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10 Best Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs for a Classic Interior Setup

Check out the 10 best Sheesham wood furniture designs which you can add to your home for a classic interior setup.

Sheesham wood furniture has always been admired by furniture lovers, and the credit goes to its fabulous appearance as well as durability. The color of the wood along with unique dark streaks – known as grains - gives every piece of furniture a unique look. Are you also looking for something beautiful as well as unique to revamp your abode? Today, we will discuss some of the most amazing furniture ideas which you can add to your home. 

Winster Wooden Sofa - For a Charming Living Room

Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

A sofa set is like the soul of a living room, and the Winster Wooden Sofa is perfect for this role. One of the best examples of Sheesham wood furniture designs, this sofa will surely leave a long-lasting impact on your guests. A natural wood look, along with comfortable seating and a finely crafted magazine rack makes it a perfect match for all interior types. 

Suitability: A modern, cubic design with straight-edged handles, this is the most suitable product if you are looking to create contemporary interiors primarily with wooden furniture.

Hoop Coffee Table - For Completing the Look

Sheesham Wood Furniture Design Ideas

One of the finest examples of Sheesham wood center table designs, this piece of furniture will surely add to the beauty of your living room. A round Sheesham top and a metal base incorporating hoops, this coffee table is true to its name. Combined with an elegant fabric sofa set, this product will surely make your space more elegant. 

Suitability: A perfect piece for people who are looking for industrial-style furniture to create a similar look in their home.

Natalia TV Unit - For That Unique Touch 

Sheesham Wood Designs

Modern televisions, due to sleek designs, have become a full-fledged part of the interiors of our home. But, a perfect get-up is always necessary to boost the appearance, and this is where Natalia TV Unit comes in. One of the finest Sheesham wood furniture designs with a brick pattern on its front, this TV unit will make the look of your living room whole. 

Suitability: A contemporary design suitable for people looking for an adaptable design for their entertainment sections or living rooms.

Walken Bed With Storage - For That Extra Comfort 

sheesham wood bed designs

Sheesham wood bed designs have always topped the popularity charts, and one of the products that have played a big role in this is Walken Bed with Storage. A product that has always made its place in the top 10 list, this bed is the perfect combination of comfort and beauty. The headboard has two padded cushions that can be opened to reveal storage space. It is available in different sizes as well as finishes, so you can get the bed that perfectly suits the structure and size of your room without any hassles. 

Suitability: A contemporary style bed that is perfect for people looking for a modern and comfortable bedroom setup.

Holden 3 Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe - For a Perfectly Organized Space

10 Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

A bedroom is a resting place of us humans, not to be disturbed in its peace and tranquility. However, it is often seen that due to insufficient storage space, the room starts getting filled with unnecessary items, such as dirty laundry, laptop bags, shoes, etc. And with each passing day, the tide of clutter keeps on increasing. With Holder Multi Utility Wardrobe, you will get a lot of well-sectioned storage space, which will instantly boost up your organizational game. 

Suitability: The simple and contemporary wardrobe design allows it to become a part of any interior type easily.

Adolph Chest of Drawers - For That Efficient Storage Space

Best Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

Since childhood, we have been seeing several cabinets, drawers, and shelves all around our house, and the credit goes to the efficient storage they provide. And the Adolph Chest of Drawers is one of the best Sheesham wood furniture built around the concept of efficient storage. Along with providing ample storage space, it will also enhance the aesthetics of your place. The versatility of this furniture allows it to blend with its surroundings perfectly, be it in the living room or bedroom. 

Suitability: A storage-rich design suitable for people who are looking for a contemporary or a traditional furniture setup.

Ralph 4 Seater Dining Set with Storage - For a Beautiful Dine-in Experience

Latest Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

Good food and a nice ambiance are all you need to shed off all the pressure. This square-shaped Sheesham wood dining table set is perfect to have a fine-dine experience every day. The Ralph Dining Set with Storage will help you in getting the full use of the space and provide more for keeping cutlery or other assorted items. A comfortable seating along with enough storage space for all your essentials, there is nothing more you will ever need. 

Suitability: This product is a perfect fit for people looking to set up a modern style dining room with comfort, class, and storage as a priority.

Frodo Study Table Cum Shelf - For All Those Productive Nights

10+ Best Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

Be it work or studies, the right spot is always necessary to increase the concentration as well as productivity. With this Sheesham wood study table, you can create a perfect environment while adding to the beauty of your study space. The bookshelf attached to the table will aid you in eliminating any storage issues. You can also purchase a comfortable office chair along with this, to create the most ergonomic and efficient setup. 

Suitability: One of the most popular designs, this sturdy table is perfect to create a classic setup while taking the full use of the occupied space.

Joan Lounge Chair - For All Your Binge Reading 

Top Sheesham Wood Furniture Designs

Nobody wants to spend their whole day lying on the bed or the couch, and this is where the requirement of a lounge chair arises. Crafted using the premium quality wood, foam, and fabric, this the Joan lounge chair is all set to provide you a super comfortable experience. Your favorite book, a cup of coffee, and a matching ottoman to rest your legs on, are all you need.

Suitability:  This lounge chair is most suitable for people who are planning to create a comfortable corner inside their home. Available in fabulous fabric variants, this chair will surely leave a long-lasting impression on everyone. 

Auric Large Bar Cabinet - For an Incredible Corner to Chill

Sheesham Wood Furniture design ideas

With a beautiful collection of drinks and your favorite people around, Auric is one of the best stress-busters you can come across. This large bar cabinet is a perfect piece of furniture to showcase your collection and to create the classic aura of a minibar within your home. Well sectioned racks and amazing craftsmanship in Sheesham wood makes this product a fabulous match for all type of interiors.

Suitability:  A mix of contemporary and traditional design, this spacious bar cabinet will be a perfect fit for people looking for a classic or luxurious furniture setup.

These were the 10 best Sheesham wood furniture designs that you can explore to give a classic touch to your interiors. All the products are available in different finishing styles and fabric variants, so you can choose the furniture as per your requirements.
Along with these, you can also explore our complete range of Sheesham wood furniture to find the perfect match for yourself. We will be back with our next blog soon. Until then, Stay Healthy & Stay Tuned. 

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