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7 Efficient Ideas to Prep your Home for Ganesh Chaturthi

This Ganesh Chaturthi give your home a new look. Let’s unravel some smart and easy ways to decorate your home through small detailing. Get your house ready for this festival with Wooden Street’s Home Decor Range

Lord Ganesha also known as Vighan-Harta or Mangalmurti is associated with the ability of solving problems and removing obstacles. Indians absolutely love this festival because the unity of celebration gives everyone a positive and hopeful vibe.

But, as we come to working people, they find themselves unprepared on times like these as they do not have much time to make major changes or purchases to give their home a festive look. With home decor options on our website, you can create a whole new vibe just by small detailing which can bring a whole lot of difference to the big picture. Keeping this in mind decorate your home to create a festive vibe with Wooden Street.

Here are some efficient ideas to prep your home for this Ganesh Chaturthi:

Illuminate Darkness Away

Lamps and Light are the most effective and efficient way to illuminate your room. Caltrop Metal Floor Lamp is an excellent choice for people who wish to give their living room corners a subtle sophisticated warm look, this piece will surely pass your vibe check!

On the other hand, if you wish to change the aura of your whole room then hanging light can bring a great difference. Such lights can illuminate the whole room unlike floor lamps that decorates just a corner. Classic Moroccan Nargis Hanging Pendant Light is an amazing choice for the festive season, this metal beauty is a distinctive piece on our website.

You Don’t Have to Clean Up Dead Flowers Anymore

Indoor plants need maintenance but artificial flowers or plants are also great for decoration. No more guilt for not being able to maintain indoor plants, our website offers wide range of real flower replicates. From orchids to gardenia, we have it all. They look so realistic that you might need to touch it to confirm it’s artificial! White Orchids Artificial Flower in this category is one of our best sellers.

With artificial flowers you would also want a statement flower Vase to complete the look. Our website’s Home Decor has an extensive range and Vase is one of them. Vase is a table showpiece that compliments the vibe your room gives. You are enhancing two factors, adding greenery and a showpiece, which go hand in hand. A statement Vase with real looking artificial flowers will go just fine with any type of ambience. This Blue Stone Aluminum Flower Vase would complement your White Orchids perfectly.

Say No to Cheap Wall Paper Decorations

Instead of using paper decorations, try enhancing your empty walls with paintings or clock to give a subtle yet fashionable edge to your room. Upgrade your walls and give them a new look with unique paintings or a bold design clock. Multi-colour Bird Print Framed Wall Painting Set is a great piece for decently accessorizing your wall effortlessly.

You do not wish to over accessorize your wall so choosing any one of these two would fit perfectly. This Brado Brass Metal Fitted Wooden Wall Clock is a glorious piece to amplify the aura of your room. This product is a great choice for this festive season.

Dazzle your Dinning Table with Colorful Tableware

Festival calls for togetherness and when families meet they obviously eat! Having an impressive tableware will surely gear up everyone to the festive vibe. We offer you a great variety on eye pleasing designs for Tea pot with cups, cutlery holder, dinner sets and everything else. Check out this very chic design of Royal Crown Blue Ceramic Tea Pot with Cups which would surely outshine on the table.

Red Rose Digital Printed Wooden Small Cutlery Holder is a cute looking holder which can also bring light to your dining table for this festive season, such small changes create a new perspective of your table.

Walk on Clouds with Elegant Rugs & Carpets

Accessorising your floor is a game changer, it gives a classy cozy look to your house. With Rugs, you can create a royal look in affordable and efficient way. Wooden Street offers you a fascinating range of Rugs and carpet to help you create a sleek look for your room without professional help. These two are the most eye catching pieces from our website which can suit or create a good contrast for many ambience. Rhombus Pattern Hand Tufted Woolen Carpet very chic looking, great for minimalist look. Another one is Abstract multi-colour Vintage Nylon Rug that has a very vibrant festive vibe to it. There are many types of fabric available for rugs on our website, make sure you browse well to find the one that makes you feel festive.

Easiest Way to Pop Some Colour

Changing your Cushions and Curtains is probably the easiest way to prep up your home for festival. The simplest way to play with colors has to be by upgrading your cushion covers and curtains. They are the main factors in deciding the vibe of your room, many people focus on these two things while creating the right ambience for their room. This beautiful Multi coloured Embroidered Cotton Cushion Covers can spice up your existing room look to a great extent.

With this, if you pair matching or contrasting curtains, then surely your room will look well prepared for the festive vibe. These White and Yellow Screen Print Cotton Floral Window Curtain gives a pleasant and calm look to the room. This could be a great contrast option for those who have accessorized their room majestically.

Flaunt your Collection in Style

Last and the most important tip- Display Units! They are multi-functional and having a separate space for your showpieces is always a good and compact idea for festivals. You can literally create many looks with Display Units just by upgrading your table showpieces, it is a very smart way to always keep your ambience fresh with new displays. Grizzo Wall Shelf with Honey Finish is the best example of compact with style. This trendy design is a great choice for any ambience and the space availability is just remarkable.

Our website also offers adorable and antique Table Showpieces to suit everyone’s style. So, do not miss to check out which figurines would go great this festive season to brighten your home.

This festive season, try revamping your house by minimal detailing to create a fresh perspective for your home. These ideas will surely help you create a balanced look to match the festive vibe. Ganesh Chaturthi is all about new beginnings, so this year choose Wooden Street’s Home Decor collection to begin with a new look.

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