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Purchasing a Bed? Check Out this Amazing Bed Buying Guide

Weave your dreams in a place where they compliment them. In this blog, we are dripping some facts on buying the best bed. Let’s see how.

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house? Thinking hard about something other than your bed? Then there it is…YOUR bed! Before going for a 12 hours long working day or needing a good 20 minutes nap to take on your mid-day tasks, you must have a comfy and sound sleep. But whatsoever the reason is, we know that you love your bed and let me be brutally honest with you that you love your beauty sleep more than anything in this world.

And like always, to cater to all your needs, we are pulling out this bed buying guide that’ll help you wrap your mind around which bed matches your needs, accurately.
From types of bed frame to the different storage options, here is the best bed buying guide that you’ll need.

Insights to Prep yourself before hunting for Bed Frame

Tip: Consider measuring the size of the floor-length of your room before you step out and end up buying the wrong bed with improper size. 

Very often it’s asked ‘how to choose a bed frame?’ So here are the factors that affect the selection of bed frames. These are:

  • Bed Size 
  • Frame Material of Bed
  • Bed Storage Options

Let us now discuss the standard bed frame sizes.

Kids bed buying guide

Kids Bed Size is a good choice and practical choice for your kid’s room. Millennial or not, you would want to give your kids a comfortable sleep with enough resting space.

single bed buying guide

Single Bed is chosen when you require a sleeping space for just one person. It’ll not take up much space in your room and at the same time will leave you with more storage options.

bunk bed buying guide

Bunk Bed works great if you want to save up that room space and make it look spacious. The only reason people prefer buying bunk beds as it has the capacity of two beds with the amount of floor space covered by one. 

trundle bed buying guide

Trundle Bed goes short on space and is perfect for two kids sharing one room. More like a bunk bed but it fulfills the purpose of space-saving and versatility as you can fit enough guest members during vacation or even your kid can call for friends’ sleepover.

queen size bed buying guide

Queen Sized Bed is a better choice for not-so-big-bedrooms as this is lighter in weight, easily movable and doesn’t require much space. The ideal queen bed size that you’ll see will be 65*81inches. 

king size bed buying guide

King Sized Bed is preferred when you have a big bedroom and want to make it look luxurious. Want a girls’ night out or breakfast in bed with your partner, king size bed it is! And its standard size is 78*81 inches.

Types of Frame Materials

Premium Hardwood

Ideally suited for comfort and good health, this high quality and durable wood gives a natural look to your room and enhances its beauty. It’s made up of solid wood and can be articulated by carving out or polishing the hardwood.

Engineered Hardwood

Affordable and long-lasting wood type, this type of wood is somewhat cheaper than hardwood. Engineered wood performs better in humid weather conditions due to its pairing with high-quality plywood.

We provide you with the most appealing and durable beds by using wood material that defines your standard of living. But not only that, we have come with another feature that you need to check before buying a bed for your room.

Storage Options in Bed

beds without storage buying guide

Bed with No-Storage for the people who like to keep a simple setting in their rooms. You can go for lighter beds that commonly have a sleek design and lack any storage options.
Bed with Storage comes with a design that includes under-bed storage in the form of wide drawers, headboard or box. For smaller bedroom spaces, opt for a bed with storage.

Bed with Storage comes with a design that includes under-bed storage in the form of wide drawers, headboard or box. For smaller bedroom spaces, opt for a bed with storage.

beds with storage buying guide

Bed with Side Drawer that you can pull out easily is made so that you can declutter the room and fill those empty and spacious drawers with it. These built-in drawers come into a variety of beds like twin bed, queen or king-sized bed.

bed buying guide

Bed with Box storage are high in demand as they take less space in your room and give you a larger space to stuff those unused items into it. To let you in on a secret, your bed now has a hiding storage space for those off-season clothes, extra cushions or piled books. These boxes are covered with lids to keep the dust off and to maintain its coverage.

guide for beds

Bed with Headboard storage or cabinets that are built in the bed frame’s headboard is a smart choice if you want to leave everything behind you. It’s hidden storage for the things you like to keep nearby and that you cannot put on your bedside table. The Headboard storage bed is the only type of bed that can give your bedroom a modern look without having a full bed frame. Interesting, isn’t it? It’s a cost-effective method, which is perfect for your guest room or kids because these are cozy, versatile and simple.

bedroom furniture buying guide

Hydraulic storage bed makes your bedroom a symbol of style statement by inserting a hydraulic mechanism. This approach guarantees flat surface support to your mattress and deep unit boxes make it space-efficient and multipurpose.

We know that you’ve waited long for this but now it’s the time to choose the correct one from different types of bed frames for your room that also fulfills your personal needs.

Types of Bed

Upholstered Bed

buying guide for bed

Making a bold statement, using luxurious upholstery and using that wide space of your master bedroom, go all luxe with upholstered beds. They are extra comfy supported by a cushion and soft headboard which gives you the utmost relaxation while reading your favorite fiction or binge-watching on Netflix. 

Choose beds made up of hardwood that also make it your one-time investment. You can also look for a variety of fabrics and colors according to your bedroom design.

Poster Bed

poster bed buying guide

Make your bedroom your fortress with four-columned Poster Beds. No matter what your style is, it will add that missing grandeur and upgrade the look of your bedroom.

Spilling the beans with bright lights pairing it with poster beds will lift the vibe of your room instantly.

Platform Bed

double bed buying guide

Keeping it to a minimal setting, an old-school platform bed style gives your room a low-profile look. It provides modularity and comes at affordable prices, suitable for small space apartments. These beds have a sleek design and consume less floor space that will make your room look bigger.

When you encounter a flat base bed frame with no box spring, you know that it’s a Platform bed.

Divan Bed

buying guide

Slumber upon these beds watching TV or take a peaceful nap after a tiring day. Modern Divan beds can amplify the cozy look of your living room and is a great choice to invest in. Divan bed gives a lavish look and at the same time keeps the traditionalism of the house intact.
Indian homes are mostly found with these kinds of sofas as they are popular for their multipurpose functionality. The aim behind their design is to provide you extra comfort at affordable prices.

It is made up of two parts, a wooden bed base and a mattress where its wood can be covered with fabric or you can get yourself an upholstered Divan bed.

Sofa cum Bed

bed buying guide

If you love multipurpose furniture pieces, then you’ll love this. Also known as a daybed, it’s a sofa and a bed in one furniture piece. It is commonly found as a twin-sized bed because people generally use it for reclining, sleeping, or as an additional seating option.

If you have a small space room then investing in a sofa-cum-bed will be a smart move. As they already are ahead in style, people use them for lounging in the night and the daytime as well.

These beds can modify your room by pushing all extra and rarely used pillows or cushions into the headboard. There are plenty of options and varieties on the sofa cum bed that you have to choose according to the needs of your living room.

It all comes down to your needs and your comfort. Sleeping in harmony is now something that you can decide on your own. Follow the above-mentioned bed buying guide and put your best foot forward.

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Otis 13 Jan 2021 Reply
I think storage beds can be benefited for me to make the most of your space. These styles come with built-in drawers for extra storage space under your mattress, making it easier to live without a bulky dresser. Thank you for this wonderful post.
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Levi Armstrong 16 Dec 2020 Reply
I find it helpful to know that if I want a big bed but don't have a big enough room, I should opt for a queen-sized bed. This type of bed is lighter, easily moveable, and does not need much space. My husband and I are moving into our newly-bought home next year, so we're shopping for furniture and decors. Since the master bedroom is not that spacious, we'll follow your advice and opt for a queen-sized bed. Thanks!
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