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Bed Buying Guide: Advantages, Types of Beds & More

WoodenStreet brings you the best bed buying guide to help you purchase the perfect comfort throne for your bedroom! Scroll down to know what we have got for you!

Be it a day full of events or a tiring day after work, we all look forward to calling it a day while resting in the bedroom. It is this space where we spend a third of our life napping.

Sleep is not just a way to escape reality, but a significant process to help us be the best version of ourselves, physically and mentally. This makes the bed a necessary furniture purchase, a comfy bed that matches your style and needs is something you need to perfect for your well-being and comfort. So today, let's break down all the factors that would help you select the best bed design to blend with your taste flawlessly. Read further to learn all about buying the ideal bed for your space.

Why Choosing the Right Type of Bed is Important?


A bed is the highlight of a bedroom and is the comfort throne of the space, which holds the most focus of the view. This makes choosing a bed for your room a specific need that varies from person to person.

Only some bedrooms can pull off the majestic view of a solid wood bed, while not every modular interior would fit right with a metal frame bed. If the bed frame does not align with the overall look of your bedroom, it will surely make the ambiance feel less inviting and personal.

Bed purchase is an essential investment, so before jumping to conclusions, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Space and Size:  Know how much space is available and which bed size would make the most out of the given area.

Select a Budget:  This will narrow down your choices, and you can refine your selection.

What's The Purpose:  Know who will use the bed, adults, kids, or seniors. Is it for every age group demands a different design and size; hence knowing the purpose would help you pick a practical design.

Pick your Style:  Lastly, your bed needs to look delightful in your bedroom, apart from being functional and comfortable. At WoodenStreet, one can explore a stunning range of bed designs to match varied decor styles and aesthetics.

WoodenStreet is here with its exclusive collection of beds to offer you the best of your liking. We have got a list of products for you to browse, so here's our buying guide to help you direct your needs to find the perfect bed design for your room!

Different Types of Beds to Choose From

Everyone has a different lifestyle, meaning their furniture needs will also vary. Whether you are someone who's looking for a classic design, or someone needing a bed design that is easy to move around with, there is a list of bed designs you need to browse before finalizing the one for your space. We have listed every bed design you could browse in our collection to find yourself a masterpiece.

Single Bed

Single Bed

Single beds are neat, subtle, and highly versatile in usage. From being a great guest bed to being the comfort throne for growing children, single beds are an excellent investment for a lifetime. If you are looking for beds in a guest room or your kid's room, a designer single bed will do the job for you while being a statement to the space. Single beds are versatile, use them as a divan or just let it be the extra seating to settle the guests.

Double Bed

Double Bed

If you wish to fill the view while keeping the room looking spacious, then a double bed would be the best choice to have. For individuals who demand space to move around or those who have a compact space, a double bed could work wonders to amplify the comfort of your bedroom.

King Size Bed

King Size Bed

One of India's most popular bed designs is a king-size bed, and there's no doubt why it is so. India is rich in culture and history; hence royalty aesthetic is much appreciated here. A detailed king size bed design could be that extravagant gem to your room or a storage master, there is a lot you can get from a grand king size bed design. If you have toddlers, four people can sleep comfortably, or two can sleep at peace while attaining a perfect sleeping position.

Queen Size Bed

Queen Size Bed

The perfect bed size to fit two adults while being minimal on the view would be a queen size bed. It perfectly attains the right amount of space to have personal area while sleeping for two adults. This bed size fills the view while keeping that airy vibe, and even for compact size rooms, a queen bed would be an exquisite investment.

Hydraulic Storage Bed

Storage Bed

Hydraulic Storage beds are the best to have the best of both worlds: Comfort and Storage. In India, storage space is always welcomed, and it is best to have it with your bed as this helps you to store your bedding essentials separately. One can discover a beautiful range of storage bed designs in our collection, so do worry about it not matching your style.

Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

For the mischievous monkeys of your heart, a bunk bed would be the best. A bunk bed would be the most practical design for a kid's room to amplify the bond between siblings. In our bunk bed collection, one can find multipurpose bunk beds which offer the most out of the design style and versatility.

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

A visionary design in different types of bed is a trundle bed. This innovative wonder is space-saving furniture that features a regular single bed, and beneath that is another bed that can be slid out. They are a popular choice for kids and guest rooms. The design of the trundle bed is an example to understand how much scope for creativity is there in different types of beds.

Poster Bed

Poster Bed

Incorporate the aesthetic and comfort of the golden days in your bedroom with a poster bed design. The design speaks volumes for luxury and vintage style. For people looking to add drama and character to their bedroom, then a designer poster bed is the one to have! At WoodenStreet, you can find the most unique designs of poster beds that bind modular functionality and retro style to perfection.

Various Types of Materials to Consider From

bed materials

We offer trendy and practical types of bed, made to serve you the best. If you are running low on space, an engineered bed with storage would be the best choice, whereas if you are looking to add more glamour and functionality to your bedroom, then a designer queen size bed would be the best. Hence, our bed collection has a bed design for every need and style. Scroll down to find which material of bed would best suit you:

Solid Wood

The ever-classic solid wood beds are timeless. If you are looking for a design that stays forever young? Then a solid wood bed would be preferable to add that character and sturdy structure. The intricate carvings, majestic feel, and design make solid wood bed designs best for those who love some drama. It's impossible to beat the beauty of solid wood, as it provides your room with a royal feel.

Engineered Wood

In today's world, homes are increasingly opting for affordable designs that offer a little bit of everything. Sleek and modular engineered wood beds showcase convenient and comfortable qualities, making them a star in the world of modern needs. The types of beds under this material are minimal yet super functional. At WoodenStreet, you can find modular hydraulic beds with smooth mechanisms.


What's the best bed material that's easy on your wallet and reliable? Or looking for a bed offering beauty and versatile duty? The answer is metal beds. Metal beds are the best option for those seeking a new look on a budget while demanding convenience. Metal can bear daily wear and tear while requiring minimal.


Bring luxury and uniqueness to your bedroom with a leatherette bed. Unknown to many, leatherette upholstery is the trending thing in the industry now. WoodenStreet is known to introduce new trends, and leatherette upholstered bed designs are among them. Bring more engagement and liveliness to the bedroom view with a stunning bed design that offers comfort while being an artistic gem.


We hope this buying guide helped you navigate your choice into buying the ideal type of bed that flawlessly blends with your style and needs. All the above products are available in our collection, so whom are you waiting for!? Visit our website to know what all different types of beds we have for you!

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

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