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Top Rakhi Gift Ideas For a Timeless Love| Happiness is Wood-Made

Sis: Rakhi is coming, you must come home on time. Bro: Oh no, not again! I will have to give you a gift again. Sis: No need for this; your love is enough for me. Bro: Is that so? Let's do something new this time. Why don't you bring a gift for me? Ev

Sis: Rakhi is coming, you must come home on time.

Bro: Oh no, not again! I will have to give you a gift again.

Sis: No need for this; your love is enough for me.

Bro: Is that so? Let's do something new this time. Why don't you bring a gift for me?

Every year, before Raksha Bandhan, most of bro-sis duo have this kind of conversation.

Let's break the monotony on this Rakhi!

Why don't you take the initiative and gift something unique to your brother this Rakhi?

A book? He might have many.

A watch? It's quite common.

Pair of tees? Nay!

Make it more special by sending him love in the form of furniture. As, happiness is wood-made. Isn't it yay?

Take a deep breath, and

"Start with something that your brother is really fond of, something that he will never tire of and then just follow your heart. So that you can find furniture which suits his character and daily life."

So, let's get to it.

1. For the Fashionable One

Searching a gift for your brother, who is a fashion freak can be quite daunting; every sister knows this. But you can totally win his heart on this Rakhi, by gifting a 'Voguish Kingdom' in the form of Joan Lounge Chair (Bubble Robins).

The bubbly, the beautiful and the breathtaking, Joan lounge chair, is here to remain. This piece evokes a classy look which can be witnessed in movies and photographs of the bygone days.

2. For the Traveller

Whether your bro like traveling or thrilling adventures, gifting him a wall frame is a fairly perfect choice. All you got to do is collect some beautiful snaps and fix them with Steppe Frame Collage (Black Finish).

If your brother lives away from your family, you can also attach some pictures of your family.

Feeling emo after imagining about this Rakhi gift?

Well, I am sure he will also feel the same.

3. For the Workaholic

Just because your brother is a workaholic, doesn't mean you can't gift him something stylish and functional furniture on this Rakhi.

You can go for Zadran study table in (Honey finish), a gift which is over-the-top when it comes to functionality, design, and colour. The additional storage space is surely your workaholic bro will love this unique Rakhi gift idea.

4. For the Lazy-Crazy One

Admit it! We all have that one lazy-crazy bro in our family. Gift them something to conquer their habits. Not only storing unit, but there is also an all-in-one gift, i.e., Chris Kids Trundle Bed (Honey Finish).

With this Rakhi gift idea, he can hide all clutter easily and sleep comfortably. Also, he can use the extra bedding present beneath the bed for his friend.

Later on, he will surely be going to thank you for this beautiful Raksha Bandhan gift.

5. For an Avid Reader

If your brother is a book-lover or maybe just have tons of course books, what could be better than gifting him a Cagney Book Shelf (Honey Finish).

From novels to comic books to course texts and newspapers, everything can be stored in this wonderful Rakhi gift idea. Even he can decorate this unit with some accessories, in case, he wants to make extra efforts!

Let each furniture gift celebrates the story of every brother-sister bond. This will make the bond stronger and of course, tells how much you love and care for him!

For more such innovative posts, keep following us and never stop experimenting, because only you can know what is best rakhi gift idea for your bro!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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