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7+ Incredible Vastu Tips to Consider for Placing Your Ganesh Murti at Home

Bring more auspiciousness to the aura by ideally placing Ganesha's idol at home as per Vastu Shastra.

It's time of the year to boost the spirituality and lean in the Bhakti of our own SukhKarta Dukhharta, Ganpati Bappa. The provider of prosperity, success, and wisdom, Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved deities in India. And Ganpati Bappa is a real deal for the children here. The chant "Oh My Friend Ganesha" has sparked to a splendid level, resulting in grand celebrations and massive participation by all age groups. This year, the divine birthday of our bubbly wisdom Lord falls on the 31st of August 2022, Wednesday.

Vastu Shastra must be tip-top to start this festival on the most fortunate note. Ganesh idol for home Vastu brings a drastic difference in the ambiance and flow of the energies. From placing a Ganesh murti for home entrance to having a well-detailed Ganesh murti for the home temple, Vastu needs to be aligned. This way, the Ganesh idol radiates opulence in the purest form while aligning the aura of your space.

Check out this blog to know about Vastu Tips to place Ganesh Idol at home, which helps you celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi 2022 with great grandeur.

The Detailed Significance of Ganesh Murti

vastu tips to place ganesh idol at home

People worship Lord Ganesha before starting any work/event because he is the provider of good fortune and protector of negative energies. Every inch of a Ganesh Murti has its significance. The enormous ears of Ganesha leave no worry unheard, the tiny elephant eyes to concentrate more, the big belly to digest the yin and yan of life. Such details must be checked when purchasing the Ganesh idol for home Vastu.

Which Direction Is Best to Place Ganesh Murti?

vastu tips to place ganesh idol at home

Vastu proficients advise that the West, North, and NorthEast directions are the best to place a Ganesh Murti. The almighty Lord Shiva resides in the north-facing direction, so make sure your Ganesh murti also faces the same. Placing the Ganesh idol South direction is a big no, and try to place the murti facing the entrance/exit of your home. 

How Does the Color of Murti Matter?

vastu tips to place ganesh idol at home

White-coloured Ganesh murti is the best to keep at home. 

Bright tones of Red, Pink, and Orange are some colors in which you can find Ganpati idols but the most prominent one to attract prosperity, happiness, and peace would be a white-colored Ganesh murti for home. The Vastu experts prefer different colors of Ganesha for diverse spots. 

Which Posture of Bappa Is Ideal for Home?

vastu tips to place ganesh idol at home

For worshiping inside your abode, an idol of Ganesha in the sitting posture, known as Lalitasana, would ideally be perfect. Sitting Ganesh idol for home Vastu symbolizes a serene and composed aura that encourages harmony at home. The reclining Ganesha represents luxury, comfort, and wealth. If you desire those in your homely life, then the reclining posture of Ganesh idol for home Vastu would best suit your space.

Pay Keen Attention to the Murti Details

vastu tips to place ganesh murti at home

Modak, mouse, and four arms are some tiny details that we often miss checking on our Ganesh murti in the rush of enthusiasm. These details have a strong significance and enhance the prosperity of the Ganesh murti. Vastu experts say that Ganesha's mouse represents ego, so one who controls their ego has Ganesha’s consciousness. And the Modak is the fine sweet that satiates his hunger and represents the prasadam he shares with his devotees.

Which Direction Is Your Murti's Trunk?

vastu tips to place ganesh murti at home

The direction of Lord Ganesha's truck should be tilted towards the left. It signifies happiness and success, which is best to incorporate into the humble abodes. A Ganesh murti with a trunk tilted towards its right is hard to delight in as it represents the sun's power and one has to follow religious rituals while worshiping it.

Where to Place Ganesh Idol at Home Entrance as per Vastu?

vastu tips to place ganesh murti at home

As mentioned above, the West, North, and NorthEast directions are the ideal ones to place Ganesh murti for home entrance.

Make sure it faces towards your entrance and is not placed in the south direction or against any south side wall. Placing Ganesh murti for home entrance attracts auspicious fortune and stability. 

Is It Auspicious to Have More than One Ganesh Idol at Home?

vastu tips to place ganesh murti at home

Vastu experts state that it is good to own a single Ganesh idol for home Vastu. Owning more than one Ganesh idol at home obstructs the radiation of serenity resulting in an overwhelmed aura. This doesn't mean it's a straight no from having more than one Ganesh idol! One can place small murtis at specific spots, away from the main murti to create that mini corner of blissfulness.

We hope this blog helps you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 in the most optimistic and Vastu Friendly way with your Ganpati Bappa. 

Don't forget to mention which Ganesh idol home Vastu tip was new to your knowledge and liked the most in the comment section below.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! 

And a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family.

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