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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Suite

We all dream of making our bedroom look expensive and fancy. Let’s check out some ways in which you can do that without breaking your bank.

We all dream of stepping into a boutique hotel and living the lavish life for a day or two. There is just something about the ambiance of the room and the fluffy beds which make us want to stay there for long. Well, wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could just transform your bedroom design into a luxurious suite?

Sounds crazy, right? Well you can make your bedroom interior design as indulgent as a luxurious hotel and that too in a budget. You do not need a lot of elements in your room, just the right ones to convert it into a luxury bedroom design. In fact, minimalism is the key when we talk of luxury. Let’s check out some awesome ways to make your bedroom feel like a luxurious suite:

Get into the Chic Mode with Modern Wardrobes

Remember, less is more when it comes to giving a luxurious makeover for your room. Gone are the days of owning big, bulky wardrobes. Bid goodbye to those and bring home the sleek and modern closets for the best bedroom design.

They are not only incredibly spacious but would also give a very rich look to your room. The Alcott Four Door Wardrobe with Mirror from WoodenStreet is our favourite.

For the Love of Mirrors

Let’s admit it- we all crave to have a life size mirror in our rooms. They just make things a lot interesting, right? Well, guess what? Incorporating them in your bedroom design will take things to the next level and give your room a 5 star hotel vibe.

If you want a gigantic mirror to add to your bedroom interior design, go for the Meadow Mirror with Frame. It is from the brand WoodenStreet and looks likes it has come straight out of a celeb’s home. Agree?

A Chest of Drawers to Hide Things Away

Every bedroom has those essentials which we need every day but are not very aesthetically pleasing. These are the items you need to hide away to maintain the bougie ambience in your luxurious-suite-like bedroom design idea. Hotels are never short of storage space and your room needs that too.

Buy a nice chest of drawers to store your things. Put it up in a manner that it would not disrupt the overall luxe feel of your luxury bedroom design. You can display your expensive perfumes and lotions on the surface. Check out the Zoe Chest of Drawers in exotic teak finish to bring into your room.

Rugs? Yes Please!

All of us have marvelled at the gorgeous rugs and carpets which the luxurious hotels use. Rugs are a must to set up the grandeur of your room. If you look for the best bedroom design online, you will always find rugs in them. Do not buy very vibrant colours as neutrals offer a more elegant and suite-like aura.

WoodenStreet’s Grey Handwoven Microfiber Shaggy Carpet can be a nice choice. Always go for lighter tones and minimal prints. This would help you in giving your room all the expensive feels for real.

Let There Be Light!

And that is not just a Biblical quote. To make your bedroom design look like a dreamy affair, not even a single corner of it should be dark or gloomy. Make sure you provide enough lighting. All luxury hotels have sconces or lamps especially around the bed. This helps in pulling the room together and creating a cosy mood.

You can go for stylish lamps to light up your space. You can go for the Jewel Antique Glass Table Lamp. It looks very luxurious and is perfect for the contemporary style of bedrooms.

Let the Bedsheets Do the Talking

An easy way of snazzing up your room is by shopping for stunning bedsheets. If you want minimalistic designs, you can buy something like the Princely Paisley Hand Block Print Double Bed Sheet. These crisp white sheets with beautiful prints would give your room a luxury hotel look for sure.

Do not compromise with the material of your sheets. Go for what is pleasing to the eye and comforting on the skin. In a mood to splurge? Get your bedsheets laundered by the professionals. This would offer a neat look to your beds as well.

Bring Life to Your Room with Curtains

Curtains can do wonders in setting up the right mood in your room. You will never find a pricey hotel devoid of curtains. Go for light colours or neutrals to give your room a no-nonsense, sophisticated look. Our pick has to be the Aqua Textured Polyster Door Curtains from the house of WoodenStreet.

Pull your curtains away every morning to soak in the goodness of the sun. A well lit room always looks way better than a dark one. Believe it or not, just adding the right kind of curtains will make your room a hundred times more expensive than it actually is.

Just because you stuck around with us, you know how to turn a conventional bedroom into a luxurious suite for yourself. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is time for you to get, set, shop and give your room the makeover it has been yearning for.

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