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8+ Unbelievable Furniture Solutions for Small Apartments

Are you struggling to furnish your apartment with stylish but utilitarian furniture, due to its small size? Read the blog for some unbelievable and unique ideas to explore.

Stuck in a small apartment and thinking that this might be the end of your dream of living in style? Well, here is the good news for you! A small apartment does not mean that you cannot decorate it to your likings, and create a uniquely styled abode for you. All you have to do is to select your furniture carefully, so that besides being stylish, it can also satisfy multiple utility.

We, at WoodenStreet, understand that decorating a small apartment while fulfilling all the utilities can be quite a deal. However, trust us when we say that, this crisis can be used to your advantage by creating a plethora of innovative ideas. Look at some selected solutions; we have designed for your space-crunch issue.

Keep It Hidden Until Used

Furniture that looks simple but has secrets in them is a good option for apartments short on space. These furniture units have built-in secrets that are only visible when you put them to use. Feeling confused? Check these two amazing products, to understand better what we mean.

Sofa cum bed

1. Sofa cum Bed

Available in variety designs and styles, these look like sofas but can easily turn into beds, and are one of the most popular furniture in small spaces. You get the benefit of a sofa to beautify your living rooms, and can use them as beds whenever there are extra people over. Some of them also have internal storage boxes where you can store your beddings.

2. Trundle Bed

If you have a small kids room, and need two separate beds but don’t have the space for it, worry no more! The trundle beds have built-in extra bedding facility, and can be drawn out as a drawer whenever be needed, which can easily accommodate another person.

Utilize Your Vertical Space Correctly

This is something that we easily tend to forget while furnishing our homes, but this simple idea can change the overall decor of your homes altogether, and solve almost a multitude of space-crunch problems.

Wooden Furniture

3. Wall Shelves

Okay, this has been ruling our homes from a long time, but the twist is the innovative designs that add to the decor of your walls too. The shelves can be placed in almost every room from bedrooms to living rooms, and acts as an effective storage solution.

4. Kitchen Shelves/Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchens need the maximum amount of space for storage, which small kitchens cannot afford. Beautifully designed wall mounted kitchen shelves helps in this situation, and then there are kitchen trolleys that do even more than that. The trolleys have vertical racks for storing many items and can be moved easily.

5. Wall Mounted Pooja Mandir

Small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dedicated place for your gods and practising your faith. These small makeshift mandirs can be mounted in any corner of your home, and you can do your daily prayers without taking up much space.

Think Abstract

It is the craziest of ideas that can take innovation to a level of brilliancy. These two abstract ideas will help you understand better of what we are talking about.

Nested table

6. Extendable Dining Table

Dining tables are necessary in every home, but small apartments often fail to give the space for a standard 4 or 6 seater dining table. This becomes a nightmare especially when there are guests over. These tables are fixed to a wall and can be extended to a larger size when needed, and can stay in their small form when it is not.

7. Nest of Tables

It is a unique idea of placing two or more different sized table one under the other in a nested manner. This way you can own multiple tables and use them for variety of purposes, while sparing the floor space for only one.

Make It Easily Moveable

Furniture and accessories of a small apartment should be easily moveable from one place to another, as it helps create free space whenever and wherever required.

bean bags & Planters

8. Bean Bags

These are amazing alternatives to sitting furniture, which can be carried from balcony to living room wherever you need them. You can sit, lounge and do just about anything you want on them. Be it chilling on your balcony or working from home, you have it all with them.

9. Hanging Planters

No matter the size of your homes, having some plants is necessary for both your health and aesthetics. Your balcony might be too small to accommodate plant pots, and this is where hanging planters come. They can be moved from balconies to living rooms, to anywhere you want to add a little bit greenery.


Having multi-functional furniture will not only save space, but also be a boon for your pocket, as you get the benefit of two or more furniture in one, and save the costs of buying them separately. At Wooden Street, you will find a varied range of unbelievable solutions for the space hindrance of your small apartments. Be assured, it is not just you! Lot of people today are facing these exact same problems, and we have helped them all with our innovative furniture designs and sure can help you too.

Do not forget to share what you think about these simple innovations. We are all ears!

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