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Sheesham Wood Furniture: Crafted for Trendy, Durable, and Elegant Living

Durability is something that has been recommended by our elderly since long. This is the reason why most of our classical, ancestral furniture is crafted out of Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood furniture is a precise example of beauty and a prime mover in the league of durability. Be it a gathering spot for loved ones or something to house all your clutter, the Sheesham wood furniture can be the scene-stealer of your home décor.

To benefit you with the same durability and sophistication, WoodenStreet offers an exciting range of Sheesham wood furniture online, so that your search will surely start and end with us. Our furniture made from Sheesham wood are coated with classy and glossy finishes such as Teak, Honey, Mahogany, Walnut, Natural etc. Explore and buy our stunning collection of Sheesham wood furniture for every style of interior to feel the ecstasy of sturdiness and striking looks.

Buy Sheesham Wood Furniture for Every Room

Turn your house into something exquisite and exhilarating with premium Sheesham wood furniture that graces every room’s look sleekly:

Living Room Sheesham Wood Furniture

Since the living room is the primary attraction of our home, it is essential to decorate it with the finest sheesham wood furniture. There are different types of furniture that can grace your living room décor, such as sofa cum beds, coffee tables, TV units, L shaped sofas, and many more. As per your décor design, you can choose sheesham wood furniture for living room in a wide range of options. 

Bedroom Sheesham Wood Furniture 

The bedroom is the place that soothes us with the utmost comfort and warmth. Not only does it need a sleek design, but it also requires sturdy, durable sheesham wood furniture so that your comfort lasts long in grace. Décor your bedroom with our extensive range of dressing tables, beds, sofa cum beds, chest of drawers, and many other options in premium sheesham wood furniture range.

Dining Room Sheesham Wood Furniture

Eating with loved ones and family feels like home. For catering your delicious delicacy in style, WoodenStreet offers many sleek designs of dining tables, dining chairs, kitchen cabinets, and coffee tables in its sheesham wood furniture category. You can refine your dining room’s interiors as per your taste, be it classic, contemporary, minimalistic, or modern.

Guest Room Décor

A guest room is something that needs to be decorated with the finest taste and meticulousness. For magnifying the look of your guest room, WoodenStreet offers a variety of sheesham wood furniture online such as bar cabinets, L shaped Sofas, side end tables, display units, TV units, and many other pieces of furniture. Showcase your elegant taste in interiors with our plenty of durable guest room furniture.

Study Room Sheesham Wood Furniture

For constant online classes, work from home, and concentrated study sessions, WoodenStreet has different types of study room furniture in its sheesham wood furniture category that offers you enticing relaxation and plush comfort. Our durable and attractive study tables, laptop tables, study chairs, file cabinets, and book shelves come in different finishes and designs so that you can concentrate as per your taste.

Explore Different Sheesham Wood Furniture for Various Needs

At WoodenStreet, you can dive into a diverse range of sheesham wood furniture, as we have a boundless selection of furniture crafted with sheesham wood as per your requirements. You can explore all our top sheesham wood furniture online as we offer: 

Coffee Tables for Blissful Sip:

Enjoy every cup of coffee or tea with the natural wooden vibes from our coffee table range in sheesham wood furniture. Our wide range of coffee tables, crafted in classic and modern designs, will ensure the longevity of your bond with your loved ones with their durable and attractive build.

Beds for Infinite Comfort:

A bed is an important part of any room that offers good sleep to live a quality life. The beds from our Sheesham wood furniture range come in different size options such as king size bed, queen size bed, poster bed, single bed, double bed and many more. With the variation in size, it also provides a bed storage option.

TV Units for Delightful Entertainment:

Enjoy your leisure time with your TV adorned with the stunning TV units from our sheesham wood furniture range. Magnify the overall look of your living room with an apt arrangement of the TV, and its counterparts, such as the remote, cables, speakers and gaming consoles.

Wardrobe for Tidy Interiors:

A wardrobe provides a safe and stylish home for your clothes and all other extra belongings. The wardrobe’s wide range of Sheesham wood furniture comes in different sizes, such as single-door, double-door and triple-door wardrobes. With the variation in storage capacity, these units are designed in beautiful patterns to cater to the needs of every style of home interior.

Study Tables for Diligent Learning:

Concentrate flawlessly and with utter comfort on your tasks with our range of sturdy and multi-functional study tables in Sheesham wood furniture. Our sheesham wood study tables come in different storage options and functions, like drawers, cabinets, side storage, and open storage.

Sofas for Style Statement:

A sofa set is an anchor piece, regardless of what style of interior you want in your living area. Fabric sofa, wooden sofa, L shaped sofa, chesterfield sofa, futons, or any other. whichever design you choose from our sheesham wood furniture range, their sole purpose is to help you relax and entertain sturdily with a strong build.

Dining Tables for Joyful Meals:

Enjoy your meals with your family and loved ones on our sturdy, sleek, and functional dining tables featured in our sheesham wood furniture range. WoodenStreet has plenty of dining tables as per your needs and requirements, such as 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, we offer all types of dining sets along with bench and chair options.

In addition to these, you can find other sheesham wood furniture online from our wide and extensive range at WoodenStreet, such as sofa cum beds, dressing tables, chests of drawers, shoe racks, bookshelves, and many more other furniture in your budget and in different finishes.

Buying Guide: Tips to Follow while Buying Sheesham Wood Furniture

When you look at our exciting range of sheesham wood furniture online, you will be fascinated enough to go for them without second thought. But before you buy one, there are certain tips to follow that will help you pick the right and best sheesham wood furniture for your home. These are:

Take the Measurements:

Before making the buying decision, careful measurement of the dedicated space in which the furniture is going to be placed is advisable. Furthermore, you should match it with the dimensions of your choice of sheesham wood furniture online so that you get the appropriate size for your room.

Study your Room Aesthetics:

Thinking to buy sheesham wood furniture? It is advisable that you carefully examine and review the décor & aesthetics of the room in which the furniture will be kept. This could be done by studying the color of the walls, nearby furniture, and room design. After such an analysis, get your furniture in your preferred design and finish.

Determine the Amount to be Spent:

Since furniture is a long term investment, it is essential to set a specific budget for the amount to be spent. It is advisable to give preference to the quality of materials instead of low quality cheap furniture. At WoodenStreet, you will find a wide range of affordable sheesham wood furniture that comes in high quality materials and finishes.

Prioritize your Requirements:

It is essential that you have clarity about your requirements when you decide to buy sheesham wood furniture online. As per your purpose, features and qualities, we have a different range of furniture that could assist you in getting the ideal piece as per your choice.

Why Choose Sheesham Wood Furniture?

Using Sheesham wood furniture can add a vital element to any style of home interior. The competencies of this wood will make every furnishing unit strong and stunning. There are various benefits of using Sheesham wood furniture, such as:

Finest Carves and Looks:

The Sheesham is well-known as the best wood for carving and engraving different designs and patterns. Sheesham wood furniture has a medium coarse texture and high tensile strength, due to which everyone adores its carving and attractive designs.

Price that Surprise:

The lavish looks that you get from a sheesham wood furniture fit your pocket affordably. When compared with other hardwood, sheesham wood is a budget-friendly option. Therefore, it makes it a worthy choice for gracing your home décor in golden hues inexpensively.

Sturdiest Beauty for Decades:

Sheesham wood furniture has a special place among all the furniture materials in terms of durability and long-lasting nature. This wood is also known to be resistant to dry-wood termites. It is tough and hard; thus, it does not split easily.

Shades for Every Taste:

Enhanced looks are reflected by Sheesham wood furniture as it comes in a variety of natural wood shades. In accordance with your choice, you can also add a coating of your desired polish onto the wooden surface and grace it in your own style. The grained patterns of Sheesham wood furniture that add unique texture and shine to it are cherry on top.

Care Tips for Sheesham Wood Furniture

Add more years to your durable sheesham wood furniture by following these caring tips –

Regular Cleaning:

For the basic cleaning of sheesham wood furniture, clean it with a solution of soft soap and warm water. The use of an old toothbrush could also be made for enhancing its shine.

Avoid sunlight:

The durability and longevity of sheesham wood furniture is doubled when it is kept at such area and place that is not exposed directly to sunlight. Sunlight can damage the finish and fade its texture. Thus, sheesham wood furniture must not be kept in direct sunlight.

Re-Enhancement Procedure:

For bringing the shine of sheesham wood furniture back, and making it look like new, you can use shoe polish and premium quality wax. Using matching coloured markers can also bring back its charm profusely.

Keep Clear of Water:

Direct contact of water affects the sheesham wood furniture severely. Accidental spills can be withstood by it, but frequent water contacts can distress its longevity in the long run. Therefore, you must ensure that the sheesham wood furniture is positioned in a dry place so that it does not come into direct contact with water.

Why Choose WoodenStreet for Buying Sheesham Wood Furniture Online

When you pick Sheesham wood furniture online from WoodenStreet, you make a wise choice, as we have so much to offer our customers, like:

Finest Quality

At WoodenStreet, offering the finest quality furniture is our guiding motto. Thus, when you shop from our range of Sheesham wood furniture, stay assured about the quality and durability, as we offer the best.

Affordable Pricing

While maintaining the quality of furniture, we make sure that the prices do not soar. While shopping for sheesham wood furniture online at WoodenStreet, be unworried about the prices, as we offer the most affordable prices on all our products.

Efficient Customer Services

When you get your sheesham wood furniture from us, you will be offered fast delivery and prompt after sales services, as customer service is something that is prioritised at WoodenStreet.

Plenty of Options

Options and choices are something that is meant to end never. We make it possible by offering a wide range of premium sheesham wood furniture that comes in different finishes, functionalities, features, color palettes, and price range.

Pleasant Shopping Experience

The shopping experience is remembered by the customers for a long time. To enhance it, we at WoodenStreet provide plenty of services, such as free delivery, free installation, easy EMI options, secure payments, and unmatchable offers and discounts.

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Buy sheesham wood furniture online India
I wanted a sheesham wood coffee table online to stuff extra items and at Wooden Street I found the most versatile variety of space-efficient storage center table. My worries of storing my valuable collection were easily put to rest by compact but very spacious coffee table Online available here.

Shyam Jain New Delhi

sheesham wood furniture Online
I could not be happier than this. sheesham wood tv unit design for the living room was suggested by my friend and your site also. I, right away explore the whole tv stand furniture range and could easily select a wooden wall mount tv unit for my room. Can't explain how beautiful it looks. Thank you for making me happy.

Namita Nhijwana Jaipur

Sheesham wood Shoe rack online in Bangalore
These storage unit are truly eye-catching and I felt like buying all of them in one go. Great presentation and ultimate expert consultation, they know what they are selling. Payment on EMIs is an irresistible offer certainly. Quite a versatile collection of the cabinet!

Neetu Rathore Bangalore

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