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8 Best Wedding Gifts You Should Not Miss Out on This Wedding Season!

Take a look at eight handpicked wedding favors you can gift your guests this wedding season and thank them for their presence!

In India, the wedding season is always in full swing, and there is not one single day when we can take a deep breath thinking all the important work is done. For us Indians, guests play an important role because we have strictly followed "Atithi Devo Bhava" from childhood. In light of this, we present eight wedding favors that will enhance their moods with extreme joy and happiness. 

Wedding souvenirs are something that takes work to decide on. They should have a solicitous essence and be something other than a one-time use. A small gesture can leave many filled with happy tears, and adding customization can be on fleek. We have included many budget-friendly wedding gift ideas with a blend of a creative side that you will eventually know and love after completing this blog. We are your guiding hand, and holding our recommendation will benefit you and your guests in every way.

Aromatic Candles

best wedding gift ideas

You can give your guests scented candles as wedding gifts, as what could be better than making their place feel magical? The candle's aroma makes one want to stay until it is finished, just as one wouldn't want to leave a bed of roses until it is completely dry. When guests return from work, the fragrance of infused candles can distress them and bring them a cheerful and relieved mood. 

DIY a Spice Box

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Are you someone who constantly searches for something new? Giving a spice box as a wedding gift might not sound like a yes in one go, but what if we DIY it? We know you already love the idea. Believe us; your guests will fall for this one. With a spice box, you can choose to add an assortment of edibles and package mixtures. Add assorted chocolate nuts and aromatic coffee beans with fancy tea bags or fusion sweets. This will be an added bonus to your wedding favor ideas.

Statement Vases

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A beautifying piece always fits in a home, and it is adequate to give an everlasting thing as a gift to someone you have to regard in any way, be it a wedding, birthday or any other occasion. Who does not love a bunch of flowers placed in a beauteous vase? Statement vases are a budget-friendly option and a complete bliss to have in a house, and this can be one of the best wedding gifts for your guests. 

Planter with Seeds

best marriage gift ideas

A dainty planter with a confined package of easy-to-grow seeds is one suitable environment thing that you can decide on to give on your big day. You can customize it for guests as marriage gifts with a note at the top thanking them for taking their precious time out and attending your D-Day!

Artistic Wall Plates

best marriage gift ideas

You must have heard a lot about wall decorating items, but wall plates are one unexplored trending thing that is worth every penny and something hard not to pay attention to. Wall plates are traditional, and the paintings on them are a perfect instance of the quintessential beautification of walls. Wall plates as wedding gifts for guests can turn out to be a terrific idea and will be of low cost. 

Fill a Jar

best marriage gift ideas

Customizing things is in trend, and you can choose to DIY the jars if you don't enjoy giving them empty. The best choices as gift items for marriage can be brownies, scented tiny soaps and putting a thank you note at the top lid of the jar. 


best marriage gift ideas

Printed coasters make tea time a thousand times better, so regarding it as a wedding gift can be a superior choice. You can find multiple options to give them as a gift in distinctive prints. 

Tea Pots

best marriage gift ideas

Teapots are flawless to make Me-time more magical, and your guests will treasure having them as their wedding gifts. They are a perfect fit for evening chai with loved ones, so give your relatives a chance to pour hot tea from the teapots. 

We hope our list of wedding favors will pop up some creative ideas to give your guests heartwarming gifts. So whom are you waiting for? Check out our website to browse items from the above-mentioned best marriage gift ideas and DIY them using our recommendations per your liking and choices. 

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned!

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