finesse Look



Resists scratch, moisture and stains.


Smooth, mirror-like shutter. Acrylic comes with UV stability.
PU Paint

PU Paint

High-quality premium shutter. Resistant to abrasion and stains.


Water and stain-resistant.
Aluminium Glass

Aluminium Glass

Absorbs vibration and protects the glass from breaking.

Shutter Handles

For Your Convenience & Comfort

Regular Handles

Regular Handles

Low-maintenance. Comes in various designs.


Round or square shaped. Used for pull-outs.

What’s In Your Wardrobe?

Explore the Varied Options for Cabinets, Accessories & More

The Cabinets

wardrobe design latest

Double Hanging Cabinet

Equally divided sections for double hanging rails.
low cost modular wardrobe design

Long Hanging Cabinet

Each section has drawers or shelves.
wardrobe design latest

External Drawer Cabinet

An External drawer storage to meke everyday items handy.
wardrobe design latest

Open Unit

Add ons your wardrobes with Drawers, Shelves,Hanger Rails & Lofts.


wardrobe design latest


Unit to store necessary items. Can add 2-3 drawer sets.
low cost modular wardrobe design


Placed within the cabinets as per your storage needs.
wardrobe design latest

Hanger Rails

Opt from long or double-fold hangers for cloths.
wardrobe design latest


Storage unit present over the cabinet for seasonally-used items.


wardrobe design latest

Pull-down Wardrobe Lift

Easily accessible. Hang & Remove
low cost modular wardrobe design

Trouser Racks

Hanged iron cloths and access clothes.
wardrobe design latest

Jewellery Tray

Comes in multiple sections and ideal to organise jewellery.
wardrobe design latest

Digital Lockbox

Secure Valuable with a digital password.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you design a wardrobe?

    Our team of Wardrobe Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.

  • What are some small bedroom wardrobe design ideas?

    Swing door wardrobes and folding door wardrobes are some of the best small bedroom wardrobe design ideas, You can also go for simple 2 door modular wardrobes for bedroom.

  • What materials are used for wardrobe design?

    Marine Ply, Plywood and MDF are some of the wood materials we use to manufacture modular wardrobe design. The modern modular wardrobe designs crafted out of these materials ensure ideal sturdiness and robustness. These modular wardrobe designs are weather-resistant which makes them even more alluring.

  • Are custom wardrobe design offered apart from the catalogue designs?

    Definitely yes, we offer custom made wooden and modular wardrobe design.. We would request our customers to work out the customization request with our team.

  • What is the estimated timeline from proposal to completion of each project?

    It depends on project to project and its requirements, also the schedule stretch depends upon decision making of the customer regarding how soon or delayed the responses are. Anyhow duration of 6-12 weeks is required for a successful completion.

  • What type of modern wardrobe designs is ideal for master bedroom?

    Since a master bedroom is the largest room in the house, and hence, the furniture of that room should be large and spacious. Therefore, a folding door wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe and walk-in closet are some of the best modern wardrobe designs for master bedroom.

  • Which are some of the modern wardrobe design for bedroom?

    A modern wardrobe design is crucial as it concerns various interior design concepts. Some of the finest modern modular wardrobe designs are traditional, industrial and modular wardrobe design. The finish option and the design play a significant role when furnishing a bedroom. You can opt for modern wardrobe designs as per your needs and already existing interior décor.

What are Sliding Wardrobe Designs?

Sliding door wardrobes are a modern style of wardrobe which has doors that rather than being fitted on a hinge, can be opened by sliding them to a side. They are easy to use, and a popular choice for people all over the world.

What are the Advantages of Getting Sliding Wardrobe Designs?

There are numerous advantages of getting a modular sliding door wardrobes for your home. Here are some of them:

  1. They Help to Save Space: The main benefit of a sliding wardrobe designs is that it helps to save space. Unlike other wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes cover less area. As the doors are sliding in nature, the area covered by the opened door is negated. You can simply slide the wardrobe door to another side and get access to your clothes. They are hugely convenient and quite practical too, and in this modern day and age, a valuable furniture piece to get in your home.
  2. They Have a Modern, Stylish Look: Sliding cupboards are also extremely stylish and unique. When we generally think of wardrobes, hinged wardrobes or wardrobes whose doors can be opened freely on the front comes to mind. Sliding almirah designs are relatively more modern, and as always, more practical. Their stylish look can improve the aesthetic of your home and their practicality can make your life more convenient. They are also available in many different shades, designs, colors and materials, so you can pick one that suits your home the best easily.
  3. They are spacious in nature: Another great thing about sliding door wardrobes is that they are spacious in nature. You can 2 door sliding wardrobe designs or 3 door sliding wardrobes for your home based on how much space you need. They do not take up too much space even with increased number of doors, and you can store all your essentials and accessories properly with the help of sliding door wardrobes.
  4. They can be placed anywhere in the room: The best thing about these sliding cupboard designs is that you can place them anywhere in the room. The doors slide to one side, so even if you place them beside your bed or in a narrow pathway, you can easily access the items present inside the wardrobe. This makes them a convenient option for many people. You can get sliding door wardrobes for your bedroom without having to sacrifice too much space, whilst being able to store and organize all your items properly.

How to Choose the Best Sliding Almirah Design for yourself?

Finding the best sliding door almirah can take some time. You can find the best options online, but here are some pointers that can help you choose the perfect product for yourself with maximum ease:

  1. Choose the right type: As mentioned before, sliding door wardrobes are available in numerous different types. You can get ones with multiple sliding doors or just one sliding door. You would need to find one based on how many clothes you plan to put in them and then find the one that suits you the best.
  2. Check how much space you have: Another important thing to keep in mind before buying a sliding door wardrobe is the amount of space that you have in your home. They do not take up too much area, but depending on the size of the wardrobe you need to have some space assigned for it.
  3. The material and style counts: The next thing to keep in mind is the material and the style of the sliding door wardrobe. Sliding door wardrobes can be made out of wood or metal, but wooden ones are more preferred by people all over the world. Wooden sliding door wardrobes are durable and long-lasting and easily available over the internet. They are often a practical option for most and a value for money. You can even get a sliding mirror wardrobe online for your home at great prices. You would also have to consider the style of the sliding door wardrobe before buying it online. It majorly depends on the décor of your home so if you have a traditional décor, then you can go for more rustic, traditional looking sliding door wardrobes. These wardrobes generally have a modern look to them, and are often suited for homes with modern or contemporary décor.
  4. Choose the color based on the color palette of your home: The color too plays an important role here. Sliding door wardrobes are available in different colors and textures online. Depending on the color palette of your home, you can pick one that enhances the appeal of the room it is placed in. Elegant white and neutral colored wooden sliding wardrobes are often a popular choice for people as they can blend in easily with most décor. Their style is a minimalistic one without too much flamboyance, which is why pairing them with a minimalistic décor can be a good choice for you.
  5. Set a budget beforehand: The final thing is to set a budget before buying a sliding door wardrobe online. They are available in numerous price ranges based on their shape, style, color, material and type. So, you should set a budget based on your needs and preferences and filter the products based on the prices online to get the perfect piece for your home without being hard on your pockets.

When Should You Opt for Sliding Cupboard Designs and Hinged Wardrobe Designs?

You should opt for sliding door wardrobe designs when:

  1. You have shortage of space in your home and want to save some space
  2. You need more storage area to store a lot of items and accessories
  3. You have a modern, minimalistic décor in your home and want furniture that suits this style
  4. You want to place the wardrobe in a small area

You should go for hinged wardrobe designs when:

  1. You have a lot of space in your home
  2. You want complete visibility of the items placed in the wardrobe
  3. You have a more traditional décor or a knack for traditional furniture choices
  4. You have a good spot in your house where you can properly fit a large wardrobe with hinged doors

Where Can You Get The Best Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs?

You can get the best quality sliding door wardrobes online. Yes, there are offline options that you can go for but you can choose from a wide range of choices online and pick one based on your needs and preferences.

Woodenstreet is known for its amazing collection of sliding wardrobe design catalog. The designs are unique and original, and the material is of the highest quality. You can easily find the best wooden sliding door wardrobe at Woodenstreet at the best prices.

Why Should You Get Sliding Door Wardrobe Design at Wooden Street?

Here are some benefits that Woodenstreet offers when it comes to buying furniture including sliding door wardrobes

  1. Numerous options and a varied range of choices: Woodenstreet has a wide range of options and amazing choices to choose from. You can find all types of wardrobes including sliding door wardrobes for your home here.
  2. The best quality of material used in building the furniture pieces: The material used in making these wardrobes too are of the very best quality. From Sheesham wood to engineered wood, you can find everything made with the best materials available.
  3. The most affordable rates in the market: Here, you can get the best furniture pieces for the best prices in the market. The rates are hugely affordable and you can find anything that you are looking for in the price range you want.
  4. The best customer service and maximum convenience when buying online: You can also avail the very best customer service when you shop at Woodenstreet. The convenience too, is unparalleled and shopping for furniture here is the easiest and most effortless experience you can have.

So, if you are looking to get your hands on the most affordable, stylish and value for money products when it comes to furniture, make sure to check out the collection available at Woodenstreet. You can find all that you are looking for when you check out our catalog at Woodenstreet.

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