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A Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Dining Table Set for Small Spaces?

Wondering what aspects to consider while buying perfect dining table sets for small spaces? This buying guide will break it down.

Gather, eat, love, laugh, bond and get attached! - This exquisite scene completely symbolizes the dining table of every home.

It is all about the convention of family and friends over lip-smacking meals to share the memories, creating crazy bonds and unlimited gossips. No matter if your modern home has an open-plan layout that combines the dining and living space or space crunch in apartments, a dining table set is indeed a utilitarian furniture.


If you have a tiny dining space and want to choose the right dining table set. It should be big enough so that the guests don’t get overcrowded and allows enough space to move freely around the dining table set. 

Found it a chaotic situation? No worries, relax, as WoodenStreet is there to help you!

Here, we present the step-by-step buying guide to result in a perfect dining table set for small spaces. 

As per the Space Availability

how to choose dining table for small space

Remember that the dining table size must scale proportionally to your dining space. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the approximate distance of about 107-127 cm from the edges of the dining table to the walls and the other furniture.

A Pro tip for choosing the perfect table size -

Spread a bed sheet where the table will go and fold into the shape of the table. This will give you an idea of how much space your dining table will occupy? Then, through a measuring tape, you can estimate the wall and furniture-to-table clearance. This will give you an approximate idea of the right dining table size according to your space.

As per Seating Capacity

Figure out how many people will be using it to know the seating capacity of a dining table set. 

For the large family -

how to choose dining table for small space

Extendable dining set with a bench is an ideal option to make stylish use of your small space. It offers the flexibility to seat more guests either at in-house parties or during casual gatherings at home.

For Small or Nuclear Family -

how to choose dining table for small space

Advin 4 seater extendable dining set

The merrier furniture is ideal for the dining table sets for a nuclear family. Moreover, the wood grain textures add a “cherry on the top” to such functional furniture. Further, for 2 people, a foldable or wall-mounted dining table is a viable option and functionally efficient that won’t let you compromise in style.

As per the Shape

Square Dining Tables

how to choose dining table for small space

The square shape is perfect and ideal for smaller rooms which serve a multi-functional purpose as they can be pushed neatly into any corner of the room. The geometric shape of these tables creates a sense of symmetry and balance in a dining room.

Round Dining Tables

how to choose dining table for small space

A round dining table set is the most versatile piece of furniture as it can work in any size or shape of the dining room. It also creates intimacy and coziness in the dining settings, which encourages the whole group to conversate better. Moreover, the dining table shape with no corners makes the best use of available space and can accommodate the maximum no. of guests possible.

As per Material

how to choose dining table for small space

Choosing the material for the dining table set is a challenging and difficult task with varied options available. But, solid wood is considered as an ideal option because of its royal appearance and high durability. With this, there are attractive finish options available in solid wood dining tables online to compliment or contrast the appeal of the furniture. 

how to choose dining table for small space

On the other hand, the Glass dining set tabletops create the feeling of openness and an illusion to make the room appear bigger in size. Further, the clear and frosted version of the tabletop makes an elegant and luxurious appearance to the interiors.

As per dining chairs

how to choose dining table for small space

Choose smaller scale dining chairs to seat more people around the table. The chairs with slender legs are ideal because they are blended with maximum functionality and occupies less space. Also, the stackable chairs are efficient for small spaces of the dining room as they are easy to keep.

As per Aesthetics

how to choose dining table for small space

“Style is in vogue”. Every year there are different home furniture trends, so, select the one which best express your aesthetic choices and matches the style of your interiors. For small spaces, you may go for the trending contemporary and rustic styles of dining table sets that utilize the best use of the available area.


In the end, the decision of choosing the right dining table for your home that makes a big impact on the functionality is totally yours! 

WoodenStreet is flooded with lots of designer dining table sets as per the requirement of the room. While searching for the next perfect dining table set online from us, use these tips mentioned above. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below. We are all the ears to help you! Till then, Stay Safe, Stay tuned and keep Shopping.

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