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Spice Box

The spice box gives a designated place to magic ingredients of your kitchen. These pieces will keep them safe and moisture-free, whenever you use them. By understanding all your requirements, at Wooden Street, we have stocked the most comprehensive range of wooden spice box online.

These masala box made from premium quality material to serve you for a long time, without any trouble. Along with this, it keeps your cook nook organized and up-to-date every time. So, scroll down and take a tour of wooden spice box sets in just a few clicks.

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Your feedback is valuable to us. Please share more details about your experience, so we can help improve WoodenStreet for everyone.
Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
Is a wooden spice box good?

Yes, the wooden spice box is perfect for storing all kinds of your spices. It will surely maintain the same aroma and taste of the spices and also adds aesthetics to the kitchen.

Which masala box online is best?

Decorative Multi-Purpose Wooden Masala Box online With 12 Containers And Spoon is the best option from our collection.

What spices go in an Indian Spice Box?

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, homemade garam masala, and amchur (dried mango powder) are good to go in an Indian spice box.

How do you clean a Wooden Masala Dabba?

The best way to clean a Wooden Masala Dabba is to wipe away the dirt from a soft cotton cloth. For regular cleaning, use a warm damp cloth and wipe it with a clean cloth to dry.

What is the best way to store spices?

To maintain the aroma and flavor of your spices, the best way to keep in a cool, dry and place out of the direct heat.

Can we wash the wooden masala box?

It is advisable to avoid washing wooden masala boxes, but still, if you want to clean, then you can use a wet cloth to clear out all the content inside.

How many types of wooden masala boxes do you have in your store?

We have different types of wooden masala boxes in terms of shapes includes square, rectangular, hexagonal and round. Also, in a number of container sets ranging from 4 to 12.

How many partitions are available in the spice box container?

There are different types of spice box containers available online in various partitions according to the size. From 4 to 12 divisions, you can choose based on your requirements.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
wooden masala box online in bangaloreView Product
I am so in love with this awesome masala box from WoodenStreet. My son gifted it to me and I am surprised how wonderful choice he has. The box has seven roomy containers that can hold a lot of quantity of spices. My kitchen chores have become so easy!

Nidhi Bangalore

buy wooden spice box online in bangaloreView Product
I was so excited when this wooden spice box finally arrived. Thanks a lot Wooden Street for coming up with this different kind of box. I was so bored of the usual square dabbas. This has become my favourite in the kitchen. I highly recommend this!

Pooja Bangalore

wooden spice box online in mumbaiView Product
WoodenStreet’s wooden spice box is so spacious and minimalistic. I do not like too many colours in my kitchen sets and this one is just perfect! The wood is of such an awesome quality and the finish is good too. I am really glad with this purchase.

Ashima Mumbai

wooden masala box online in delhiView Product
This triangle masala box had my heart the moment I saw it. It just looks so pretty on my kitchen counter. And it is also so useful. Instead of opening a hundred bottles, now I have all the needed masalas in one place.

Jay Delhi

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