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15 Things to Do While Stuck Inside Due to Quarantine

Bored at home? Check out this blog of about 15 things to do in quarantine, while you are stuck inside your Home. Enjoy reading!

Hello Fellow Indians!

Amidst the 21-Day Lockdown in the wake of COVID-19, today marks the 11th Day of it.
So, folks in first-half of this lockdown period -- are you done with enough of Instagram challenges, Whatsapp quizzes and trends? And still in search of how to keep yourselves sane and occupied during this time period?

Albeit, we agree that self-quarantine was not in your bucket list but Doctors and experts recommend that even those who feel no sign of illness should also stay home during this global pandemic.
So, in this time of self-quarantine and social-distancing, we have brought for you some of the great tips so you don’t drive yourself mad with boredom!

1. Are you Puzzled? Go for a Puzzle

Yes, trust us it can engage you like no other. Wanna brush-up your old-days skill? Take out a Rubik's Cube. Or wanna have a play with words? A crossword puzzle is your call!

2. Phone a Friend

Reminding you of KBC? Of course, you can watch its old episodes to test your skills. But, here we are actually talking about calling your friend with whom you haven’t had conversations since quite a long time.

3. Work Out at Home

As, gyms are closed, what about doing the calf extensions on the steps, and pushups and planks like there’s no tomorrow. Its alright if you have already met your fitness goals for 2020, maintain them at home too.

4. Plan Your Next Vacation

 Why not? While we don’t exactly know when it will happen but can at least envision how it will take place. Ah, Google Images!

5. A Quarantine Diary

Yes, how about keeping this? It might be "fun" to read it again in a few years.

6. Movie Marathons

Are you among the ones who have been avoiding many films because they’re too “demanding”, “overrated” or simply was not just “your thing”? Let the movie marathons happen for all those. Who knows it can help you expand your horizons?

7. Meditation

If you can’t go outside, go inside. We know you have been looking this quote on every social media these days. But, let’s make it happen.

things to do in quarantine

8. Read Books that You Were Not Able to

Yes, yes we understand that you have intended to but didn’t find the time! There’s enough time now. But, just remember to not break your reading glasses, unless you have a backup.

9. Cooking Time

Have you ever thought to start your YouTube cooking channel? It's perfect time to stock up on some macaronis, pizzas and ofcourse Dalgona Coffee #trending, if you haven’t tried.

10. Start Your Blog

Here’s a green signal if you want to go about the COVID, but it could also be of particular interest, say chess to cheese.

11. Learn Calligraphy

Its interesting, creative and, of course, YouTube can help!

12. Skin Care Calling

 Treat yourself to a 7-step skincare routine for which you don’t have time during your 9-6 schedule.

13. Coloring Books 

Who said these are just for kids. Even you can try too!

14. Missing Friends and Family? 

In the era of Skype, Hangouts and Whatsapp video calling, go video call them and discuss what are they doing in Quarantine. Maybe you will find more tips!

15. Home Renovation

Planning on revamping your home after pandemic? Wishlist, Order and put together some WoodenStreet’s furniture. It will be delivered right to your doorstep after the days are back to normal.

top 15 things to do in quarantine

Is there anything that we’ve forgotten? Write it down in the comment section below. We are all ears!

We do understand that spending so many days at home isn’t easy, but this is a national emergency. And, we all are together in this! #SayNoToCOVID-19 with WoodenStreet.

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