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Buying Guide – Dining Table

A perfect dining table needs to be sturdy, comfortable, flexible and accommodating. This makes choosing a right dining table an overwhelming affair. Wooden Street is here to help you with this buying guide, so you can make this judgement easily.

Dining table is more than just a place to sit and enjoy meals with your friends and family. From a quick and refreshing breakfast nook to a cosy family dinner, a dining table is the best meeting point for all conversations. A perfect dining table makes your meal-time more comfortable and welcoming.


Choosing the right dining table is an overwhelming affair. Wooden Street is here to help you with this buying guide to make this judgment easier.

Table Size

Check how many people are going to dine around it on a regular basis. Choose 4, 6 or 8-seater dining tables as per the number of people in your family. An extendable dining table will suite those who love to entertain a lot.


Always pick hardwood if you want to buy dining table that lasts for a lifetime. Thanks to the many finish options to choose from, the one that goes with the ambiance and existing furniture units is what you need to buy.


Whether you own a sprawling mansion or a tiny apartment, you can never have enough storage space. You can choose the dining table with built-in drawers to store small things such as napkins, table mats and silverwares.  


There are so many styles and designs available, like traditional, rustic, contemporary or modern. Timeless, and the most common, is the traditional style. But if your interiors have a modern look, go for sleek and angular contemporary designs. Just remember, choose the one that compliments the rest of your décor.


The dining chairs need to be comfortable. Cushioned, upholstered backrests and seats is all upon your preferences. You can mix and match different styles and buy chair sets separately to create a modern and beautiful décor. Mismatching is trending today, as your dining chairs compliment but don’t match your dining table.


If you have limited space but love to host parties often, choose a dining table with a removable extension leaf or a hinged drop-leaf. You can fold or expand them whenever required.


Always consider the shape of your dining table as per the available space in the room you are buying it for.


Round dining tables are an ideal solution for smaller spaces. Even the most compact spaces feature a circular shaped dining table flawlessly.


Square dining tables are perfect for small and narrow dining spaces. Leaves can be easily added to add more seating space when needed.


They are the most common dining tables and work the best for large and narrow dining rooms. However, they eat up most of the space.


For a larger visual appearance, choose oval dining table as the round edges take up less space comparatively, making a small room visually large.

A perfect dining table set needs to be sturdy, comfortable, flexible and accommodating. Find the best dining table set or get it customized through Wooden Street. Feel free to call us and we’ll gladly cater to your Dining table related queries.

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