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Be it for showing off, or be it for the pleasure of a hotel-like feel in the home; plates are always sublime to bring oomph to the dining table. With its elegance and sizes, one will surely fall more for the delicacy served in it. Wooden Street has, therefore, commenced a marvelous range of serving plates & dinner plates online. Varieties, designs and size, every factor is accomplished at par with the accessory available online. Swipe right below for the glorious range of dinner plates online in India at Wooden Street.

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Plates: Intensify The Elegance Of Dining With Urbane Dinner Plates Online - Wooden Street

After watching the dramas, after going to a sophisticated hotel (which is not really often) or after being to a Shadi party, how many times have you complemented the cutlery that you were using? Possibly quite often, because the dinner table was decked with expensive and elegant dinner and serving plates right over. No wonder, plates on the table can give a hype to the ambience. Even though we were among the ones who used to switch to the metal plates at the end of the day, but now our heart does not agree to those, because a metal plate acts as an eyesore to a lavish interior decor. After visiting a good place, the nostalgia can convince anyone to tune to ceramic plates with fantabulous designs. Every decor lover can understand the need of the right types of plates for the house. So, for such people, WoodenStreet has got a convincing set of plates online. Shop for the plates that can match the most with your needs.

At one end, the metal plates are handy and carefree. Definitely, an easy option for the ones known for doing blunder in the house. On the other hand, for the delicate darlings who take stuff with care and love to wipe and stare at beautiful accessories, ceramic plates are undoubtedly welcomed in the house. Moreover, the creativity is worshipped over dinner and serving plates made out of ceramic as the designs can be manipulated for the best.

There are many designs of plates available, which also stand for different purposes. Let’s have a look over the variants.

What Types Of Plates Match The Most?

With certain shapes, sizes, designs and features, plate sets can brilliantly stick to different needs. For the traditional ones who think that nothing is as good as a plate where the Indian delicacies and chapatis can be served, then metal serving plates will always be their first love. Shiny and with a life for decades, metal plates are always the best option for daily usage. Secondly, to summate an enhanced dining area in the abode, ceramic plates are unquestionably ideal. Be it round or square, dinner plates in ceramic bring an oomph for the interior. Lately, for the serving purpose, the trendsetters are ceramic and glass plates. Although these are delicate enough, but leafy patterns, curvy shape and a little depth are few of the factors to win the race.

Types Of Plates Online At Wooden Street

Wooden Street offers a terrific collection of dinner and serving plates for an item that will amp up the look of the dinette. You have options like designer solo plates which can be placed right at the center. Or a combination of four such plates for serving the buffet nicely. So whether it is for the dinner party or some leisurely time alone, there are dinner and serving plates for all needs. Sufficient dimensions of each of the plates is another boon to be added.

Reasons To Buy Plates Online From Wooden Street

Material of the plates online: If you are intending to buy plates for decor purpose but the functionality should also be served, then Wooden Street has ceramic plates online which is always a wiser choice. Although these are delicate to handle, but its designs can answer every question.

Easy Purchasing Policies: Numerous purchasing policies have made it easier for people to buy plates online. Some such policies include low-cost EMI, 24*7 customer support, free shipping, easy return policy, and free installation. All these policies initiate effortless purchasing of plates online.

Delightful Discounts: Wooden Street always comes up with amazing discounts which are always light to the pockets. For instance, presently there is a 20% discount over the plates online. Apply the coupon SUPER20 to avail the best of prices.

With these, Wooden Street offers several other homeware and tableware items like bowls, casserolesplatters, teapots, cutlery holders, kitchen storage containers and many more. Therefore, every homely need can be contented right here at Wooden Street.

What are the materials used to make plates?

The ideal material used to make plates is either steel or ceramic. Steel stands for its durability while ceramic plates are best for enhancing the decor purpose.

What are the available plate sizes?

Round plates are available in the diameter of 7 and other shapes can be carved in the dimension of 6L * 4.5 W.

How to set plates on the dining table?

The ideal idea is to set the dining plates opposite to one another, as it gives sufficient place for people to settle on either of the sides.

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Buy Plates Online in India at Best Prices
I was looking for some dinner plate set online and I got through the range of Wooden Street. The designs are quite elegant and I liked these a lot.
Sakshi Shrivastav Bangalore View Product
Buy Plates Online in India at Best Prices
I ordered Black and White Ceramic Quarter Side Plates - Set of 4 from Wooden Street which got delivered today. I really like the size and design of the plates and I would love to shop for more tableware accessories here.
Vandana Sharma Mumbai View Product
Buy Plates Online in India at Best Prices
I would recommend everyone to look at the tableware range of Wooden Street. I ordered Off White Ceramic Plates Cum Platters - Set of 4 and the design is awesome.
Kunal Bardiya Chennai View Product
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